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  • DVR + matrix + TV wall monitoring program design

        1) Demand Analysis:
        The design requirements include video surveillance and burglar alarm system;
        Surveillance cameras are divided into fixed installations and with PTZ control two optional uniform PTZ and Speed ​​Dome with PTZ control both devices;
        The control room requirements can monitor all camera images;
        Control room design TV wall function through the matrix switch on the TV wall monitor any way the camera image;
        Can set the timetable for the development of video work plan. Requires a variety of video retrieval methods.
        DVR stores all monitor camera image data, video data is automatically saved;
        Through the matrix of the master keyboard and hard disk recorders can control PTZ and lens movement (up and down, zoom lens, distance control and variable speed control of high-speed ball and pre-control);
        Video data can be backed up archive;
        The DVR has a user rights management capabilities, and different levels of users with different permissions.
        Can be timed to arm and disarm the alarm system;
        Support the electronic map function, when a road probe alarm requirements in the digital map display alarm point location.
        Alarm system and video system linkage, when a police probe alarm monitoring center requires sound, light and alarm, immediately and automatically open the front of the spotlights or other lighting systems;
        2) The system features:
        The monitoring system consists of front-end equipment (security surveillance cameras, lenses, PTZ, shields, brackets, decoders, alarm sensor, spotlights, etc.) and the central control device (hard disk recorders, the host matrix, monitor, alarm boxes, video distribution , etc.) composition; central control device in accordance with the functional division into hard disk recording system, the matrix control system, alarm system components. Below in accordance with the functions of each module to do a brief introduction:
        1. The main function of the hard disk video recording system
        At present, a Digital Video Recorder supports up to 32 video inputs;
        Local monitoring, recording and playback;
        Support a variety of screen split display, single-screen round robin; video support for mobile-aware video, regular video, alarm, video and other video; support multi-image playback at the same time within the LAN and WAN;
        The video data retention time can be set according to user needs routine calculated on the basis of the (recording the amount of data: 150M / hours / road);
        The video window can be superimposed on the clock and the camera title.
        PTZ control (including high-speed ball control, support for variable speed control and pre-control);
        Optional dedicated alarm decoder can be connected to the infrared, smoke and other alarm detector as an alarm input device;
        DVR with electronic map, the user can be drawn according to the actual electronic map and set the alarm point, the electronic map automatically pop-up alarm, display alarm position;
        Users can set up multi-level user password, different operators have different privileges in order to avoid the illegal operation.
        Video data backup; backup video data can be stand-alone player software to play on any machine.
        2. Matrix of the main functions of the system
        Time, date, operational status and the camera title can be displayed on the monitor screen;
        Support a free switch, program switch, sync switch, group switching to a variety of switching mode;
        Constant speed or variable speed pan / control electric lens, high-speed ball control;
        Built-in 16 channels alarm input / 2-way alarm output, alarm linkage video switching;
        Alarm output is programmable;
        Matrix host supports RS-485, RS-422 and RS-232 three means of communication
        3. Alarm system main function
        The timing arm and disarm (Digital Video Recorder software);
        Manual control alarm, lighting and other alarm output;
        Linkage alarm recording;
        DVR electronic map display, alarm point information;
        The alarm box is compatible with all types of alarm sensor;
        4. The video distributor in the monitoring system
        TV monitoring system includes a display device of the video signal, recording equipment and switching equipment, and each camera can only output video signal, obviously monitoring center is not enough, then you need to add a video distributor.
        Video splitter to the video signal input allocation for multi-channel of the same video signal output voltage amplitude of the input video signal in accordance with the need for amplification or power amplifier frequency compensation and long-distance transmission of video signals. Common video splitter 2 distribution (1 input to 2 outputs), Distribution (1 input into 4 outputs), 8 distribution, enter the number 1, 2, 4, 8 a variety of models can be selected according to actual needs.
        3) The monitoring device configuration list
        Front-end monitoring equipment, control room monitoring equipment
        Gun Camera
        Protective cover
        12V/1A power supply Digital Video Recorder
        Communication Interface
        The host matrix
        Master keyboard
        Dome IP Camera
        12V/1A power supply video distributor
        Integrated camera
        Ball head (or head)
        Decoder alarm box
        Security industry for decades, regardless of the technology development, market demand, a growing tendency to the development of the industry, industry solutions both from the front, or transmission equipment, or back-end centralized management, and decoding on the big screen or TV wall, have been a certain degree of technological change. However, from the analog cameras, IP cameras, smart cameras to the intermediate transmission equipment from ordinary video cable, network cable, fiber optic, wireless, back-end analog matrix, video splitter, splitter, on the monitor, and then decode Calgary platform software, on display, to today´s networked digital storage of the matrix set, remote switch, remote management is one output of the decoder on the TV wall, or large screen display for multi-screen, multi-split screen display, real peer-step into a network to monitor the times, and then a distance, slow monitoring 3G.

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