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  • The two POE technology solutions presented its application, market analysis

        Unique representation using POE network cameras Security Industry standard products, convenient to install, simple to configure, and simple network structure, good image quality characteristics have been gradually recognized by the market, and therefore have the potential of high-speed development, should cause the camera highly concerned industry professionals.
        This article will give the industry the two models based on the PD power of the network to receive and voltage converter chip and module products, network terminal (such as network IP telephones, wireless LAN access point AP, IP cameras, etc.) tailored network power solutions help engineering enterprises to achieve the freedom of the Internet of Things, safe, convenient networking, providing optimized and reliable power supply solutions.
        PD detection of low-power interface circuit (WS3201) program
        WS3201 standard POE power supply PD detection and interface circuit, which includes the PD detection, classification and restrictions, plus PWM DC-DC converters, power supply equipment for the PD. The the WS3201 main power supply characteristic parameters as follows:
        ● voltage, typically between 44 ~ 57V 48V;
        ● allow maximum current of 550mA, the maximum starting current of 500mA;
        ● Typical operating current of 10 ~ 350mA, an overload detector current 350 ~~ 500mA;
        ● under no-load conditions, the greatest needs of current 5mA;
        ● 3.84 ~ 12.95W five levels of electric power equipment for the PD request, no more than 13W.
        WS3201 POE powered process
        POE Power over Ethernet PSE-powered end devices arranged in a network, the work process is as follows:
        ● detection: In the beginning, PSE equipment in the small port output voltage until it detects a connection to the cable terminal to a receiving end support IEEE802.3af standard equipment;
        ● PD end equipment classification: Powered Device PD is detected, the PSE equipment may be classified as PD devices, and to assess the power loss PD equipment;
        ● power supply: a configurable start period of time (usually less than 15 Bao), PSE equipment to the PD device from a low voltage power supply, until you provide a 48V DC power supply;
        ● Power supply: PD devices provide reliable 48V DC, to meet the the PD equipment not crossed the 13W power consumption;
        ● power failure: PD device is disconnected from the network, the PSE will quickly (generally within 300 ~ 400ms) stopped powered equipment for the PD and duplicate detection process to detect cable terminal is connected PD devices.
        PD control of small power DC-DC converter circuit (WS3202) program
        WS32020 small power PD control and DCDC converter circuit PD detection and interface and pulse width modulation (PWM) controller integrated in the PD system, to provide a fully integrated solution for a powered device (PD).
        The WS3202 built-in high-frequency current-mode DC-DC controller, combined with a 80V/400mA line connection switch, fully meet the IEE E802.3af standard power supply interface. Sorting capabilities with an internal power supply, the communication between the interface and the DC-DC converter the POE power management chip inside the WS3202 chip. The WS3202 good support POE application single chip PD interface for broadband Internet telephony, local area networks, network video surveillance systems, wireless access devices, RFID readers, and telecommunications equipment 48V power supply control system.
        WS3202 main features of the program
        ● Fully compliant with IEEE802.3af standard network power interface;
        ● Built-in 80V, 400mA MOSFET;
        ● Adjustable inrush current limiter;
        ● sense resistor disconnection function;
        ● You can adjust the grading current;
        ● undervoltage threshold and hysteresis can be set;
        ● Thermal shutdown protection function;
        ● current mode pulse width modulator;
        ● insulated and non-insulated applications support;
        ● for uninsulated application has the error amplifier and voltage reference circuit;
        ● You can adjust the oscillation frequency;
        ● adjustable soft-start;
        ● limit the maximum duty cycle of 80%, provided the slope compensation;
        ● output 800mA peak gate drive current.
        Advantages of the solution
        In addition to the Ethernet cable for connecting the device to provide a common supply support, POE power supply to reduce investment spending, thereby reducing the total cost of deployment on power equipment integrated into a unified IP infrastructure. POE power supply eliminates the need for terminal equipment installed wall power connection, thus reducing the power outlet terminal equipment and support costs.
        It can also be more difficult places to deploy local AC power installation network-connected devices, to provide greater flexibility. POE power supply with power recognition circuit function, we use UPS power supply, energy-saving advantages more evident. Table 1 shows the application POE products in network video surveillance system engineering application characteristics. The main application field of analysis
        Network video surveillance system with its networking mode. Monitoring coverage area wide obvious advantage preliminary replace traditional analog video surveillance systems, POE modular products should trend was born mesh 3WS3202 application circuit diagram of such products in education , medical, banking, industry and government agencies.
        Educational institutions applications, for example, management at different levels of the educational institutions for network monitoring network video surveillance system the schools front of the camera is relatively concentrated, basic teaching building of the various monitoring points or faculty dormitory switch to the central star segment, POE power supply suitable, cost savings, simplified construction. Health care, banks, and government agencies, and educational industries similar characteristics.
        POE IP camera is to take advantage of the built-in POE chip or module to implement power over Ethernet, with POE power module DC, supply-side equipment (PSE), the POE network cameras through twisted pair transmission to .
        According to the video surveillance field environments, we can flexibly select the network monitor camera power supply:
        Easy to take power, reasonable costs directly laying power cable. Conversely, via Ethernet twisted pair to the front-end network camera powered by POE module. POE by electrical module can be independent, and can also be integrated into the network the camera constitute POE network camera; same POE power supply module can be individually powered to the front-end devices, this terminal needs more powered devices can also be inserted into the module box form POE power supply box centralized power supply come through Ethernet twisted pair, which reflects the advantages of POE technology throughout the application.
        Analysis of market prospects
        In recent years, the market share of network cameras with POE interface high-speed growth, the gradual deepening of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, as well as the "Green City" construction, the status of the network cameras on the market will also be more higher and higher. According to statistics, from 2005 to the 11 years of the IP camera market into exponential growth, in June 2012, has increased several times. Network cameras accounted for only about 30% of the camera market, the industry estimates that the market share of web cameras is expected to reach 50% by the end of 2015. Share of network cameras increases, the proportion of used POE switches will also increase, within three years, China POE market will reach three billion yuan.
        Unique representation using POE network cameras Security Industry standard products, convenient to install, simple to configure, and simple network structure, good image quality characteristics have been gradually recognized by the market, and therefore have the potential of high-speed development, should cause the camera highly concerned industry professionals.
        , 802.3af standard supports only the highest 13W of power and 48V voltage, to meet the ordinary network gun camera power demand.
        Next generation standard IEEE802.3at (POEPlus) "has been released in December 2009, this standard will further improve the supply capacity of the channel, the power 12.95W now increased to about 25W, which will support more devices, containing the full range of PTZ IP camera zoom lens, high-power high-speed dome IP cameras.
        In addition, with the power supply, the power capacity strengthening, the scope of application of the POE technology will further expand POE product applications are becoming more common, so many network devices, including IP phones, wireless LAN access points and Webcam increasingly more use PoE to power it. Other non-Ethernet network devices, such as building control equipment, RFID reader device, network TV, and other network applications use the network power supply and power management technology. Can be expected, with the electricity power upgrade and technical perfection, both in Ethernet and non-Ethernet will supply more "traditional" network equipment using this mode, such as POS machines, notebook computers, printers, desktop computers, industrial control equipment, medical devices and even automotive electronics systems, and the development and application of the Internet of Things will be driven by the POE technology applications to reach unprecedented heights.

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