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  • NVR: Innovation and inheritance the next generation of video surveillance core technology

        Network video surveillance gave birth to the NVR, while NVR, in turn, effectively promote the popularity of IP video monitoring, which is a very important point is that the NVR convenient experience completely changed people´s impression on the IP video monitoring in the past.
        Before the appearance of the NVR, the architecture of a typical network video surveillance system can basically be divided into two types: one is the IP cameras and access management software, a video server and the large-scale management platform. These two methods to adapt the scope of the limitations are not suitable for the popularity of market. The first way is too simple, for the popular market, compared with the past, the DVR in the device manager, video forwarding distribution, video storage, use a relatively large number of defects, can not meet user needs. The second way is too complicated, resulting in a high cost, difficult to install and configure, decreased stability, maintenance and management are too professional. The above problems have more concerns about long-term network video surveillance.
        In the structure, NVR NVR + network cameras, DVR DVR + analog cameras. Function, NVR and DVR integration features, including a focus on video, management, local, video, forwarding, remote access. Installation, NVR uses innovative plug-and-play installation, users plug the Internet cable to NVR and IP cameras, turn the power can not even need to configure any IP parameters, you can complete the installation to use the whole process, which and the installation of the DVR is also very similar. Use, NVR and DVR mode of operation, remote control, PC, monitor keyboard and so can be, and the interface could also maximize the mainstream DVR was inherited. Deployment, NVR, and front-end are only based on an existing network, a network cable to simultaneous transmission of all signals for a particular monitoring point can even signal transmission via WiFi or 3G wireless networks.
        Innovation + inheritance, the NVR gained wide recognition in a short span of more than a year, and has changed the traditional IP video monitoring concerns or bias.
        At present, NVR has no doubt become the next generation of video monitoring core.

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