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  • Situation and innovation of home video surveillance technology

        Along with the global network and the development of intelligent home systems also continue development in this direction, especially in smart home system, and in recent years was the rapid development trend. Based video intercom system manufacturers have their original single product, technology integration, intelligent home control. In addition, lighting, wiring boxes, audio, network appliances, and other IT vendors also make full use of their respective resources to compete for the smart home market. Video surveillance manufacturers are no exception, especially video surveillance in recent years, the network, the rapid development of intelligent, but whether it will be able to seize the opportunity, into the smart home market, we have to discuss.
        Video surveillance and smart home combined with the status quo
        The concept of the smart home
        Let´s say for the smart home, smart home is the use of computer technology, digital technology, network communication technology and integrated wiring technology, will be closely associated with the family life anti-theft alarm system, home appliances control system, network information service system and other subsystems organic together, through a central management platform, make home life more safe, comfortable and efficient. Simply put it is equivalent to a brain, with its variety of probes, equipment, like the eyes, ears, etc., they are inseparable, and jointly create a comfortable and smart home environment.
        Advantages of video surveillance to smart home
        Video surveillance is the eyes of the smart home. We might have first thought is the home of the indoor unit display can show the visiting guests, this is one of the outcomes they combine. Video surveillance here with the combination of smart home is on the District mouth machine, stairs indoor unit embedded surveillance cameras, camera took images of visitors when visitors call households by area of ​​mouth machine or stairs machine uploaded to the household indoor unit the display, visitors, tenants one-way video intercom. Compared to the previous home alone voice intercom system, significantly more safe, more convenient, because visitors, you can see through the camera easy to decide whether or not to interview; same time, we also found that the District mouth machine, stairs indoor unit pictures message home you can see pictures of a message for visitors and family members. We can feel the embedded camera to bring the convenience of our lives.
        IP surveillance cameras installed at a particular point to access the smart home through its network function, especially the development of 3G technology, via computer or mobile phone watch home indoor / garage / Housing environment, elderly / children / pet care, nanny work, learn anytime, anywhere in the home; alarm function can also be achieved, many families will be installed in some of the detectors, gas leak detectors, infrared curtain detector, through linkage with home IP cameras when linkage camera taking pictures of indoor abnormal or intrusion alarm, the property and the owners can receive alarms and photos of the scene, there will be a greater help to handle alarm events, sometimes an alarm just the family pet or curtains the flutter caused by a false alarm of the detector.
        Shortcomings and difficulties
        With these advantages, whether the development of both smooth sailing. Take a look at our complaints and concerns: embedded camera is not very satisfied, the more prominent is its image is not what we imagine is so clear, especially high-definition clarity more to the higher, more as a security guard, first off, clear more important the saying goes, the details determine victory or defeat, if only vague eyes, not a flaw;
        Second convenient and network combined with our remote control and monitoring of view, but steal, the exposure of the privacy of the family, will be our panic, in the case of the absence of security, this information can easily be unscrupulous elements, while you install the camera has become lawbreakers secret tool to spy on your home; another home video management, installation of the camera used to shoot video, unlike the control room of the family as it was specifically responsible for the front of the monitor to view and manage the entire real-time monitoring system, home video management becomes more prominent, you do not have someone, you can not always stare at the screen of the mobile phone or computer before, but if something happened, we do not know, can not be timely notification and processing Would not it be utterly useless.
        Look at the combination of the two is a cross-industry cooperation, the development of natural and ultimately, in close cooperation with system integrators, but under the double impact of the brutal competition of the market economy and the business concept, people want to be occupied in the industry and related industries upper hand, to seize the market, with their respective economic pursuit, and broadband network operators, access providers, value-added service providers, manufacturers of broadband equipment and broadband applications, intelligent community investment developers, property management, business and so on a series of business with also will take some time, and other factors caused by technical standards difficult to unify the expensive price and does not satisfy the user´s actual demand. We want to marvel at the combination of the two has step by step difficulties.
        The face of the opportunities to be creative to meet the challenges
        Only the face of such opportunities to be creative in order to meet the challenge. Step because things are not like the baby grew up, there must be development requires constant innovation Caixing. Recalling the past few years, the development of the home market is the development of a simple call from the indoor unit and unlock functions to the main features include security alarm, remote smart metering pictures of a message, district public information release, remote publishing business information, remote appliance control unit door and indoor video intercom unit door unlocking, management center with the household indoor call and Indoor Household monitoring unit door, evolved step by step, contains numerous pioneering innovation, integration of the various functions, and finally usher home a smart now. Video surveillance in order to be a good smart home, a home with an intelligent eye, but also requires constant innovation. For the shortcomings we have to do the following:
        1, mutual complementarity
        The eyes of the good or not so, also depends on the brain´s processing power is not strong, the two are complementary, or else simple-minded, limbs,; Otherwise minds developed simple limbs. The development of video surveillance to seek mutual development road, jointly developed with smart home system can even try the combination of the two technologies, weaknesses, home the direction of the development of video surveillance products, smart home needs to continue to provide the direction of the interface and the application, "hardware" and "software" in two-pronged approach to continuously improve their reliability, stability and compatibility.
        2, application platform
        The rapid development of the IP camera, but if they only like the access network, network application software, a computer, and it seems unpopular. Have a wider range of applications and better services to home users, we need to network application platform, application platform for building a good family and community applications platform, is the only way for the future development. Only in this way can better be part of the smart home; Only in this way can be better to enter the era of the Internet of Things; the only way to enter millions of households. Not just the video transmission network.
        3, people-oriented design
        Growing security awareness, increasing pursuit of smart home requirements and product personalization camera network, intelligence development blind pursuit of high-end design was too advanced "degree" is bound to extremes meet, getting too much of a good thing. Camera into the smart home, according to the actual situation and the practical principles to choose the path of development of the network, intelligence development; human core, is rooted in the "people-oriented" soil, user-friendly design, the real people comfortable convenience of the home environment. For example, its design is more home-based.
        This is the opportunities and challenges of the era to give the video monitoring system, the only way to grow, and rose to the challenge, winning these challenges, it will be like a duck, and access to millions of households, smart home bright intelligent eyes.

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