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  • HD-SDI surveillance cameras trends analysis

        Megapixels class in the era of high-definition monitor, the camera has become the industry´s entry-standard HD-SDI cameras and high-definition network camera product form is divided into two camps. HD-SDI cameras follow the radio and television transmission standard transmission 720p and 1080p uncompressed digital video signal; definition IP camera format image by H.264 compression, network transmission compressed video. The way of transmission of these two very different result in the two products in the market positioning system application, technology development, show distinct characteristics. This paper will analyze the trends of HD-SDI surveillance cameras.
        Security Industry followed the existing analog surveillance system in the process of transition to high-definition monitor, system construction engineering companies and users are most receptive way. The emergence of HD-SDI cameras by the crowd´s attention, it seems that the outlook is bright, but in the Chinese market is caught in a dilemma situation. Market share and project use far less than expected, and will have to face the full high-definition network camera competition. Why good products and technology in China, agitated, and the reason is mainly about timing. One is imperfect ancillary products, and the other is HD-SDI camera image of high-quality high-end products, the price of the camera itself as well as ancillary products is much higher than expected, the third is in the HD-SDI camera, HD network camera also happens to be in the early stages of development.
        The security industry monitoring system originated in CCTV, followed CVBS analog video signal transmission of radio and television system standard, and video broadcasting system standard be reference or improved in most of the other technical aspects. Thus when the security industry from SD video to HD video, naturally draw on the transmission of radio and television. HD-SDI technology A coaxial cable to transmit high-definition digital video transmission standard, which is characterized by exactly the best upgrade existing analog video systems, both to ensure reliable transmission of video point-to-point, which can continue to reuse the analog video transmission medium.
        HDCCTV Technology Alliance is the adoption of the HD-SDI technology, and as a complete transmission standard in the 1.0 release. To further enhance the advantages of the HD-SDI technology, HDCCTV Technology Alliance upcoming 2.0 version, and based on the new subject of supporting chips, products are also expected to release by each vendor. In the new version, lossless compression technology, reverse data transmission, long-distance power supply technology, HD-SDI camera out of the shackles of the broadcasting system, customized transmission standard form set is more suitable for the application of the Security Industry.
        The camera followed the technical standards of HD-SDI, HD-SDI with native performance and seamless handover advantage, the upgrading of the new technology will give the HD-SDI camera into the tonic. Extend the transmission distance, Coaxitron characteristics, to ensure that the HD-SDI camera fit the application of the security industry, and also ignited the enthusiasm of manufacturers to develop HD-SDI camera.
        HD-SDI cameras have a distinct advantage in technology, but its disadvantages are also obvious. First HD-SDI camera heritage broadcasting system, limited to 720p and 1080p image resolution compared to high-definition web camera can output any resolution of the image, lack of expansion capability; followed by the HD-SDI camera than a single function nowhere near the rich diversity of high-definition network camera; Third HD-SDI camera must be matched to the corresponding node equipment, video service applications, high-definition network camera can own system.
        The development of HD-SDI camera at the same time, we must increase the investment in equipment, especially in the overwhelming environment of the process of IP-based, HD-SDI camera must match the node equipment to form a complete solution, with each product, retain their respective advantages, to meet the shortfall. In addition, local manufacturers also need to take the initiative to participate in the standardization making process to address the diversity of needs from the source.
        Smart Security is no longer satisfied in recent years, the most important development of the security industry, users in high-definition video images, and more focus on the application of video mode. HD-SDI camera must also cater to the progress of the times, to intelligent applications breakthrough from camera local functions, system solutions. Compared to the HD network cameras have been deployed in the transportation, financial and other industries intelligent applications, HD-SDI camera started late, but with the continued improvement of the equipment, relying on the tireless efforts of the security vendors will eventually rising star attitude to win favor of the market.
        HD-SDI cameras as an important member of the high-definition monitor camera market, with more vendor participation, new technologies enhance perfect accessory products, their development will be better and better.

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