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  • NVR in the small business monitoring solution analysis

        1 Background
        A corporate office is located in the office, hoping to install monitoring equipment in the office place in the priority areas (such as the lobby, rooms, warehouses, office areas, location), real-time video viewing, and 24-hour video. Company during the renovation, laying a good 100M Ethernet for data communication, and fully reserved for the network port outlet and power outlet, but no installation of the video cable. 2M ADSL dial-up and external network connections, without a fixed public IP address.
        (2) Requirement Description
        Need to install four monitoring points are arranged in the hall, room, warehouse and office area, the lobby of the monitor camera can rotate 360 ​​degrees;
        Requirements to save 15 days of video, so that happens, you can tune to see the video retrospective.
        Business owners often travel out to view the company´s portable computer to the Internet.
        Monitoring the front desk staff and personnel on duty at night;
        In order to maintain the original appearance of the office renovation, and does not affect the normal work does not allow for large-scale transformation of the construction;
        (3) solutions
        3.1 Equipment Selection
        In order to fully meet customer needs, we recommend the use of network monitoring solutions.
        Center equipment:
        Network video recorders, access to the 4 monitoring points, built-in a hard drive can be uninterrupted video, connected to the display you can conduct local monitoring, and can operate by remote control or mouse convenient.
        Front-end equipment:
        Dome network cameras, vertical and horizontal rotation, can be installed on the roof, walls, or placed on the desktop.
        Gun-type network cameras, image acquisition and compression coding integration equipment, the high cost of monitoring front-end equipment.
        Video adapter, you can connect any analog camera, analog video signal into a digital signal, passed through the network to the NVR, and to achieve control of analog cameras.
        PC monitor;
        Analog cameras.
        3.2 networking solutions
        NVR2820-4 shape is nice, can be placed in front of the desktop to an external PC monitor, you can view and operation of the monitor image; company foyer installation can rotate 360 ​​degrees analog dome camera machine, through KDM2300 adapter, connected to the NVR;
        Office with KDM2100 Dome IP camera, easy to monitor the Office of the panorama.
        The room and the warehouse is equipped with KDM2110 gun IP cameras, fixed perspective does not require rotation.
        No fixed public IP address as the company, NVR can connect with third-party DDNS server (such as peanut hulls), outside the network, just enter the domain name, you can remote image viewing and operation.
        The advanced nature of the 3.3 System
        Traditional analog video surveillance systems, video cable, the line of control, audio cables are required to pull to the center monitoring equipment, a huge one, will office decoration damage and affect the employee´s normal work in the construction. The NVR network monitoring system, full use of the office LAN, the nearest access, convenient construction, the wiring cost is very low.
        The NVR also opened very convenient, equipment installation and the connection after only boot operation, the display will automatically show the image of the video source, operation and installation personnel do not need to possess professional network knowledge to achieve "zero configuration" opened.
        The NVR network surveillance systems have the appropriate solution for a variety of installation and network environment, such as the front-end wireless access, front-end PoE (Power over Ethernet), NAT and firewall traversal, support dynamic domain name.

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