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  • The safe campus intelligent network applications

        The campus video monitor demand
        When the improvement of the level of China´s economic and scientific and technological development, the security industry needs is evident. Campus Security frequent accidents in the first two years, causing great concern to the government and people. Campus regulatory area, the law and order situation is complicated, in order to strengthen the overall power of school security, effective protection of school property safety and enhance teaching business management, there is a need to build intelligent security systems to achieve the purpose of building a safe campus.
        Safe campus system including monitoring technology, communication technology, audio and video technology and alarm management technology, a set of integrated business applications. Monitoring resources from the main type of system applications can be divided into the transmission network, the monitoring center and the user terminal four components of monitoring resources system monitoring information sources, the transmission network is connected to the monitoring of resources, the monitoring center and the user terminal media The monitoring center is a system of information management and sharing platform, and the user terminal information service object. Are respectively equivalent to the traditional concept of regional video monitoring system can be divided into the front-end, the transmission / conversion, control / management, processing / display four portions. As manager of the education department and school campus video surveillance needs as follows:
        1, in order to improve the quality of teaching and supervision of a teacher teaching level, the higher authorities and school leaders need timely and efficient understanding of the actual situation of the classroom, to install a video surveillance system in the classroom is conducive to resolving this issue, at the same time, security systems and schools to day-to-day work The combined maximum play a role.
        2, in all kinds of examinations candidates discipline corrupt conduct more and more, using more and more advanced means of the the alone single invigilator simply according Gubuguolai. Installation of a school the electronic examination room monitoring system to better maintenance of the examination rules and the candidate´s own interests.
        3, Campus theft phenomenon constantly occur frequently, so a lot of school teachers and students feel the need to strengthen security monitoring, especially to strengthen during recess, after school when no video surveillance.
        4, more monitoring points: school personnel-intensive, requiring monitoring to every corner of the campus of. Each dorm corridor, balcony, ceiling, parking lots, playgrounds, fences, etc. schools are equipped with monitor camera probe, but the monitor does not cover the the dormitory inside to avoid violations of the privacy of students.
        5, Monitoring area: school campus area is generally larger, more monitoring points. The system supports a variety of wiring, the best use of existing lines, or charge relatively independent of the number of sub-systems, to facilitate the construction and maintenance.
        6, Prevent school violence: when the the campus violence occurred or may occur, staff at all levels can touch emergency button, alarm 110 alarm center to prevent or halt school violence.
        A safe campus monitoring system to achieve the management side convenient management, Internet technology is based on high-definition and intelligent is its direction. The Campus Integrated monitoring with intelligent video analysis capabilities to achieve the "suspicious persons wandering detection alarm" and "automatic tracking of suspicious persons" should be able to realize the direct connection of different devices and systems, interoperability, direct control, audio and video, and alarm information collection, transmission / conversion / storage, control; authentication and rights management, to ensure the security of the information; should be with the alarm system should provide the data interface with other business systems.
        Well, safe campus intelligent analysis from a technical point of view, the construction side need a set of intelligent visual security monitoring system, its technical principles of the first system to conduct background learning, learning time under different background excitement level, during the system to automatically create a background model. After the system enters the "analysis" surveillance camera prospects of moving objects, and in setting the scope of the region and to meet the set target object size, the system will be the goal to extract and track, and in accordance with the pre-algorithm (invasion, legacy theft, etc.) to trigger an alarm. (During If the background is rain, snow, cloud, wave, camera-shake, swing the willow, the system will start the pre-processing functions to filter out these dynamic background). Before an alarm is triggered, the system has the function of target recognition, about to extract the target than the model has been established, and select the best match.
        The safe campus security system applications
        Adaptive scene study
        By monitoring the scenes dynamic background modeling, adaptive learning dynamic change of scene, able to overcome the ambient light changes, the object of the influence of shadow and exclude branches shaking, water waves, interference of moving objects are not interested in the false.
        Sub-regional multi-target detection
        Divided into sub-blocks of the monitoring scenario, different regions, different target extraction strategy. Complete, the real object of interest. The combination of the shape and motion characteristics of the moving target, to distinguish between non-rigid objects (people), rigid objects (vehicles).
        Stable target tracking
        Based on the object´s color, texture, contour information to track multiple targets at the same time, the convergence of objectives in the event, occlusion, feature matching and motion estimates Law, stable tracking target.
        Behavior to understand and describe the combination of high-level processing
        Trajectories obtained by tracking the target, the direction of movement, speed, combined with user-configurable area, cordon and illegal direction of the information joint judgment abnormal behavior.
        The intelligent recognition diversification alarms combined
        Intelligent visual security monitoring systems detected abnormal events, alarm by means of diversification (such as lights, sirens, bells, voice, text messaging, etc.) to minimize the probability of occurrence of accidents.
        Intelligent analysis of management functions
        Specific cordon and warning area, the user may need to draw on the monitor screen and the user can set any way or multi-way video analysis to identify the starting and stopping. Cordon warning area "blossoms" set (lines 1-10, the regional 1-10).
        SMS / MMS alarm function
        The letter / MMS manner will alarm the location, time and screen information is sent to the user´s mobile phone. The user can be configured to receive alarm SMS and MMS phone number, and whether to open the number. Phone :1-5.
        Outdoor alarm function
        Prompts the user through the sound signal, and issued a warning. User-configurable outdoor alarm horn sound volume and is turned on. Note: the need for growth with the IO card hardware.
        Alarm information query functions
        Users can query the things and after an alarm event information (time, location, alarm, pictures, event video and disposition. Alarm events are stored Days: 100 days maximum Euro RSCG
        The Euro RSCG function to solve the in many monitoring point, the user all intelligent video surveillance applications costing big problem, Euro RSCG support custom intelligent monitoring mode, monitoring points, a large number of cases, the flexibility to configure the intelligent monitoring point application sub-period custom or usage time automatically configure intelligent applications, intelligent applications has always been concerned about the user area of ​​concern focused on preventing and improve efficiency in the use of intelligent systems can be very high, such as A region 9:00-18:00 intelligent monitoring other time period just ordinary video surveillance can B region 20:00-7:00 need intelligent monitoring, A, B two districts share all the way intelligent video surveillance can be, this function may be saving a lot of investment .
        Comprehensive monitoring of the campus, the need not only intelligent functions to solve the complicated operation to increase the accuracy, and at the same time, the network is safe campus construction, safe campus network requirements, the first application of the all-digital, integrated network management platform software, video monitoring, intelligent analysis, motion alarm, electronic maps, video, agent forwarding functions are all integrated, modular software design; Second, support for USB 2.0 removable storage, supports a variety of network storage devices, including systems to support remote storage, while supports a variety of storage backup: such as the extended hard drive array, a hot-swap hard disk, CD-RW disc recorders, servers, tape, NAS mass storage, IPSAN storage; Finally, the installation of a safe campus network cameras, network one ball, network video The server supports IP address detection function: 1) network interruption or change the IP address of the video disconnected smooth network or IP address of the repair, video and control information instantly and automatically connect to recovery, without any manual operation. 2) management of subordinates any point on the connection point of the video to the IP address of the remote maintenance. 3) database fault tolerance mechanisms, can be detected, repair the database of the examination system to ensure accurate application of the unified database in the old and new systems.

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