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  • IP wave behind the video surveillance system by the cloud from the potential

        Obviously, the network of convenience bound to the video data security requirements. To achieve data security service (PaaS), Cloud computing platform security features will be more perfect, in particular, can make up the loopholes in the current network cameras monitoring almost undefended. Can use IPSec at the network layer or transport layer using TLS secure, encrypted transmission of data using S / MIME mechanism for end-to-end encryption at the application layer transfer process using RSA to encrypt the dialogue, and transfer the contents of the can The DES, 3DES, AES encryption algorithm.
        The data storage can be used the 3DES, AES or SM1 and other algorithms for encryption. Such as the Apexis launched a series of security encryption IP cameras went a step further, using the support of 128 SM1, SM2, the DES/3DES symmetric encryption algorithm, the transfer process using 1024-bit RSA algorithm, support eligible PKCSII standard PADDING way. The signature algorithm supports 1024-bit RSA algorithm, hash algorithm HASH including SHA-1, MD5, SCH, to ensure data security.
        Friendship and sexual compatibility of the software system
        Focus on the user interface (User Interfaces) and on-site integration capacity (Field Integration) video management software or platform user interface (VMS) will be more friendly and convenient, more concentration of industrial applications.
        Will be down for the already deployed VMS manufacturers will face two major problems, one will face a new application needs, such as GB SIP support, and open interfaces; followed by gradually reducing deployment difficulty, gradually ordinary users to crop, to cover more users. This will inevitably require VMS must have good scalability, flexibility, and a higher demand on the technical capabilities of the VMS manufacturers.
        At present, the main direction of development of the VMS is open (Openness) ", and compatibility to be good. In addition, VMS future development needs to address the following three major issues:
        The first is the more user-friendly interface. More into the simple and convenient, and aesthetically pleasing user interface has actually become an important aspect of the VMS development process, many manufacturers are increasingly concerned about. To make it convenient to use, learn them easier to get started is not an easy thing.
        Followed by mobile applications. For example, the mobile terminal platform IOS Android support. The good support of mobile applications to meet customer demand for remote monitoring necessary the road. But this is not the advantage of the traditional security manufacturers. Manufacturer of equipment for new entrants, especially in the IT class manufacturers, and mobile platform development, R & D capabilities manufacturers is nothing more than an important development opportunities.
        Finally, site integration. Integration is not only reflected in an open interface, such as three security systems: anti-theft alarm system, access control systems and video surveillance camera systems seamlessly integrates, in addition to the VMS must be more good on-site integration capabilities.
        Integration capabilities of the so-called scene is used in the field of security of VMS to have a good interface or through the improvement of the SDK, or other standard interface to access other industries into the management platform capacity. Such as the ability to integrate and billing system, user management system, as well as various industry applications.
        Other technologies are also on-demand change, for example, beyond the more efficient encoding in H.264 can provide more efficient coding and compression, reducing storage space and bandwidth requirements. Applications such as H.264 Advanced mode H.264SVC´s start using new encoding coding techniques such as WebM, HEVC, as well as domestic, such as AVS, will become concerned about the direction.
        The number of security monitoring, the direction of network development, more and more clear and direct effect of this change, users closer to the client and monitor the front of the sense of distance. A combination of security technology, the Internet of Things technology and cloud computing technology with Fangyun An anti overall products and solutions will produce more innovative security products and applications, and will lead the security surveillance camera industry.

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