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  • The security new technology trends and the video operator platform system

        HD-SDI VS HD IP Camera
        HD-SDI uncompressed digital HD transmission mode and selectable system architecture solutions to meet the specific performance of the industry-specific part of the project (such as high-definition low latency), and play a smooth upgrade the role. This feature enables security industry manufacturers and end users began to focus on the HD-SDI technology itself, and its follow-up solutions and supporting products. Has become an alternative to HD-SDI related products and systems-based solutions in high-definition IPCamera-led moment, on the other hand, market demand determines the development trend of the technology tools and solutions, HD-SDI and network HD IP Camera can meet the customer needs of specific market sectors or specific projects.
        IP Camera market share over HD-SDI, HD-SDI products in the future whether to occupy a larger market share, mainly dependent on the following factors:
        · Market more HD-SDI-based products and supporting the systematic solution;
        · To obtain security providers more attention, and successfully applied to the appropriate projects;
        · The year-on-year rival product is not made a breakthrough in the development of the technical (system delay);
        · Intelligent analysis technology algorithms and implementation mode of rapid development, so that there are more pressing needs of the image based on the HD-SDI;
        · Intelligent traffic based on the high-definition real-time capture and monitoring needs continue to grow.
        Impact of specific projects chosen HD-SDI or network camera practical needs assessment of association as follows:
        · Whether based on the upgrade of the original system, the original system is analog or digital, network monitoring system;
        · Actual budget cost of the project;
        · Projects where industry is the delay in image transmission and processing requirements;
        The system of the project itself is relatively closed or open;
        · Transmission distance requirements and project environment that can allow the transmission mode;
        · Intelligence applications demand increase in the proportion of all monitoring point;
        · Increased storage requirements.
        Network security monitoring the trend of the future development, all kinds of products of the security market is still colorful, and believe in the future there will be more technical means or product for the user to select the HD needs.
        Intelligent video analysis
        Intelligent video analysis in high-definition and network era, opened up at different levels for different applications diversified market segments, will have a greater world application.
        Enter the web camera era, intelligent analysis capabilities the front become possible, and will bring faster response and more accurate analysis results directly. Compared to to configure intelligent analysis server program, the front of the benefits of self-evident, but relatively cost increase, while the background can not arbitrarily change the intelligent analysis of the monitoring point.
        Intelligent analysis of network HD era, because the rich details of the crisp, clear picture, more accurate results, better accurate modeling and model matching degree, supplemented by advanced three-dimensional modeling techniques, makes intelligent analysis able to break through the problem of false positives inherent limit the depth of field. With the continuous improvement of the processing power of the chip, I believe intelligent analysis capabilities of the HD era will be better.
        In addition to the conventional video smart analysis, as well as manufacturers of video analysis for image optimization and testing, including video quality diagnostic more representative.
        The early years of large-scale video surveillance systems (large-scale public security police monitoring project needs more), due to the number of monitoring points, mostly for the detection of each channel can only missing the alarm based on the front-end image and install detection equipment boxes in the front-end monitoring points module to assist to achieve, such as out of the box alarm, temperature and humidity testing, routine testing of the front end off / continued power-on self-test restart function, not the video quality analysis and diagnosis. With the video analysis technology continues to evolve and costs continue to decrease, video diagnostic capabilities more vendors and integrators attention. First, the current video diagnosis deploy network monitoring system the video diagnostic analysis server, network video capture analysis and testing, can determine the initial quality problems of some surveillance video channel. Its judgment such as image freeze, picture loss, video noise, fuzzy video and common video quality issues. The way while support fault export the report, is conducive to maintaining a large network video monitoring system, relatively previously placed in the monitoring front-end detection module has been a big step.
        With the development of technology, I believe, screening and retrieval will become an important branch of the video analysis applications for automatic analysis of the historical image data.
        Internet of Things and security application integration
        With the continuous development of the Internet of Things technology, Internet of things in some of the traditional security field, with more and more closely integrated combination of security applications. Water hydrologic monitoring of things and security system integration trend which has begun to appear on behalf of industry, environmental protection, oil pipelines, power transmission stations, and other industry segments.
        Water hydrological monitoring such as building water conservancy projects, using a variety of sensors, such as water quality, water level, pressure, and other Internet of Things acquisition means. Now combined with the construction of water conservancy security systems, the Internet of Things and video applications combined with the water conservancy of Things concept, combining a variety of technical means of remote sensing, GIS, GPS, and provides a variety of information perception and acquisition means for the construction of water conservancy information, Cable / means of wireless transmission, multi-dimensional platform of a full range of data and video applications to enhance water conservancy sector decision-making, management, scheduling of water resources, flood warning and emergency command ability. Environmental protection through the Internet of Things and video platform integration provides a more intuitive and quantitative detection platform, to avoid regulatory misplaced and missing. Oil pipelines, power transmission stations can be based on the original core business automation control system based on the use of the Internet of Things a variety of means of information gathering technology combined video "remote viewing" and alarm systems, to create a more perfect day-to-day production operations management system.
        The video cloud platform operators and operator service system
        Prior to the release of the 3G licenses, operators flagship network video surveillance platform was the supplier of video surveillance platform operators mostly large vendors of the communications industry. The front-end equipment and video encoding equipment suppliers is the mainstream security manufacturers in the industry. Based on the traditional PC client end of the carrier-grade video surveillance platform current operator has been relatively mature part of the province platform also began to provide high-definition video monitor operational business, 3G and mobile Internet era, cloud platforms and cloud services under the strong technical support also has access to the the huge mobile end-user, which is also derived from the mobile terminal-based video surveillance business. Which naturally fell on the shoulders of the communications operators build cloud-based platform video business operations services.
        Video business operation services, covering the traditional PC and mobile phone / Pad / MID class mobile terminal operators have a natural advantage. First of all, it has powerful and advanced network communication resources, the large customer base of the Group, a complete operating system. Although a veteran of many years in the traditional security market followed by traditional security practitioners, but for operators within the system, the security platform construction, operations support and marketing systems are not familiar with.
        The mobile Internet era, provide more opportunities to the vast number of security equipment manufacturers.
        Provinces carriers core platform of network video surveillance infrastructure completed, such as the introduction of high-definition and other new business is basically on the original platform upgrade and expansion, the next focus of sales system operators and operations support system.
        Operation support system is the core of the business operators, including platform deployment, core network elements docking tent billing system support, through the deployment of the system´s video operator platform to protect the enterprise customers through monthly packages leased by a billing phone number to achieve business deductions and billing settlement.
        Group customer marketing system is different from the common personal business, in accordance with the type of the carrier system can generally be divided into a large industry customers and SME customers, which industry customers general manager at the municipal and provincial companies, in charge of SME customers sales more distributed account manager in the sales department (as opposed to the concept of the operating room) or county branch. Group customers in industry customers broadly categorized as follows:
        · Financial and Insurance: banking, securities, insurance, etc.;
        · Dignitaries: government departments or the military;
        · Large enterprises: large manufacturing enterprises in the province, or well-known enterprises, and so on.
        Operators in accordance with administrative divisions and streets divided into a grid, the majority of SME merchants within the grid is the carriers said SME customers, Group Account Manager for SME customers, also known as grid manager.
        The majority of SME customers, and hope that the initial investment is relatively low and there is not much customization needs, so renting existing mature platform is a better solution. Therefore, in order to better serve the majority of SME customers and industry customers, business operations platform operators to provide the video several specific characteristics and requirements:
        · Audience for the majority of SME customers and some industry customers, collectively referred to as the Group´s customers;
        · Business normative requirements are relatively high, and enterprise customers to open an account and pay to use use for personal business support system, enterprise customers can also go to the operating room admissibility;
        · Service pricing model is flexible, and can bring their own machines installed, a one-time purchase or monthly package rental, and supports the combination of different packages;
        · Operator service platform for carrier-grade platform stability and performance requirements are very high;
        · Support in addition to other mobile terminals such as smart phones, pad PC terminal access, support both IOS and Android (Android) operating system;
        To meet the demand for most of our customers use most of the operator´s video business operations platform to provide a common function, but for the type of customer groups clustering, the business will have different functional positioning and marketing focus, such as:
        · For the professional market (apparel market, commodity market, etc.): Recommended to install 1-2 Desktop Network Camera and SD card local storage way and with 4MXDSL access; for "shopkeeper Kandian" customers at the same time, the main push security monitoring functions for "employees Kandian" customers, projects shopkeeper remote mobile management phone monitoring Kandian function;
        · Chain supermarkets, drugstores, convenience stores and cafes: Recommended installation 2-3 fixed network cameras, mainly covering the shop and the cashier area, due to the type of customers are mainly "employees Kandian" customers, highlight the shopkeeper employee management, store security monitoring and detection function of the flow of people;
        · Guesthouses, KTV, restaurant, property: Recommended to install more than 4-way camera, consider the cost factors can be used to build analog cameras and DVS, LAN access, the main push employees remote management, store security monitoring, SMS alarm, long time platform storage function;
        · Large-scale monitoring system: a separate building is usually by way of integration projects;
        · Individual customers can also apply for the opening of the operator services platform, personal home security services.
        Operators the system the standardized video operator class business and the concept of the traditional security market is somewhat different, the first non-project system, followed by the core of the platform is operational, business standardization and very clear boundaries, equipment suppliers within the system is relatively less. Taking into account the platform for convenient access capability and customer coverage, the carrier platform generally will be considered in the selection of equipment to bind 2-3 at home to provide low-end, high-end products, security equipment suppliers. Is the operator´s core platform support system (such as platform access, deployment, billing, auditing the accounts, information transformation and operation and maintenance capacity) are concentrated in the provincial company, want to get into the field of operators Security vendors need to focus on the technical and business cooperation with provincial corporate level.
        In the rapid development of mobile Internet and intelligent terminals, security epitaxial expanding the field of application is also expanding, I believe the field of security will also be to the Internet and IT sectors facing mobile Internet has brought new opportunities and challenge.

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