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  • IP HD monitor storage cost is high does not apply to family

        The saying goes, talk about money hurt feelings, but buyers and sellers should not have "feelings", so the bargain is also the inevitable laws of the market. Some people say, buy without selling fine, in fact, these words do not leave, who do lose money trading it? Crying, you do not think what perhaps listen to, but I have to give you the math, this money you spend in the end not afford to spend.
        You can not see a lot of expenses are in the field of video surveillance, hardware repairing complete whether to keep up your "software" it? We are not saying the software system, but the costs of storage, a monitoring process. When network monitoring is becoming more common to home users, the front-end equipment spending may price tag, but this back-end hard disk storage but can not help you control.
        A lot of people have not paid much attention to the problem of monitoring storage, I also understand the majority of the hearts of the people to buy surveillance products, high-definition picture quality all. Actually buy surveillance camera and save the computer to your needs to set a bit, naturally supporting equipment out. Today we talk about the problems of people ignore the HD network monitoring storage. Network monitoring for home users, eliminating the need for wiring problems, but also solve the problem of remote monitoring. But the back-end storage whether you understand it? Perhaps, about the storage capacity by some formula to measure. Video file size formula: the streams * 3600/8/1024 = M / hour. Now we IP surveillance cameras, for example, take a look at the user in the end how much it costs.
        A megapixel IP camera, for example, image quality is set to 720p in the ideal case, the monitoring camera streams at 3M, in accordance with the above formula projections hour video file 3 * 1024 * 3600/8/1024 = 1350M, about 1.32G. If we use the 24-hour monitoring of day needed storage space 31G. Listen figures seem a little scary, but this is just the beginning.
        As we all know, When the user needs is a growing number of manufacturers are full to become perfect. The biggest bright spot is that let consumers see many IP surveillance cameras SD slot. However, mainstream SD card on the market is still stuck in 16G and 32G, according to the storage space and SD card, an ordinary SD card can not meet the storage needs of a day; insist select 64G or 128G the price and whether it can be considered hard disk storage it?
        Summary: For megapixels IP cameras, high-definition picture quality and portable storage can not have both. Security firms in the design of this function and whether too tasteless it? Can not have both fish and bear´s paw, the quality OR To SD memory, from an objective point of view, this can not be a selling point of the product, in theory, this is just a formality speculation only.
        The same resolution, the greater the stream of the video file, the compression ratio is smaller, the better the picture quality. Well, if the expense of image quality in exchange for lower stream thereby reducing storage space, is it feasible? Similarly, we can also control the stream.
        I testing a home network camera, by controlling the stream will be presented in a different quality. The image resolution is 720p, but 128k-yard shed imaging size is 358k, the and in 4M codes the shed imaging 567k. Perhaps another reader puzzled same 720p image resolution imaging of the same high-bandwidth, why the difference is so big storage space? In fact, this codec, image processing technology. Image after several compressed natural reduction of storage space.
        Since With IP surveillance cameras around the high-definition images of more than fond of storage space. This is where a large part of the reason is that uncontrolled storage capacity. User not is not the same as the requirements for image quality, resulting in the storage space and storage equipment investment is not the same. When the cost of the full set of monitoring system to do real controllable, then for the popularity of Network HD seems highly anticipated.
        We then transfer the problem to the money, most users in the field of civil security for the end user, is not equivalent to the large-scale projects involving units or street. 128G SD card is priced at 1,000 yuan or more, this input costs some imbalance. If the storage device control in 20 to 30% of the entire system, so as not to let your pockets empty; terms of storage I mentioned above, only allow consumers to "cash-strapped".

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