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  • An HD-SDI vs HD IP camera

        Based on digital high-definition HD-SDI compression transmission related products, system architecture and its alternative solutions to meet specific performance of the industry-specific part of the project (such as high-definition low latency), and play a smooth upgrade to the role. This feature makes the security industry manufacturers and end users begin to pay attention to HD-SDI technology itself, and its follow-up solutions and ancillary products. Has become an alternative based on the present-led HD-SDI related products and system solutions in the HD IP camera the other hand, the market demand determines the development of technical tools and solutions to the HD-SDI and network high-definition IP camera can meet the needs of specific market segments or customers of a specific project.
        IP camera is the market share of more than a product of HD-SDI, HD-SDI products in the future the ability to occupy a greater market share, mainly dependent on the following factors:
        · Market more HD-SDI products and supporting a systematic solution;
        To obtain security provider for more attention, and successfully applied to the appropriate projects;
        · Year rival products not made a technical breakthrough in the development of (system delay);
        Intelligent technology rapid development of algorithms and implementation patterns that on the more pressing needs of HD-SDI-based image;
        Intelligent traffic continues to grow based on demand for high-definition real-time capture and monitoring.
        The impact of specific projects, selection of HD-SDI or web camera´s actual needs assessment details are as follows:
        Whether based on the original system upgrade, the original system is analog or digital network monitoring system;
        The actual budget cost of the project;
        · Project where the industry is the delay in image transmission and processing requirements;
        · Project itself, the system is relatively closed or relatively open;
        · Transmission distance requirements and project their own environment can allow the transmission;
        Intelligent analysis of application requirements increase the proportion of all monitoring points;
        · Increased storage requirements.
        Network security to monitor the future development trends in the security market product is still colorful, I believe the future will be more technical means for users to select, high-definition needs the recent SONY representative of manufacturers introduced analog high-definition cameras will become a strong contender in the moment HD market.

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