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  •  HD IP camera product technology application characteristics

        High-definition IP cameras from the intention of speaking beyond the traditional and commonly used analog cameras. High-definition surveillance cameras on the market now has formed the basis of megapixels, 2 million pixels, 3 million pixels for the pilot´s diverse product structure. An IP high-definition network camera video capture, video encoding, network transmission parts. A single HD IP cameras can be viewed as a combination of a high-definition cameras and a computer. Progressive scan CMOS / CCD photoreceptor, the optical signal can directly capture images through SoC single-chip processing, transmission directly through the IP network, allowing the user via a standard IP-based network infrastructure in the local or remote locations It realization watch, store and manage high-definition video data.
        IP high-definition web camera main technology features in its high pixel high-resolution images, and transmitted over the network can easily achieve the multi-regional networking and remote control, this has very important significance for the security monitoring:
        1) greater coverage above mentioned, a big advantage of the IP high-definition camera, wider coverage, the same surveillance area can replace multiple fixed point camera or an omnidirectional camera. Intensive places, such as airport security channel, station, subway, mall entrances, car parks, factories, bank tellers, etc., the original general need to design a more intensive low-resolution camera, to protect the dead ends, and now, the deployment of IP HD The camera is a good choice.
        2) better image quality is the so-called "success depends on details, HD IP cameras photosensitive enables a clearer image details, especially for moving objects, progressive scanning can give us to provide better image quality, effective solve the blurring of the interlaced comb. Reliable image quality + details = fast and reliable investigation and analysis, all the video store massive amounts of hard drive data is a valuable image information of great significance for the license plate, face recognition and other applications. Conversely, if the image quality is poor, the lack of details, no doubt to give the future, survey analysis has brought huge difficulties.
        3) multi-regional networking more convenient with the popularity of IP high-definition network camera, a matching back-end HD embedded NVR products become increasingly rich in network cameras, especially the popularity of IP high-definition camera plays a very an important role, its main function is to network video streaming, video, storage, and provide real-time display and agent forwarding and other functions, the general use of the embedded architecture, hardware decoding support multi-channel network SD or HD camera access. World Albert embedded NVR, for example, it can support 16 road signs clear or 8-channel high-definition network camera access; embedded hardware decoding, real-time preview, video; built-in hard disk can be stored; built-in proxy forwarding module can access the video stream to be forwarded;
        In addition, with VGA and BNC two output interfaces can be decoded on the wall; In addition, it can be used as a node device, node monitoring and distributed storage system to do to do. IP high-definition network camera can be greatly improved through the IP network so that interoperability to achieve the interoperability of multiple platforms, integration of the entire social resources, and joint command center and information center, information exchange, resource sharing technical compatibility, sharing of resources of the community as a whole, for the processing of various types of events can be effective, rapid response, the use of "plug and play" mode provides flexible expansion capabilities.

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