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  • Analysis of purchase points for high-definition IP camera technology

        Heat and delay
        Real "HD" quality, in addition to high resolution outside, but also investigated the what? This article from the perspective of engineering applications, and focus on practicality, analyze how to buy high-definition cameras in the security monitoring project.
        Inspection issued heat
        Ordinary megapixel IP camera fever a lot, mainly in the DSP, fever, it is inevitable stability worrying. Especially in the hot midday sun in the summer the hot sun, more concern.
        It is worth mentioning is that the original bolt on the fever is very large, if it continues to add the bolt in front of the infrared light, it was not hot on heating it? And currently most of the one million HD cameras belong to the high illumination million high-definition camera, not illumination ordinary one million high-definition camera illumination is usually 2-10LUX, this camera is not only the weak ability of sensing visible light, sensing infrared light is very weak, so if you want to want to take the ordinary millions of high-definition network cameras made the infrared, the number of infrared light illumination than infrared machine put several times, or enlarge the current, so that the infrared light becomes brighter, but to do so infrared lamp life worrying .
        Here, we know, one million high-definition camera, be sure to test the heat of the machine to understand that they are using the DSP. The power consumption fever how. In addition, we may also understand why the one million HD manufacturers have a lot, but can offer bulk sales of infrared million HD manufacturers are very few. The reason so here.
        Inspection delay
        Digital camera, there are varying degrees of delay, the same 720P high-definition screen, and some camera time delay of 0.1 seconds, while others are up to 0.4 seconds, 0.7 seconds, well aware of the higher, at this point, contractors friends might wonder, why the same resolution there is not the same as the delay? Because digital cameras need to go through three processes, compression, transmission and decompression display. If a factory is completely dependent on solution providers or lack their own compression algorithm development capabilities with the core underlying technology capabilities, then the image compression, network transmission, and decompress the software efficiency will fall behind others.
        The delay is a very important parameter, otherwise very troublesome in the PTZ control, delay another side also reflects the strength of a software development and product stability. Just imagine if all the way to monitor the video processing so tired, how have the ability to develop the road hundreds of thousands of digital high-definition monitor?
        Inspection illumination
        We should all know, the security industry monitoring and consumer digital cameras and traffic monitoring are not the same, can not be kept in the dark light when playing flash. Hence, the one million HD illumination characteristics, the application is extremely restricted. The face of it dark, it becomes blind. Pixels is also no good. Civilian monitoring, higher requirements on the low light, even more than some high-end monitor the project´s control environment is also complex. Such as banking supervision, 24 hours strong lamp to monitor the conditions are suitable.
        Tail and infrared
        Investigated tailing
        Had intended to speak together with the illumination of this part, then think about it, because smearing is the most common drawbacks of the millions of high-definition cameras, so it brought up for discussion, we have already discussed the importance of illumination But some manufacturers of security in order to improve low-light, slow e-door or frame accumulation, this trick is definitely will greatly enhance the illumination effect, but the drawback is very obvious when moving objects on the screen, you will find moving about how a ghost (tail), leading to see clearly the moving objects (see clearly the man in action feature), moving objects blur. When the object is still down, in order to see clearly.
        Investigated the infrared
        Infrared IP camera, not in the ordinary machine Riga infrared light do? Too simple. Haha, a lot of people say, this argument seems a little truth really so simple you? No! If there really is so simple, why the market can sell millions of high-definition infrared machine is very small? ? In fact, the infrared high-definition, in addition to the analysis of reason I said, there are many details to deal with.
        Examine the price
        A manufacturer price elevation easy, but can lower the prices, difficult, one may say, what is difficult, the price war is not often so? Yes, but we have seen the price competition of which company, and analog cameras can do 30 yuan / support? No, why? Because no one able to control the cost so low, even to cut corners up to reduce the cost of about 10%. Think about it, but your computer and CPU performance, and why today´s computer and the CPU performance is still very cheap?
        To remind everyone, do not forget the magic power of technology, scientists and R & D project are in addition to continuously improve ip camera product quality, but also reduce the cost of the product, otherwise the priority technology products can only ever be small-scale applications, or always in the test room, it is difficult to the benefit of mankind the benefit of society. Cut the price to do is may be able to test cut corners, but if we can price fall substantially, and that is a high-tech. Of course, manufacturers will be based on market positioning, users seldom use the function, not on a common machine, but into a high-end machine.

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