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  • HD monitor top 10 key and trend

        1, HD standard HD
        In the end what HD is? Industry argument even include media campaigns are not the same. It needs to be emphasized is that the HD is a standard, not a concept. It is often said that one million high-definition, this argument is not formal or not very professional, HD actually should be a standard. Standard means more than a pixel or the aspect ratio of an image, it is a comprehensive thing. HD should be measured by the same standard, A manufacturers do something HD image HD products made by other manufacturers it should.
        There are three formats in HD 720P, 1080i (interlaced), 1080P (progressive scan). 1080i video conferencing, high-definition television with more than the video surveillance industry uses progressive scan 720P and 1080P, i for fast moving objects tailing, P is very clear, so the field of video surveillance, we recommend the use-by the product of the line scan.
        About standards, in fact, in addition to the clarity, proportion, but also its practicality and regulations. HD as a standard in the success of the promotion and application of a variety of industries, such as broadcast TV, video conferencing, as well as TV, computer, projector. If your product is not compatible with the system, even if you are the product of a five megapixels, and can not use.
        2, high-definition network HD
        HD interface, for example, SD, SDI, DVI, optical interface, HDMI, HD-SDI, etc., then what kind of interface is more suitable for high-definition monitor? We need to look at the characteristics of the monitor. First, the monitoring system is generally used in the outdoors, the line may be very susceptible to interference; Secondly, the monitoring systems are generally large front-end monitoring points widely distributed. Which are two things to consider, to ensure that the flexibility of the system, consider its deployment and transmission distance. The second is to consider it the cost of monitoring system if there are tens of thousands of points, the high cost wiring. Therefore, the network is an inevitable trend. The development of the monitoring system is the development of the network. Whether front of the camera or video recorder, as well as back-end management system is a network of the development process. Network infrastructure is slowly perfecting, wired, wireless and 3G network equipment costs have been declining. In addition, POE power supply costs come down, the entire device management have brought a lot of good.
        Since the network had to investigate a problem, in the end it is the network camera, still camera plus encoder? In contrast, the IP camera way more appropriate. First, install more simple link less, the system is more stable. Secondly, as it matures, and large-scale applications, an HD IP camera than the camera plus the cost of the encoder will be lower.
        3, HD high-definition support
        For surveillance cameras, HD is a full high-definition. In addition to clarity, but also requires a bright image. To view Apexis HD, wide dynamic effect, outdoor image is very clear, very well see the color. Inside the bank, the color of the banknote is also very real. Surveillance products use environment, lighting conditions are more complex, and sometimes even quite poor, this can not be avoided to a large extent. For example, the camera to look at the license plate of the vehicle is in motion, you can not make the car slower to let you extract images. Toll station there, you can not let by the driver to turn off the lights to let you extract images, we can only rely on the excellent monitor camera products to adapt to the needs of this reality environment. Therefore, to ensure the authenticity of the color To ensure dynamic target image is clear, on the requirements of the sensitivity of the bolt, hemisphere, one machine, ball machine and other products, and fast, accurate focusing. In the evening, as well as ensure that the sensitivity, the image effect of depth of field, wide dynamic good function.
        4, the high-definition monitor CMOS HD
        HD cameras use CMOS chips are very popular. CCD or CMOS are the photosensitive chip, there is no much controversy. Why HD cameras with CMOS? The most important thing is the high frame rate CMOS, high sensitivity is more suitable for high-definition. The Apexis take advantage of the experience accumulated in the CCD technology, to solve the conventional CMOS chips have defects, such as noise, low light, streaking problems. On the Apexis it, does not matter with CCD or CMOS, but chose the more suitable photosensitive chip products. Moreover, Apexis is also for the CCD to do research and development, may also introduce better CCD. The Apexis for security developed CMOS chip to play its own unique advantages: speed, high frame rate, high resolution and low power consumption. Security business optimization Apexis CMOS sensor chip has the following characteristics: First, each column of pixels of the A / D converter can rapidly convert the analog signal generated in the each column into a digital signal; second way noise reduction, it of the analog electrical signal noise, as well as converted into a digital signal after the noise reduction; third is the changes in the structure itself, into a back-illuminated structure, which can effectively improve the photosensitive effect, so that the preoperative irradiation from the original structure less noise sensitivity and better, brighter image.
        5, high-definition monitor is "efficient" HD
        HD monitor to bring the vast amounts of data, which requires the system to be very efficient compression processing in the network. If you want to single image clarity, JPEG compression effect of the format is the best MPEAG4 compatibility is very good, and less demanding of its server resources. Apexis can provide a variety of encoding formats, support any format to any format can achieve real-time image. In addition, POE-powered, wireless networks are efficient logo. Installation, use of the product must also be efficient.
        6, HD must be secure and reliable
        Not just for high-definition products, safety and reliability is very important for the whole security system. Environmental aspects of the design, such as waterproof, dustproof design, operating temperature, under certain circumstances the normal work time? These are to ensure the life of the product, to ensure the normal work of the product factors. In addition, how to prevent vandalism, these are the design must be considered. Some products have smart vandal function, when the camera is covered by branches and leaves, plastic bags, or virtual focus, the system can automatically tell the difference.
        7, HD is HD sound
        Video limited perspective, but the audio is limited to relatively small, could be all listeners, which to some extent can compensate for a small corner. Camera illumination is not good, or the product is turned off, the audio can always monitor. Through the use of intelligent voice alarm function timely warning, vandalism has not happened before.
        8, high-definition intelligent HD
        HD better intelligence. For HD smart analysis completely forward, and in accordance with the need to monitor, in some places, such as fences, warning line, nothing there, you can not send images back. However, the development of intelligent video analysis technology also requires a relatively long period of time.
        9, HD is a low-cost high-definition
        HD has a lot of advantages, to bring greater value to give the current system with the user, so HD applications will become increasingly popular. Apexis different levels, different price of high-definition products, suitable for different industry applications. Small supermarket, primary and secondary schools as long as several cameras plus computer can use, low prices can enjoy the Apexis HD product applications.
        10, HD is Fusion HD
        At present, many domestic and foreign large-scale monitoring vendors have joined ONVIF, we are very optimistic and promote the development of ONVIF. This in itself is a kind of co-operation, a fusion, Apexis also attaches great importance to the cooperation between the industry. Fusion in terms of overall aspects: First, standards, means that different vendors work together to comply with; product compatibility In addition to the standard interface, for example, analog, alarm systems are compatible; cooperation between the different types of vendors means industry, media, institutions, should cooperate in order to promote its development.

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