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  • NVR products in the bank video surveillance system

        The application characteristics of the banking supervision
        1. unit wide distribution sector more complex network environment
        From the point of view of a city bank outlets widely distributed. At the same time, the existing business systems, complex network environment, banks´ internal networks in the WAN, dedicated line to connect the majority of operators. Banking network in the data link layer using HDLC, PPP, ATM, Frame Relay, CPOS, MSTP and other generic protocol, mainly uses the IP protocol at the network layer. Complex network environment monitoring system network adaptability to high demand.
        2. with a relatively high demand for alarm linkage
        Banks in business, higher security requirements. A large number of bank branches and departments set up a door magnet, infrared, smoke, broken glass, and other various types of alarm probe, but also interaction with the public security system alarm triggering device in order to ensure the safety of the banks time.
        3. the image effect higher
        Banking business involves financial transactions, require a higher conducting video surveillance, video image of the imaging results, and poor image quality can not meet to deal with business disputes, the scene of crime and other circumstances demand for video evidence.
        Bank monitoring system be broadly categorized
        1. counters to monitor
        The main targets of counter surveillance counter business operations and transactions. In general, the monitoring results clearly reflect the counter operator operating conditions, and corresponds to the physical characteristics of the traders to effectively prevent business disputes as well as the crime of robbery, in the event the above conditions through the monitoring system for the transfer of video forensics to get the first first-hand field data.
        2. Place of business monitoring
        The main place of business and monitoring bank trading floor, the entrance of the staff activities. On the one hand, banking status, the traffic situation better monitor the effects, on the other hand, staff activities, the route more intuitive control.
        3. ATM ATM monitoring
        Unattended, automatic teller machines, so in addition to monitoring the ATM personnel to operate, but also such as to monitor the image is obscured Teller Machine (ATM) equipment malfunction (for example, cover the keyboard, note-mouth blockage, etc.) the situation of alarm.
        4. an important place of the bank´s internal monitoring
        In addition to the business environment within the bank, such as vaults, data centers and other important places, should be included in the bank video surveillance system environment.
        Banks to monitor the development trend of the system
        1. Increasingly need more need for centralized management of the digital trend is clearly
        Traditional bank of video surveillance systems are the main points place of business of construction, each branch, branch, branches were established to monitor the center. In such an environment, the demand to unified management, equipment maintenance, ex post facto evidence of trouble. At present, more and more banks are beginning to building a unified management system, the digital trend is very clear.
        2. the increasingly high demand on the local browser image effect
        Due to the particularity of the banking environment, the counter operation, trading partners, and between population monitoring images increasingly high demand for CIF images from the initial effect has been basically to D1 image effects. As digital surveillance systems gaining popularity, recently more and more megapixels image and even the demand of high-definition images. Banking supervision not only to "see", and are increasingly demanding to "see things clearly.
        Bank monitoring system development must face the problem
        3. increasingly high demand for the effect on the image to obtain evidence
        The last point we mention the banking supervision is getting higher and higher requirements for monitoring image effect, but stressed that the local browser. This is because in the local area network environment, the monitoring system has enough network bandwidth, there is no bottleneck in the local real-time browsing, of course, to ensure that the local HD monitor. However, in the banking system as a whole complex network environment, the limited bandwidth resources, the central control room if all the real-time view HD images is unrealistic, it makes a low bit streaming real-time video, high stream front-end video business model, namely center monitoring usually only low-stream images to adapt to network bandwidth, and when the incident needs forensics, call the front-end stream video to get the best forensics. This is the so-called "dual-stream mode of operation.
        Traditional monitoring system in order to achieve the balance of monitoring results and video storage space, using the "dual-stream work, generally speaking is the use of high resolution video browsing, low-resolution video storage, such a way that when forensics more trouble can often see forensics image, the facial features of the transaction object is a blur, only to distinguish the object of the basic characteristics of the hair, clothing color, etc. can not meet the needs of the forensics. Becoming less and less as the cost of storage devices and storage media, large-capacity storage technology is gradually applied to the digital surveillance systems, banking supervision is also slowly turned to "look at the high recorded" business model in real-time video monitoring, especially remote real-time video monitoring of image quality, do not ask (only requires to be able to see things happen "), and forensic (video tone look), image quality, higher (tune to see the video to see clear ").
        4. ATM monitoring intelligent trend
        ATM equipment distribution to a wider range than the outlets, the basic personnel on duty, monitoring of ATM equipment gradually made some intelligent application needs. Near the equipment and personnel, for example: wandering alarm, people gather alarm, operators face recognition.
        Bank monitoring system development must face the problem
        1. A monitoring system from analog to digital high-definition upgrade, expansion of universal compatibility issues
        Bank monitoring system in general construction earlier, most of the analog monitor. During the system digital upgrade, expansion, integration of the existing monitoring system with the original device type, model and complex characteristics, often in the same outlets both analog camera + card DVR and analog cameras + embedded DVR. Analog camera + video servers, digital cameras, the coexistence of high-definition digital camera. During the construction to take full account of the new platform device compatibility.
        2. Existing network environment can not meet the data transfer needs of high-definition video
        As mentioned earlier, the bank surveillance video unified platform trend is clearly and obviously, at the same time high-definition video monitor trends. Due to the complexity of the bank´s internal network environment, while also requested video system data transmission can not affect the business operation of the system bandwidth is limited. Therefore, in the environment of high-definition video, the internal network environment between the various branches of the banking system is difficult to meet.
        (3) data transmission needs.
        Unmanned intelligent monitoring of the sensitivity and accuracy to be improved
        Intelligent system for now, just a trend. Throughout the surveillance industry, the intelligent processing still exists alarm sensitivity, lower accuracy, and application capabilities to be improved, there is no mainstream applications under the current technical conditions. In this paper, the intelligent application will not be elaborated.
        NVR devices in the system of banking supervision
        NVR equipment in the business of banking supervision, we first take a look at NVR devices. NVR (NetworkVideoRecorder) is a kind that will eventually replace the equipment of the DVR (DiskVideoRecorder). Can be seen from the literal sense, both the video storage device, the NVR is more emphasis on the Network (Network) "In other words, NVR device more adaptable to the network. So you can simply understand the difference between the two: DVR devices focus on the digital storage of video, the NVR equipment addition to the digital storage capabilities include DVR has more emphasis on digital video networking applications.
        NVR´s advantage
        A. Front-end diversity
        Different NVR front-end and DVR. The front of the DVR products is the analog camera, can the DVR as is analog video digital encoding storage device, while the front of the NVR products of the can is a network camera (IP Camera), video server (video encoding, decoding device), the DVR (coded storage), equipment type is more abundant. Access to the existing analog system in the business of banking supervision, either DVR device can also access the system of the digital video server, IP Camera and higher HD IP cameras.
        B. network adaptability
        NVR products with more emphasis on network applications, this type of equipment is more focus on the efficiency of video transmission in the network. Contrast, DVR products in a networked environment, the transmission efficiency is not high.
        C. streaming media applications
        Encoded video data in the network, often using streaming media technology. The technology through the video stream bit rate, frame rate control, video in a different network bandwidth environment to achieve better transmission efficiency. Data features flow media (streamingmedia,) can produce more of the application mode, and even can be easily embedded into other business systems to become part of the business systems. Therefore, through a combination of streaming media and database technology, you can make the video data in other business systems easier to call generate more application mode.
        D. distribution
        We mentioned earlier in the banking supervision system, the network bandwidth limitation is a major bottleneck for the entire monitoring system consolidated and integrated. Large and persistent streaming video data can not be like a business system data through the network set to the center to store, recall. Therefore, when such a large scale monitoring system of the monitoring system of the Construction Bank, often require a distributed multi-layer structure to adapt to the network environment. Distributed systems can be allocated to the video store and forward pressure monitoring system of each node, while each "node" unified management. NVR devices, you can set up a "node" NVR devices distributed network, and thus more adaptable to the existing network environment, reduce the central node of the network transmission and data storage pressure. NVR system to build monitoring system, with front-end device to a wider range of options, more adapted to the advantages of networks, applications, more capable, the banking supervision system in the near future will be more extensive demand for the NVR system. In this case, the banking business is getting higher and higher requirements for monitoring systems, high definition, networked and intelligent systems development direction. Can be predicted that the NVR system-based high-definition monitor in the future will become the trend of industry applications.

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