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  • Video surveillance is more concerned about image quality

        The development trend of high definition makes both the end customers, equipment manufacturers or engineering companies described themselves as "megapixels", "million pixels". In the past few years, HD high-definition and megapixels IP camera is the darling of everyone concerned, almost every manufacturer will own product list with the "HD" and "megapixels" products, otherwise does not seem to keep up with the trend . In fact, it is also true, according to a new forecast statistics, by 2015, there will be more than 70% of the network camera are all more than megapixels of resolution. In other words, the industry reached a basic knowledge, only to reach the megapixels to video monitor the needs of the present.
        This trend, manufacturers of equipment you Changba debut. Chip manufacturers, CMOS / CCD photosensitive components manufacturers continue to introduce 1,300,000, 2,000,000, 3,000,000, 5,000,000, 8,000,000, and more than 10 million class CMOS products, domestic manufacturers also continued to launch similar level IP camera products. In foreign countries, some manufacturers have introduced a 20 million-pixel camera, and some even launched the product of two hundred million pixels (one hundred million) of the camera, security surveillance cameras from the era of megapixels to enter the era of hundred megapixels.
        Such a trend caused by a wrong orientation of the industry as a whole, that is, the more pixels is better image quality "one-sided pursuit of high pixels. Video surveillance to be solved is to see, to see clearly. Clear word on the one hand is said to have a higher pixel to see the details, high resolution, on the other hand is concerned about the quality of the image such as color, illumination, wide dynamic. Therefore, the image quality depends not only on the pixels, but also on image processing techniques (such as image correction, image processing, grayscale processing, gamma adjustment, 2A algorithm), and high-quality lenses.
        Therefore, the existing megapixels mature products and technologies based on the megapixels HD high-definition HD development of new requirements. Some manufacturers have started to pay attention to this trend, in addition to the introduction of a higher pixel camera products, will focus more on improving the image quality.
        Application determines the trend. For video surveillance applications, in most cases, not necessarily very high pixel, such as intelligence analysis, face recognition or license plate recognition as long as they have a higher recognition accuracy can be, not more pixels will have better results. So far, the demand for high-pixel camera, and as the market grows and rapid growth. So, simply say, high-pixel camera to some extent is not a technical problem, but the market.
        Based on this trend, the need for equipment manufacturers began to devote more attention to image quality and the same pixel under the conditions of product differentiation and performance, such as illumination, 3D noise reduction, wide dynamic. Lens technology such as the launch of the leading manufacturers of network cameras is relatively Apexis introduction of HD IP camera also aspects of other traditional manufacturers have greatly improved, especially the illumination compensation, real-time and wide dynamic has done very careful.

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