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  • IT industry up to impact monitoring technology

        2000 IT industry slowly began to intervene in the security field, analog cameras begin to face some of the needs of video and picture quality, and thus gradually formed the consensus of the digital applications in the industry. The development of surveillance technology also began to slowly between firms on both sides to form a unique development, which had to begin from the digital video recorder DVR this love-hate thing output. On the subject of the DVR, early PC concept extends from homeopathy into the sky, in the IT industry developed from PCI card PCBase began, all the way to multi-channel Embedded Embedded DVR, Taiwan launched an digital video recording wind and this application of technology into the domestic market.
        Label products in Taiwan in 2004-2006, and R & D technology center stage, although the existing South Korean companies began the development of production and involved in the competition of firms on both sides of the export market, but in terms of technology and product quality, South Korea at the time wavelet compression technology significantly pressure, however the advantages of the firms on both sides in the compression format technology. However, due to compression of the development of the chip with the same feeling of still being manipulated by others, domestic manufacturers began to counterattack horn blowing in compression technology and image processing technology from the original small amount of market share to almost 80% using the overwhelming advantage, resulting in domestic DVR production technology in 2007, won the cross-strait leading position. Beyond the quantity, but also to drive quality improvement. In recent years, the DVR technology, the two sides has been in a balance and a slight rivalry situation.
        The substantial development of the domestic IT industry is monitoring the industry brought the spring breeze, while also facing a new technological development challenges - the birth of the IP camera surveillance industry. In the two sides in the situation of the digital video recorder market and technically killing the rat, network IP cameras was born. The two sides monitor manufacturers to find a one than the skill level of the opportunity.
        Since 2003, the two sides to monitor the industry in the IP network camera constantly replacing old ones, taken from the image components like technology to image processing, and then to video compression, signal transmission, and both firms on both sides of the battlefield. Of course, the general trend of IP rise also to the original booming analog market has brought no small impact. In the country´s huge domestic market may not see much impact, but in Taiwan, the analog control is obviously subjected to a run. Under market conditions is unknown, some people shouted: simulation it next comes to an end. Over the years, and analog products on the market has been breathing exists, manufacturers pinching Khan, a dilemma, which simulate the monitoring technology is almost stagnant from 2000-2009. IT industry is quietly in the cross-strait analog and digital technologies compete and grow, this situation is occurring not only in China, Taiwan is also a copy is not missed. Until now, many traditional monitoring technology vendors this wave of IT flood washed away the wrecking are still not sure if this is how it happened. This wave of IT wave again both sides of the monitoring technology into the impact of a new wave of competition.

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