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  • Watching high-definition network monitoring to find the source of HD quality delay

        Each manufacturer in the promotion of the HD network monitoring products, the main slogan of 1080p full HD without delay, wide dynamic ... However, in the case of our network environment is relatively poor, and network monitoring products can be done without delay Is it also said the too absolute it?
        In fact, the delay of the test IP surveillance cameras is very simple, simply surveillance camera at the high-precision stopwatch, realistic image display, image compared by multiple shots, we can calculate the delay time of the IPC . Under normal circumstances, the ideal monitoring camera about 200ms delay is somewhat less that the IPC delay is more than 400ms. You might think that this 400ms delay is nothing but surveillance cameras the event of a serious phenomenon of delay, then the front-end equipment alarm meaningful and where?
        Enter the era of network-wide monitoring products, if you want to achieve a high-definition monitor results, in addition to the front-end network cameras, video transmission and back-end storage, also must go through a careful design process and how to achieve high-quality, no delay The effect is to concentrate on solving the problem of monitoring applications.
        Delay phenomenon is very obvious in the monitoring system. Attributed to two aspects of this problem: First, the bandwidth of the network monitoring can not meet a large number of image transmission bandwidth, so that the data will appear the phenomenon of "queue"; stored procedure, based on the different storage methods, compression methods appear delay phenomenon, leading to the terminal display footage slight delay phenomenon.
        The surveillance camera network delay different
        The same IP cameras, industry products and civilian products of home monitoring delay problem is not the same. Industry surveillance camera network delay unit control ms level, most of the delay control in less than 300ms; valued home IP cameras alarm and image capture function As for the delay treatment effect on the poor.
        Grasping fear forensics tested home network monitoring camera using image, the image is delayed by about 1 ~ 2s, if the comparison of the data, the product of the application industry in network latency can be used as the whole monitoring market benchmark.
        The above mentioned the image delay two reasons, then we have to answer how to solve the problem of delay.
        Stability and bandwidth of the network transmission
        Current 3G and 2G bandwidth really improved network coverage surface is far less than the 2G network, poor stability seems to 3G another synonymous; strongly advocated 3G network in the field of video surveillance, if you want to pursue high-definition quality or real-time images that fellow users are advised to first do not blindly worship.
        Network transmission process will affect the delay effect than the bandwidth problem. Especially like safe city traffic, the emergence of huge amounts of data a difficult time for the network load. Formula previously applied 1080p @ 30 frames uncompressed image bandwidth close to 1G.
        Measured, 720p @ 25 frame image as an example, the bit rate of the image 4196kbps network bandwidth data transfer amount = the amount of payload data stream * 1.3, that is, to ensure that the quality complete transmission, the bandwidth needed around 4 ~ 5M, vendor data basically. Network bandwidth requirements of high-definition images on large, otherwise prone to data transmission "queuing" or "loss" bandwidth is too small.
        Invisible delay - storage delay
        In addition to the network delay we learned that, in fact, the images stored procedure takes time, so a picture compression, transmission, decompression, imaging simple steps, middle decompression also delay problem. Storage delay often occurs in the large amount of data stored procedure. HD monitor or safe city surveillance camera images stored on the storage device is a great test. In addition to the equipment to read, but also need to have a strong function of the output, at the same time protect the high image quality, fast output a great extent.
        For the network delay, we also need to start from the root of resolve network bandwidth, network stability, video decompression technology, storage technology, and other problems may be able to solve the delay problem. Family-based monitoring system should also be in line to the high-end products, of course, do endowment products priced and monitoring technology, but also compulsory homework.

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