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  • Financial video surveillance products and technologies application

        Financial video surveillance main objective is the internal environment of the operating room, the outlets external surrounding environment, the operating station, vault, ATM machine monitor and other products are mainly used in the camera (network camera), hard disk recorders and other equipment, the technology applied to mainly high-definition video technology, intelligent analysis techniques.
        The main application
        Camera (IP camera)
        Camera monitoring system five major components of the first link, it relates to the entire surveillance system successes and failures, as part of the top priority.
        The applications of the camera determines its function and appearance. Can use a gun or dome IP cameras in the operating station, importers, exporters and other relatively fixed occasions, you can also use low-light cameras, IR IP cameras in place that need to be monitored in the dark environment such as underground vaults; need a wide range of monitoring occasions such as the business lobby, the external environment, you can use the integrated dome network cameras; ATM machine installation space has received limited occasions, you need to use the small size of the pinhole camera and Dome Camera.
        IP camera signal transmission can be divided into analog and digital signals, analog signals generally require a DVR digital storage and viewing. With the popularity of HD technology gradually in some of the key parts will also use the HD IP cameras to increase the sharpness of the picture to see the screen details.
        Embedded hard disk video recorder (DVR / HDVR)
        The role of the DVR is the front-end network camera to capture video, digitized and stored. As computer technology continues to evolve, the industrial DVR PC-based architecture has gradually been replaced by using the embedded architecture and embedded operating systems, embedded DVR, the latter in terms of stability, operating efficiency, anti-attack capability far better than the former.
        DVR as the front end the most basic management unit, responsible for the access network camera image and storage. With the process of digital and high definition video surveillance of the financial sector, some digital cameras need to access hard disk recorders, mixed DVR (HDVR) came into being. It can also access analog video and digital video and its unified storage, to avoid the rise of the complexity of the system management respectively.
        DVR / HDVR can be integrated intelligent analysis capabilities, to meet the requirements of intelligent video surveillance.
        ATM dedicated DVR
        Dedicated ATM DVR is relatively independent of ATM equipment, ATM equipment surrounding environment, operation, operational status at the same time record.
        Generally connects the facial camera, note-mouth cameras, plus the note-mouth cameras, customer hall / operating cameras and other cameras, in order to conduct a comprehensive monitoring. Should also can be to operate the bank account information through the form of characters superimposed on the screen, ease of access to understand the situation.
        Trend of intelligent video surveillance, ATM DVR also has anti-stickers, anti-mounted card reader, keyboard film and installation of fake keyboard abnormal behavior, a note-port package abnormal behavior, persons close to the operation timed out smart detection.
        The main technical application
        High-definition video technology
        HD video technology in recent years in the field of video surveillance has been widely used, it is mainly instigated image resolution of 1280 × 720 (720P) and digital video technology. High-definition video resolution of 1280 x 720 (720P), 1280 x 960 (960P), 1920 x 1080 (1080P) specifications.
        HD video technology in a safe city, intelligent transportation, special monitoring security monitoring in the field has been booming, more and more of the monitoring system have begun to use high-definition video technology, mainly because it has the following advantages:
        Resolution, broader monitoring of vision: the same perception of the degree of visual clarity, a high-definition video camera is equivalent to four traditional analog surveillance cameras more efficient, more economical, more practical, more delicate details of the performance: image to enlarge details of the part is still clearly visible, the edge clearly blurred.
        More suitable for monitoring the CCD image sensor: high-definition network cameras use progressive scan CCD sensor, effectively avoid interlaced camera image motion blur and tear, the picture is more delicate and moving.
        Have excellent night vision performance: in low-light background, not only can effectively inhibit the local glare, you can also look at the dim light at the details, to maintain high-definition picture quality in low light circumstances.
        At present, the financial industry has gradually started using HD IP camera video surveillance, and its market prospects are still very optimistic.
        Intelligent analysis technology
        Video surveillance of the financial industry in the future development direction is intelligent, its core is the use of intelligent analysis techniques to automatically analyze the contents of the video image, and automatically alarm to avoid the decline of the attention of security staff on duty for a long time looking at the video screen problems and avoid the limited staff can not watch every video, but also effectively speed up the alarm reaction speed, improve the efficiency of alarm linkage.
        Intelligent analysis of major applications within the operating room, on the periphery of the operating room and ATM self-service equipment, the video image analysis to determine whether to meet pre-set alarm conditions can be in front of the camera or DVR built-in image analysis DSP software algorithms to achieve. The following judgments:
        Automatic tracking function: main device is the automatic tracking of high-speed ball, built-in automatic tracking algorithm such as the world Albert Company products, no external equipment to implement this feature. Mainly used in the automatic tracking of moving objects of no man, for example: people, cars, animals, etc., while regional tracking and alarm functions.
        Enter / leave the warning area alarm: set the warning area in the scene within the scope of the camera surveillance, monitoring needs and objectives. The system can automatically detect the intrusion to a moving target within the warning area and their behavior, if found to meet the default alert conditions automatically generated alarm information, and marked with "alarm box" into the alert zone target.
        This feature is mainly used around the perimeter to prevent the self-service banking, banks in key areas such as the vault can also be used to focus on prevention.
        Items left / lost behavior alarm: intelligent video server or hard disk recorders can identify the behavior of some places in the operation will carry on items fall ATM or self-service banking. The working mechanism is: type of abnormal behavior is detected, real-time alarm information, the automated voice prompts ATM users, or alarm information transmission to the monitoring center, monitoring center intercom prompt, effective solution due to the items forgotten unnecessary economic losses to the customer, or the risk of suspicious objects left over by the terrorists to make timely tips.
        Wandering alarm: the need to set the warning area within the scope of the scene in the camera surveillance, based on monitoring, the system can automatically detect the invasion of the moving target within the warning area and their behavior, once the target is hovering in the warning area for more than predetermined time automatically generated alarm information. This feature is mainly used around the perimeter to prevent the self-service banking.
        Paste a false note or advertising alarm: intelligent video analysis unit can automatically identify the ATM machine exception paste false advertising, or a note of the behavior. Type of abnormal behavior is detected, a local alarm signal (sound or light); the same time, the alarm information transmitted over the network to the monitoring center management platform / client terminal, the management platform / client terminal can obtain real-time alarm information, thus preventing the depositor the illegal paste such as confusing "to the designated account transfer" false notice or false advertising, inducing unnecessary economic losses.
        Bayonet mount reader abnormal behavior alarm: intelligent video analysis unit can automatically detect man-made device behavior at the ATM card to install. The working mechanism: a type of abnormal behavior is detected, a local audible and visual alarm signal, at the same time, the alarm information transmitted over the network to the monitoring center management platform / client terminal, the management platform / client terminals in real-time access to alarm information, thereby preventing withdrawal in the The ATM card was illegal to obtain the card number, or cause the occurrence of the phenomenon of fake spit cards.
        Face model: the front face of the ATM video, intelligent video analysis equipment can automatically analyze whether someone face appears on the screen when the video screen wearing a face mask, wear sunglasses or a hat over his eyes and abnormal face behavior, intelligent video analysis equipment can upload prompt signal to the monitoring center to alert monitoring personnel to the ATM operator attention, to avoid the occurrence of unusual circumstances.
        Normal face abnormal face
        In addition, intelligent analysis techniques can package abnormal behavior keyboard foil and fitted with fake keyboard abnormal behavior, note-mouth, close to the staff, operation timed out such testing.

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