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  • Purchase and application of analysis of surveillance cameras LED infrared light source

        With the growing demand for night vision surveillance security video surveillance system engineering, the infrared camera has entered the mainstream camera market, growing sales, problems have been exposed in the application of infrared night vision technology. Infrared IP camera technology issues and considerations in the selection for simple discussion, for sharing and industry.
        Optional infrared LED light source
        LED infrared lights projected infrared network camera is like a flashlight, when the projection angle is small, the projection distance farther, but the scope of monitoring will be smaller, otherwise different. Better quality infrared ip cameras generally use infrared lamp module package LED manufacturers in Taiwan. In the eyes of the majority of users will think that depends on the intensity of the infrared LED lights infrared network camera is good or bad, but in fact, this view is not very accurate. Infrared network camera LED infrared lights in the market generally have plug-in or built-in two designs, size, power will affect the detection range of the camera, such as built-in LED lights less space, so monitoring of the distance is shorter. The industry pointed out that, in fact, the power of the infrared LED lights is the direct impact on the infrared network camera key Irradiation distance.
        Meanwhile, in order to achieve the best results, the match between the design, LED lamps and the lens of the LED lamp assembly is also very important. You want to upgrade the the real infrared network camera, LED infrared lights, we must first carefully choose only high-power, low-current will not make the LED overheating; Second, we must choose a Thermally Advantaged aluminum substrate, so as not to produce a general fiber glass substrate install a fan for heat dissipation resulting in poor waterproof, fog and dust; must be a fundamental solution to prevent the exposure of the infrared network camera, LED infrared light reflection condition between LED lights with lens retrofitting isolation, the metal partition LED lights to prevent interference; addition, in order to prevent the fog situation also need to strengthen the infrared network camera waterproof; final is to focus the problem is usually normal infrared network camera in focus during the day, but night are often unable to properly focus, which must depend on technology to improve ED glass lens internal.
        How to minimize attenuation of the infrared light irradiation distance, to extend the life of the infrared surveillance products, is also an important issue. This aim can be reached by the following method: the selection of high quality infrared lamp; reflective technology using a metal thin film; using high-efficiency optical lens (5% higher than ordinary glass transmittance); maintain a constant current constant voltage circuit design, to ensure light source working in the stability of the current state; LED circuit protection system; infrared lamp in each group separate power supply, to avoid the current vicious cycle, the single lamp damage will not cause the failure of all the lights; multiple design can also be used to ensure that the infra-red lamp single tube life, and so on.
        LED infrared light source application analysis
        Remote device written infrared LED, and the light emitted by the infrared LED is not completely infrared light, and also contains the portion of the visible light (red) component, so that the naked eye can see a little light. The remote uses LED emitting angle is about 30 degrees, even if a user is not fully aligned with the target, can also be effective operation.
        No outside infrared interference, the remote control distance of up to 5 m or more. But the actual natural light in the presence of infrared, the average distance of 3 meters. Of course, to enhance the emission power of the remote control can enhance the remote distance. Theoretically, the transmission power increase of 100%, the remote control distance of up to 40%.
        Monitor with camera use infrared LED, personally think that the majority use a similar product and the remote control. Sensitive range of the camera containing the infrared region, so using the infrared LED lighting, and allows the camera to obtain a clear image. Single LED lighting is generally not effective distance over two meters, and at this distance, brightness is already low. General monitoring use multiple LED side-by-side LED quantity more effective range farther, and also follow the same 100% -40% of the approximate relationship.
        Now many LED companies have launched a high-power infrared LED, power from 1W to 5W range. General 1W infrared LED lighting requirements can be met within a distance of five meters of the ordinary camera. High-power infrared LED is the main purpose, in addition to use in monitoring occasions, military and civilian occasions for wild search.

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