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  • Network camera era:IR Dome five issues

        In the process to select the IR dome IP camera, Contractors always encountered some unexpected problems, Apexis common infrared dome network camera installation process for everyone, for your reference:
        Problem one: Waterproof and heat dissipation effect is not ideal
        Long time, IP cameras inside more or less there will be soft drinks (This phenomenon is mainly concentrated in the northern region), the cause of this phenomenon mainly due to the sealing effect of the case is not enough, and then installed without taking into account the temperature difference. When the the infrared lights start work will produce a lot of heat, at the same time due to the cooling effect of the housing is not enough, this will greatly reduce the life of the camera, to solve this problem can be considered the IR dome web camera enclosure made of multiple trunking, This allows for heat dissipation.
        Problem two: IR Dome Network Camera Series machine at night, the image illumination is poor, white or bright white iris
        It should be said that the phenomenon is caused by improper assembly machine, assembly photosensitive device (photoresistor) away from the IR dome network camera distance is too far cause infrared lights start not entirely caused by poor machine nighttime illumination; white image or bright white iris phenomenon due to the infrared LED emits infrared light refracted through the dome due to the lens, to solve this problem is the need to avoid infrared light refraction to the lens surface, usually sponge circle lens and infrared light isolation ball assembly must cover tight paste sponge circle.
        Problem three: IR dome network camera color distortion, color cast
        Switch of white balance (AWB) are set incorrectly, it may be too much changes in ambient light conditions, you should check whether the switch is set to the OFF position, you should think of ways to improve the lighting conditions of the environment.
        Problem four: night vision IR dome network camera daytime image normal white night
        This phenomenon is generally due to the machine using the environment reflector or a small space in the range, because the infrared light due to reflection, to resolve this phenomenon should first determine whether the use of the environment reflector, improve the use of the environment as much as possible, followed by checking the machine´s effective infrared distance and whether the actual use of distance corresponding; a long distance infrared machine is used in a small space because the infrared light, strong machine image whitish.
        Problem five: the screen appears a few black vertical bars or bar hybrid dynamic
        This situation is generally too much machine power supply output voltage ripple, should strengthen filtering and good performance DC power supply.

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