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  • Analysis of megapixel HD camera technology and its application

        With the constant development of security monitoring technology, the security monitoring market demand is also rapidly change. In recent years, high-definition video surveillance has become more clear direction of development, which means that users of the monitoring requirements more attention on the monitor image clarity, attention to the monitor screen in the extent to which the site is consistent so that it can use intelligent analysis techniques to accurately identify the abnormal target.
        Million high-definition cameras constitute
        Traditional analog camera is unable to meet the high-definition image capture demand for high-definition has become the mainstream of development of today´s video surveillance. To achieve high-definition video surveillance, can not be separated from high-definition camera, megapixels HD IP camera came into being.
        Megapixels HD camera, HD monitor program has laid the foundation, So what is megapixels HD network camera?
        Described herein million pixel high-definition cameras, refers to the IP network-based high-definition camera. Constitute a general high-definition network cameras as an example, from front to back in order, including the lens, infrared cut filter, the image sensor, the clock synchronization with the image processing code compression board, power supply and I / O network interface board, in all the constituent parts The most critical is the image sensor, its excellent index or a direct impact to the effect of high-definition network camera screen. Currently on the market, most high-definition network cameras using CMOS sensor compared with the CCD sensor and its application in high-definition network cameras have an advantage.
        High-definition imaging results
        At present, the megapixels camera is high-definition network camera industry as a generic term refers to one million and one million pixel high-definition camera, but the industry has not yet formed the relevant standard to define the relationship between megapixels and HD. The so-called megapixels, refers to the number of effective pixels of the sensor used in the IP camera is more than one million, at the same time, this high-definition camera output field screen resolution of at least 1280 × 720. Today´s mainstream 1.3 million pixels, 2 million pixels, or higher 5 million pixels belong to the megapixel IP camera, the output image resolution of at least 720P (1280 × 720) or 1080P (1920 × 1080).
        Megapixels HD camera video screen is a traditional analog camera era can not be compared, clarity improved, the expansion of the image field of vision, are the most prominent advantages. From the current industry recognized standards, the video screen resolution of 720P is a basic requirement for high-definition, and even some occasions call it a quasi-HD 1280 x 720 resolution has not yet reached 100 in the strict sense, million pixels. Is generally recognized as true high-definition image, the video screen resolution needed to achieve 1920 × 1080, commonly known as the 1080P.
        On one hand, from the resolution of numerical comparison: megapixels HD camera picture resolution many times greater than the advantages of traditional camera clarity.
        In the practical application of the industry, customers often have a very clear monitoring requirements, as well as to achieve the objectives and requirements. Monitoring, such as bank tellers, needs to be able to clearly see each one come to the face of personnel to conduct business; road traffic monitoring, need to be able to clearly see the vehicle license plate number through each lane. In order to meet these special needs, using the traditional non-HD monitor, often required for each teller, each lane individually install a video camera, monitor the narrow field of vision to ensure that the definition of monitoring objectives.
        Application megapixels HD camera megapixels HD camera instead of multiple HD cameras, and to meet the need to use monitoring in order to achieve the effect of multiple conventional cameras.
        Monitoring of three-lane road, if you use a SD D1 resolution format cameras monitor For a clear license plate information, you need to install a video monitor camera for each lane, a total of three cameras to the entire lane completely monitoring. Using megapixels HD camera, a video camera monitoring the three-lane, and to obtain a clear license plate information, and HD monitoring program, three lanes only need an HD camera you can complete the monitoring.
        In addition to the level of the video picture clarity, practical application, there is a very important requirement, real-time nature of the video screen to view the PAL format, you need to achieve 25 frames / sec transfer and playback frame rate. Transmission and presentation of the most megapixels camera in 720P or 1080P resolution format can achieve 25 frames / sec high frame rates, to achieve ultra-high-definition camera, 2560 × 1920 resolution, mostly can not achieve such definition under the real-time rendering.
        Megapixels high-definition camera, no doubt to the majority of users great convenience, but also makes security monitoring quality has been greatly improved, but also in the traditional analogue cameras to accelerate the exit of the existing market. The face of the many advantages of the one million HD camera, so in practical applications if you want to choose the higher pixel cameras to monitor the effect of the greater good? In fact, megapixels HD of course bring to enhance the quality of the screen, but at the same time should also see the increase in network bandwidth consumption, as well as the enhancement of the storage space requirements, such as 1080P HD picture clarity five times SD D1 screen, D1 resolution transmission requires only 1M of bandwidth you can transfer and storage, while the 1080P HD transmission require up to 6M bit-rate transmission and storage. Use megapixels HD camera, HD monitor program construction, needs to consider the input of the transmission and storage, select the most suitable high-definition cameras, and is not just the choice of five megapixels, and even megapixel products; perhaps 1.3 million, 2 million pixel camera is the most suitable choice.
        Intelligent application
        Throughout the HD camera megapixels on the market today, there are many different types of characteristics models, rather than their HD camcorder with features to become a major highlight in the development of high-definition cameras and intelligent video analysis technology integration, intelligent video analysis technology such as intelligent HD network camera, megapixels HD organic fusion.
        Intelligent video analysis technology has become the mainstream of today´s technological development, and continue to be widely used, not reviewed here in this technology to make a specific analysis of the intelligence and the HD Shuangjian Combination application.
        Megapixels, high-definition picture quality, the video surveillance into the era of high-definition monitor, but did not change the traditional passive monitoring mode.
        HD display of live images of course, to the monitoring officer in HD visual experience, but still can not be changed without key observation of the number of monitoring site, easy to miss the passive situation. And then clear the screen, when the police intelligence can not give the monitoring personnel the first time receive a warning, its effective value will be greatly reduced. Warning effectiveness of the use of intelligent video analysis, the first time the police intelligence HD screen pops up, their monitoring efficiency will be greatly enhanced.
        Monitoring times, the camera itself does not have a DSP chip for video processing, intelligent video analysis algorithms embedded within the camera, in order to achieve intelligent control, intelligent video analysis equipment needs additional, cost and maintenance of investment in traditional analog cameras are larger. Megapixels of high-definition camera, its own video processing DSP chip, motherboard, so you can achieve intelligent video analysis algorithm is embedded into the megapixels HD cameras. Intelligent video analysis algorithms will be occupied by the DSP processing power, does not affect the video compression to ensure the quality of the video screen, but also have sufficient computing resources in order to ensure the intelligent video analysis algorithms in order to achieve higher performance, some manufacturers use a dual-DSP chip , on the one hand, to ensure one million high-definition picture quality, on the other hand to guarantee the performance of intelligent video analysis.
        Megapixels camera, laid the foundation for the realization of intelligent video analytics capabilities. Is well known, intelligent video analysis is based on image analysis event, the premise is that image, image clarity is directly determines the accuracy of the analysis of events. Megapixels for intelligent analysis of high-definition image sources, the accuracy of intelligent video analysis and thus significantly enhance, has been a manufacturer of intelligent video analysis accuracy is accurate to the 3 × 3 pixel size, the absence of a high-definition video source to do to guarantee such accuracy is difficult to achieve. Megapixels high-definition camera, high-definition images, not only for our naked monitoring equipment, intelligent analysis of high-definition source, easy to monitor intelligence.
        Megapixels and intelligent analysis is undoubtedly today´s surveillance market two hot topics, the two combined, the form of products or programs practicality from the point of view, are the most efficient and practical combination, I think its also will will be the future direction of development.
        With the development of video compression technology, the upgrading of chip technology, video compression ratio rising, will reduce the network bandwidth consumed in the case of the same picture quality as well as the storage space occupied, at the same time, tend to continue to meet market competition needs to achieve a self-perfection. A profound impact on the monitoring technology, and it will profoundly change our way of life. Megapixels will the application of high-definition camera will be more popular, 5 million or million-pixel high-definition camera is bound to gradually get wider application of.

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