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  • Hotel security monitoring system design

        In recent years, with the accelerated development of economic construction, urbanization, accelerate the process of industrialization, urban mobile population growth, the hotels presented a budget hotel and tourism resort hotel development trend of polarization. Guests not only the importance of the beds in the rooms, restaurant food, but also enjoy spending a sense of pleasure and comfort, but ultimately guest satisfaction service based security, lack of safe hotels, not only failed to meet the basic needs of the guests, and security threat and loss. The monitoring system installed to act as a deterrent to criminals, once the invasion and theft and other criminal activities, security system monitoring to discover and alarm, and automatically record the scene of the crime, and the criminals, the criminal process, help to solve the case and save human and material resources.
        By following the design of the monitoring system, we can meet the main requirements of the hotel:
        1, The establishment of a monitoring center, configuration matrix, DVR and on-screen wall. Since the number of the input video image in the several dozens to hundreds of channels, but also expansion increased video matrix module card structure essential. Throughout the image switching matrix before with dedicated switching circuit, video channel bandwidth is generally more at 8MHz, can be entered is displayed on the screen on the wall, the video quality is perfect. DVR can output the video signal compression and storage on the hard disk, you can set the video motion detection alarm recording, sensor recording and other strategies, video recordings can adequately protect personal and property safety of the hotel staff can also help solve the case forensics .
        2, Reception (or at the guard on duty) and the office of the general manager of the hotel, with the sub-assembly and matrix control keyboard or DVR with network control software. The advantage of the former is the real-time image transmission over clear switch fast, the rocker control IP camera, action flexible and accurate; advantage of the latter is through the LAN can transmit images and control signals, multi-channel video monitoring, no additional wiring , support WAN Browse.
        3, Hotel Import and Export install ball head or overloaded PTZ, 24-hour monitoring of the flow of vehicles and people entering and leaving. To note a solid mounting and the sharpness of the image, and to meet the scene of the wide range of observations. Ball head can be built-in network camera and decoder, metal movement and gear, handsome in appearance, more extensive application of the occasion; big wind, big angle, relatively harsh environment, all applications in the outdoor areas of the region, with metal protective cover and the infrared lamp overloaded PTZ still become the first choice for the higher classes.
        4, Hotel hall courtyard and leisure fitness areas, more local personnel activities, there is a greater insecurity, the need for a comprehensive monitoring; For example, in the central courtyard to install high-speed ball ceiling ball PTZ preset, high-speed ball with precision stepper motor, precise positioning, slow motion jitter, 300°/s high-speed movement, rapid positioning, continuous tracking scanning, no blind spot monitoring, the Chamber staff activities available at a glance, appear to be more beautiful, since to a decorative role. 128 preset scene calls to preset the ball head can achieve uniform operation state.
        5, Each elevator safety UFO Camera, can accurately observe and record the lift operation and personnel access its concealment is also strong. Alloy shell, UFO Camera vandal, dust, moisture, shock, mini appearance design, its small size. Vivid colors, high image quality.
        6, The hotel´s perimeter wall, housing, and geographical dead ends installed infrared ip camera and alarm the observation records out of the hotel staff, parking lots and other places special preventive measures. Color infrared one because of its infrared lamp, lens, camera, bracket, protective cover integrated, minimum illumination 0lux, infrared light can automatically open, some products without having to open the protective cover, external manual focus, installation and commissioning extremely convenient, so the application of more general occasions.
        7, The hotel installed on each floor import, export and secure channel black and white ceiling dome ip camera, high resolution and signal-to-noise ratio, minimum illumination of up to 0.02Lux can see the officer´s face as well as activities in general lighting It also has a hidden, does not undermine the overall layout.
        Distinction of budget hotels and tourist resort, the video surveillance system is mainly reflected in the distribution of the monitoring points location, quantity, coverage and control, and it is this point reflects both the differences in their respective core businesses.
        In addition, a comprehensive monitoring system should also allow the operation and maintenance personnel to efficiently manage the entire system. Convenient control operation at the same time, you can reduce the number of management staff, and reduce operating costs. In the monitoring system, for example, can achieve the following functions:
        1, Matrix can switch input 128 output full cross 1024 to meet the expansion and renovation of the hotel´s growing demand real image restore, clear display, fast switching, each video input signal overlap any English characters and graphics symbols, visual labels the position information of the scene.
        2, The LCD is equipped with a three-dimensional vector joystick keyboard can match matrix allows users to quickly and accurately control the front end fixed point, full Chinese operation interface and buttons, as well as a wealth of programming features, to facilitate the learning and use of the operator.
        3, Multimedia software with the matrix, with dual display electronic map function, a display to switch over the front end of the video image, another display shows a plan view of all the facilities in the hotel, all the monitoring equipment in the plan for its different icons and colors to show their work status, dynamically display the status of the current Building to the operator, simply select the corresponding location in the Map IP camera next display can instantly switch out of the picture, with the point cut, no further memory The address of each camera position, alarm switch scene image to specify the location of the wall screen, the position of the probe corresponding layer will also alert.
        4, The matrix through a dedicated alarm host receiving from throughout the rooms and hotel perimeter alarm signal, instantly switching and alarm signal associated with the region´s image, according to the distribution of the police intelligence linkage corresponding preset position and trajectory of the high-speed ball linkage alarm output can also be set by a variety of combinations to establish linkage with the district police station, security systems, timely Alarm quick response.
        5, DVR In addition to the use of a variety of recording video storage strategy of all monitoring points, and the matrix with controlled front-end web camera movements, dynamic DNS can also achieve the administrator of off-site monitoring point navigation controls for the chain business hotel group, offers a more convenient means of management and supervision.
        6, Access control systems and parking management system with access control and time and attendance management peacetime, hit grab unforeseen circumstances, the Access Controller integrated with the DVR host, according to pre-set the linkage strategy for the region the main entrance of the associated mandatory control.
        7, DVR can integrate customer service tracking system, the guests preferences used to provide customized services and track record.
        Hotels polarization to provide differentiated services, only in a safe environment, a variety of service measures can be carried out, and to ensure its quality, and thus avoid the accident brought economic and reputation loss. Safety management is inseparable from advanced security facilities, the hotel must take full advantage of a variety of state-of-the-art security system, security work to improve the degree of automation and efficiency, reduce redundant staff, and reduce operational costs.
        The video surveillance system can intuitively and effectively improve the sense of discipline and quality of service of the service personnel, and control various regions of the hotels, and also to enhance the safety management of the hotels.

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