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  • Road video surveillance systems maintenance problems

        Today, Apexis IP cameras will talk about the maintenance of the road video surveillance system. We all know, the road video surveillance camera systems are usually incorporated into the safe city construction concept, the generalized Green City contains 110,119 and 112 of these unified service platform. But specific to the security industry, mainly for safe city is a closed-circuit television monitoring system.
        The domestic peace of urban construction is divided into the following ways:
        (1) the state as the main investment and construction;
        Finance lease model, the construction of by the Contractor, the use of leased departments;
        3 end-user construction.
        Common is the first way and the second way. Broadly speaking, the road monitoring system also belong to the construction areas of the peaceful city, but the road video surveillance camera system is divided into two types:
        • road capture system: usually located at the crossroads for a variety of capture (some only record), including the illegal capture and speed auxiliary systems;
        • Road-assisted monitoring system: In addition to settings outside of the crossroads and important parts of the network camera is a secondary system, monitoring traffic accident, accident, scheduling, and other auxiliary monitoring capabilities.
        The road is illegal to capture relatively building construction standards in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations are adequate to meet the various needs of the maintenance work is better. Common monitoring failure or can not play a supporting role is the road-assisted monitoring system.
        Due to the construction of the road assisted monitoring system in stages, step by step, the mode of construction is also more complex, so it is prone to the following question:
        • camera failure: the emergence of this situation most caused by lightning, outdoor road environment is complex, not very easy construction of lightning protection and grounding systems, especially the ground, many sections of the geological environment does not have the 4 ohm ground conditions ; The other main reason is the power supply system problems, and complex due to the long lines of the design, it is likely to cause the camera to power outages; there is the camera lot of time outdoors over the life of the natural failure. To solve these problems should be treated separately;
        • The screen blurred: the construction of the road monitoring system, usually because of cost reasons, not all cameras are HD IP camera, megapixels IP camera, coupled with each camera to have a reasonable range of monitoring, monitoring range within the monitor screen is clear (depending on the lens focal length), more than this range, the monitor will be too small and blurred. We understand that usually monitor the distance of the camera will not be over 1500 meters, two cameras distance of more than 3000 m, we can hardly ensure that all goals can be clearly monitored. Even if it is also reasonably clear monitoring within the screen blurring, the main influence of the external environment is relatively large, such as thunderstorm days, rain and fog, night, cameras monitor the effect is to discount. In addition to the pixels of the camera itself, the 600-line cameras would surely be a 420 line camera screen to be clear;
        • No video surveillance: Many times when road accidents, our first thought is to see if there is no video footage can call most of the cases we can not find the video. The main reason is that the road auxiliary monitor is not in accordance with 360-degree blind spot monitoring construction, road monitoring can not, as offices, factories as every 20 meters or 5 meters to install a camera, that kind of investment would be too expensive. But as long as the sections of traffic accidents installed network cameras by calling the video for us to understand the process, handling a wide variety of disputes. If the vehicles are equipped with vehicle monitoring system can be a good solution to this problem, of course, most of the buses now are equipped with vehicle monitoring system;
        • maintenance work not in place: of course, also part of the problem maintenance is not in place resulting in the main is not to have regular checks, maintenance of the monitoring system, timely treatment of a variety of failure.
        Let´s talk about the road monitoring the maintenance, the road in terms of the capture system, in normal operation, and maintenance work done a better job, while the most out above the road-assisted monitoring system because of the peaceful city at every turn a few maintenance work, the construction scale of one hundred thousand cameras a great deal of challenges, mainly reflected in the following areas:
        • a wide range of long distance, large-scale: the coverage of the road monitoring system at every turn tens of kilometers and hundreds of kilometers to go the entire distance to take a very long time, but the number easily tens of thousands, if all patrol again, it is estimated necessary spend a lot of manpower, material resources;
        • maintenance costs: Add to regularly carry out maintenance work on the urban road monitoring space systems, it is assumed in accordance with the quarter, if a city is calculated in accordance with the 200,000 units of the scale of construction, each camera in accordance with the maintenance cost of 200 yuan / quarterly calculation, a single quarter of 40 million of maintenance costs, let alone 500 000 cameras, a city in terms of a high maintenance costs, but these did not calculate the surrounding facilities, for example, the pipeline, the back-end equipment . So a more reasonable way is a single camera failure and problems on a single provision of maintenance services the actual number;
        • Heavy construction, light service: widespread domestic surveillance system construction heavy construction, light service philosophy, system building, if there is no big problem, do not conduct regular maintenance and inspection work. Especially for contractors in terms of finance lease model construction when the road monitoring system, able to save part of the cost to save some;
        • The equipment has a short life cycle: monitoring system unlike other security systems, shorter product life cycles, especially for outdoor harsh environment, usually the life cycle of the system as a whole in five years, the life cycle of individual equipment 2-3 is a monitoring system put into use, due to the huge number of devices, it is prone to the problem of equipment failure, power, camera, lens, line-to-back-end video equipment and realistic equipment. If we can create the life cycle of monitoring equipment for over 15 years, no doubt can greatly reduce the difficulty of maintenance services.
        Overall, road monitoring, maintenance services, there is still much room for improvement, I believe that can be considered from the following aspects:
        • signed a maintenance contract: the consumer the best and professional company signed a maintenance service maintenance cycle should be at least 1 year time, for relatively easy maintenance of the equipment (especially the engine room side), it should be in accordance with the quarter;
        • do the work: lightning protection and grounding of the lightning protection and grounding system handled properly, those lightning-prone areas are likely to cause damage to the equipment and fault;
        • the establishment of emergency repair mechanism: the construction of the monitoring system should have a self-alarm function, once the device is in fault condition, the system should be able to automatically alert the operator, the operator found that equipment failure, it should be the first time to deal with to ensure that the video surveillance camera system effect, which requires a comprehensive emergency maintenance system;
        • the establishment of adequate spare parts warehouse: Once the equipment is faulty, and have enough spare devices can be used, otherwise a very long time to find the problem, then take longer to procurement of equipment and installation of equipment will waste a lot of manpower and material resources ;
        Problems found in the course gradually improve the system: the use of the process, you may find the blind spot, clarity, device configuration, the reasonableness of, and gradually optimize, and gradually perfect to play the role of the monitoring system.
        These are the some of the views of the author, for your reference, but also industry professionals to work together to make plans to build a safer road and urban roads and peace of the city´s contribution to a copy of their own strength.

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