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  • HD surveillance camera pros and cons of the application

        In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people demand of security surveillance cameras, security surveillance industry developed rapidly. Application of surveillance cameras has been developed from individual industries for the mass-market demand, monitoring from the local to the inter-regional, inter-provincial RMON development from analog surveillance cameras to IP surveillance camera has multiple advantages. With the constant pursuit of image clarity, high-definition monitor has gradually become the development trend of the industry.
        The HD surveillance of advantages
        For surveillance cameras, image clarity is undoubtedly the most critical technical indicators. The sharper the image, the more obvious details that better identification effect to. Its main advantages are the following:
        More video information in order to provide high-resolution images can be obtained
        The HD cameras generally can do 1280x960, 1920x1080, 2048x1536 or 2560x1920 resolution, in the same environment, high definition can provide crisp and clear images, better able to capture the details of goals legible.
        Video wider coverage
        Coverage area the same conditions in the monitoring range, megapixels IP camera can replace the original 2 or 3 standard-definition camera, or even more. For a wide range of wide angle monitor intensive places, such as the airport, transportation, bayonet, banks, perimeter just to deploy a small number of megapixels IP cameras can be reached before the effect.

        Support higher frame rate, image smooth high
        720p and 1080i/1080p can support 60 frames / sec, the fluency of the image to be twice as high than SD. Support for large-screen display, 16:9 widescreen display, can greatly enhance the user´s viewing experience.
        The high-definition picture quality to provide favorable conditions for the intelligent monitoring
        HD monitor can provide more content, more details of the high-definition screen, so as to create the conditions for the application of intelligent monitoring.
        HD monitoring application problem analysis
        HD IP camera image sharpness been a qualitative leap to HD surveillance system, but also brings a range of practical problems. HD monitor to solve the three core issues: bandwidth issues, display problems, storage problems.
        Bandwidth issues
        Due to the limited network bandwidth, high bit-rate HD video brought its biggest promotion bottleneck. How the highest possible quality video with the lowest possible bit rate transmission is a need to address the most important issue in the high-definition monitor. Due to the heterogeneous nature of the network, the different networks having different channel characteristics at the same time, the different users to enjoy the network bandwidth is not the same, even the same user´s bandwidth may be subject to change. Monitoring developments in the field, the various user terminal has connected to the needs of the surveillance video, such as the LAN monitoring network bandwidth is ideal, users want to view high-quality video; while the field of mobile phone monitoring due to the limited bandwidth, more user-code value is low rate under the video fluency. How to adapt to these different bandwidth environment is also a high-definition monitor equipment problems to be solved.
        Display problems
        Relative to the large amount of information of SD video, HD video for the rich, the performance requirements also greatly improved, such as the current mainstream PC, can easily achieve 8-channel the D1 standard definition video decoding display, but if the front-end 1080P HD video decoding , can barely decode 1 channel.
        Platform for large-scale surveillance cameras, all using high-definition video, the server decodes the pressure will be great.
        Storage problems
        Enhance the resolution of the image, inevitably consume more storage space. 1920 × 1080 @ 30 frames of video, for example, the use of H264 encoding algorithm in order to ensure clarity, the stream to be maintained at more than 6Mbps, approximately 4-8 times the standard-definition video. SD video under the conditions, a 16-channel DVR built-in 8 quick 2T hard to meet the demand for long video storage, while in the high-definition monitor, this time will be greatly shortened, and that will bring increased storage costs.

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