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  • About the vehicle monitoring application of the market pattern is divided

        The DVR in the traditional car industry, with a small analog cameras, low-cost solution to meet user needs, resulting in the industry as a whole was mixed and relatively low barriers to entry. Users do not want to too much investment, product quality is uneven, the industry is one of the reasons for delays in the development of. With the advent of networking and networking process, the vehicle monitoring industry is gradually to the high-end, the user has not satisfied merely to see the requirements, need to be clearly seen. Not difficult to imagine, vehicle monitoring of the effect of HD-resolution image is bound to become mainstream, which will also pulled the threshold of the industry, can also play an active role in the healthy and orderly development of the industry as a whole.
        Industry segmentation. With a growing number of industrial users on the importance of vehicle monitoring systems, vehicle monitoring the monitor closer to a more professional solution from a single image, such as vehicle monitoring as part of the entire operation and dispatching system, in the bus industry can be video surveillance at the same time, and other law enforcement equipment, synergies, such as speed radar, license plate recognition. With the penetration of the vehicle monitoring system to a more industry, such as law enforcement, transportation, finance, civil affairs and other industries, vehicle monitoring inevitable and these segments of the industry combined with depth to meet the needs of industry users.
        Factors that affect vehicle monitoring changes in market structure
        Market structure in the event of the new changes, then the impact of this pattern of changes in the factors What are the main?
        1, although the various manufacturers come up with their own car the NVR, but not more than the corresponding on-board high-definition IPC, it is difficult to meet vehicle monitoring a variety of different monitoring requirements. But also because of the lack of solutions, many manufacturers have chosen the conservative analog + digital hybrid NVR. However, as technology advances, automotive applications, high definition car network cameras will be more and more HD solution will become more perfect, and will eventually replace the out simulation solutions.
        2, with the gradual improvement of 3G network operators for 3G services to increase investment, network-vehicle mobile surveillance line transmission function more and more attention, and GPS has become a standard feature. 3G network coverage area is extensive, the most important point is the vehicle monitoring network. 3G network determines the characteristics of this network can not be as stable and reliable wired network. With high definition to bring this issue more prominent. Provide a stable and clear rear view images in an unstable network is a need to think carefully about the problems put in front of various manufacturers.
        3, The price factor: the introduction of high-definition network camera will inevitably bring about the rise of the entire vehicle monitoring system costs, this part of the universal cost control and fall; the other hand, is a 3G tariff adjustment to current 3G rates have a big impact on the popularity of various industries, and 3G traffic generated by the real-time video transmission to the user especially in large quantities to use the user feels an unbearable weight. This problem requires not only the promotion of the industry, and also the impact of the government and relevant departments, as well as the communications industry development.

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