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  • The five future direction of development of the network camera

        As the core equipment in the IP video monitoring system, application and popularization of the network camera represents the extent and stage of development of network video surveillance. Needless to say, network cameras are gradually adapting to the diverse needs of current and future, will become the mainstream of the field of video surveillance products, this paper is to explore the future direction of the network camera:
        HD term basic is accompanied by high-definition television began many years ago and became popular. However, for the surveillance industry, real large-scale application is the last two years, it is mainly the overall technical program to monitor the rapid development of technology, including coding technology, network technology, transmission technology, storage technology, high-definition monitor possible, mature gradually been accepted by the users; Of course, monitoring the change in demand, driven to HD also played a positive role.
        Shanghai Pudong city HD video coverage project is a typical representative. The project is until now the largest single high-definition video surveillance projects, is currently the world´s largest high-definition monitoring project. This item has more than a thousand monitoring points, large-scale adoption of HD technology, to monitor the market´s first truly large-scale high-definition monitor engineering, played a positive role in promoting the development of HD, is a landmark.
        Compared with the standard definition, whether it is more advantages from the resolution, showing the effect is still smooth view, HD than SD. From the resolution, 720p resolution is 9 times the CIF resolution 1080i/1080p resolution is 20 times the CIF resolution, in the same display, high definition will be much clearer. From the display, HD supports both large screen display, support for 16:9 widescreen display, you can greatly enhance the user´s viewing experience. Fluency of view, HD support higher frame rates, such as 720p and 1080i/1080p can support 60 frames / sec or 60 fields / s, and its image fluency twice as high than the SD. Therefore, the HD monitor is monitoring the development of the industry one of the most mainstream trend, as the acquisition front-end, network cameras, the HD trend is also moving along.
        Standardization: Onvif Psia, HDcctv
        Towards network monitoring system from analog to digital, from a closed, based on open standards equipment in order to achieve interoperability between systems increasingly urgent demand. And in the Internet age, engaged in the construction of open standards, to provide users with the flexibility and scalability of security systems, has become a security vendors compete for the local market, globalization choice. As a network monitoring products, standardized road of megapixels IP camera has become inevitable.
        Following the ONVIF, PSIA have been established, HDcctv Union set up, thus forming a three standards for network video surveillance market. The establishment of these organizations, we hope to promote the realization of the vision to monitor uniform standards in the Internet age. Such as ONVIF hope to advance the application of network video in the security market through a global open interface standard, this interface standards will ensure that the different manufacturers of network video products interoperable with each other. The PSIA physical security interoperability alliance was established in August 2008, the creation of a standardized interface for the physical security system hardware and software platforms, and IP-based network security system compatibility. HDcctv Union (HDcctv Alliance) is mainly established by the chip manufacturers and system suppliers, mainly for the development of new standards of high quality monitoring system (High Definition Surveillance Systems) to look forward to working through the new standards, development easy to build, lower cost network solution.
        Overall, the simple and smart analysis including motion detection, tampering, etc. (these functions in a wide range of applications).
        More complex intelligent behavior recognition and analysis, such as face recognition, packet loss, warning. Intelligence analysis in previous years had been very "hot" in a variety of show many manufacturers are urgently launch the product, including a variety of IP cameras with smart analysis capabilities. However, due to the complexity of the actual use of the environment, coupled with the algorithm itself is not very mature, the ability to adapt is not strong, resulting in false positives omitting many. On the other hand the customer´s expectations are high, but the poor performance of the intelligence products in actual use, is often difficult to meet the actual needs of customers, and high maintenance costs, and often these devices to become a kind of decoration.
        Needless to say, however, intelligence is an inevitable trend, monitoring the increase in the number of Imagine dozens, hundreds or even thousands of road video, relying on the human eye 24 hours a day staring at, unrealistic, impossible. How quickly the vast amounts of data to extract useful information for the user, this is a very effective, are also customers eager to be resolved, which will be the one present and future IP camera products in the market competing for points.
        Megapixels IP camera able to provide more key details, which can make video-based intelligent analysis to achieve higher accuracy, and greatly enhance the level of intelligent applications. Rapid growth in some market segments, such as the transport sector is relatively mature, smart product development and application, such as road conditions, vehicle statistics, license plate recognition, retrograde pressure the yellow line, parking violation, including traffic conditions monitoring, as well as violations capture, have been widely used.
        HD network camera relative to the ordinary camera photosensitive chip, a multiple of pixels on the same size increase, therefore resulting in the reduction of the corresponding multiples of the light-sensitive spot size, so the same exposure, HD network camera relative to the ordinary pixel camera low light performance will be worse. This means that if the strength of the demand for high-definition network camera night infrared light than ordinary pixel infrared camera is much higher. Such as a 1.3 million pixel 1/3 the size of high-definition CCD, as opposed to 430 000 pixels (480 lines) 1/3 size of ordinary CCD, high-definition CCD pixels per unit area is three times the ordinary CCD, HD The photographic properties of the CCD pixels, compared with 1/3 of the normal CCD sensitivity, which is the root cause of high-definition network camera night effect. The current practice is to extend the exposure time to compensate for the defects of poor low light performance, but the image would have resulted in easy to smear phenomenon. If the effect of high-definition night image is good, can only increase the environmental illumination to supplement this deficiency.
        The fill light for high-definition, HD IP camera infrared light have different options to configure the monitoring of the different distances. Selection of wide angle LED light board to fill light close, wide-angle monitor, and low cost, long-range need fill light intensity is relatively large, small angle, the use of an ordinary LED difficult to achieve the desired effect. Therefore, in the remote selection of the directive, the concentration of energy infrared laser light to fill light.
        Ease of use
        Unlike traditional analog cameras, megapixels IP camera related to the scope of IT, network cameras and analog cameras in the use of a larger difference, in particular, there are higher requirements for the operation and use of personnel. For most of the domestic engineering companies, integrators and users, they are very familiar with traditional CCTV systems, network camera is still in the early stages of development and design of network cameras, to take into account the characteristics of these people, on the ease of installation and ease of use should be fully reflected, such as support for PoE power supply, the local video output, and to facilitate local debugging support wireless functions.

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