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  • HD monitor the implementation of the storage solutions

        Key factor in high-definition storage
        In order to better achieve the high-definition monitor, the need for storage capacity, performance and application response, structural adjustment, the technology to do match.
        First, in the face of high-definition monitor a wider data bandwidth and greater storage capacity requirements, storage products, the need for greater capacity and higher performance. More importantly, to meet these requirements, the storage technology needs and monitoring applications, especially high-definition surveillance applications closer integration of this, only designed for application-specific design of products and solutions to better meet the requirements.
        Second, high-definition monitoring system to use more HD IP camera video capture device as a monitoring point, such equipment is often without long-term storage media, data storage process more data transmitted over the network, and other specialized storage device data storage.
        , High-definition monitor in a higher definition picture quality at the same time, followed by the encoded stream increases, the same storage time but the amount of data increases the pressure. This requires the storage device based on high-definition monitor the characteristics of the stream, efficient, complete the safety of the video data is written.
        Finally, the HD storage will change the previous monitoring system data as well as the characteristics of local storage-based coding equipment, data to one or more storage. As a result, the concentration of vast amounts of data on the history of video required for rapid retrieval and access to, but also new challenges.
        In addition, the use of high-definition encoding input system, HD network camera or dome, the system presents an easy-to-extension modular architecture. This feature of the front of the corresponding back-end storage solutions need to have more flexibility to adapt to the requirements of the entire system scalability.
        Specific solutions for high-definition storage needs
        Corresponding data quantitative high-definition monitor, a higher storage reliability requirements, system structure more flexible features, the HD storage problem to be solved is the more clear: HD monitoring systems, storage devices and subsystems must be effective and complete records ; the stored data from the media and the system point of view of its reliability and security; flexible features of the system structure to be able to realize the unified management of storage resources and scheduling to configure flexible video programs, and according to demand changes at any time to deal with the system to extend the recording time, monitoring the requirements of front-end extension.
        To overcome these challenges, we pay more attention to the storage medium of choice, but based on the existing online storage media disk storage products to design, to multi-dimensional HD monitoring system to meet the storage needs:
        For the realization of large-capacity storage, design, multi-drive slot, compatible with the products of large-capacity hard drive, and the expansion of the external array cabinet to provide vast amounts of storage space.
        Storage requirements for high reliability, can be used in the device-level RAID protection technology such as RAID 5 can support a redundant feature of the hard disk is damaged, the RAID 6 can support two redundant features of the hard disk is damaged. The device uses a dual-controller architecture, the heartbeat associated physical hardware redundancy and communication, and to safeguard the reliability of storage services. At the system level, you can use the N +1 line redundancy mode, and video management server hot standby mode.
        System architecture for monitoring the characteristics of the system, recommend the use of distributed network storage solutions, reduce the pressure of the system transmission. For different sizes, different structure of HD monitoring system should also be using a different storage subsystem. For example, for the transformation of the old system, local HD system, hybrid DVR can be used to achieve the access and storage of high-definition video, both to protect the original analog standard-definition video access, but also for the system to increase the "HD" bright spots.
        The distribution of the relative concentration of the structure can be designed using iSCSI direct writing straight structure for system monitoring points. Embedded high-definition encoder and HD network front-end (high-definition network cameras or HD network dome) and the IP-SAN based on iSCSI protocol, the data block to achieve monitoring of video encoding end to the storage side of the direct write. Storage resources of the entire monitoring system by the storage management server, unified management, unified scheduling and allocation of storage space required for encoding front-end video. According to the size of the need for flexibility in segmentation, change the storage space allocated for each coding pass different amounts of storage resources to adapt to the different monitoring points of the system, the requirements of the different length of storage time. And accurate to the second position and deposit-play function. The monitoring client is needed for playback or download operation, based on the authorization directly from the IP-SAN storage device to obtain the required data using powerful data handling capacity in the IP-SAN, which greatly enhance the download performance and efficiency of the video. Storage resources provided by the system within the IP-SAN devices owned by the storage management server unified management, both to reduce the server with the number of the storage business, but also in the IP-SAN individual equipment failure occurs seamlessly in the background monitoring points the switching of the data storage area, to ensure the continued operation of the video business.
        NVR devices can be deployed in different monitoring areas, not only collected in the area of ​​the monitor HD monitor video storage, and can also be flexible to different video settings for different monitoring points for monitoring complex systems network architecture, storage and grading structure type, the length of time strategy, data streaming video recording, and hot standby configuration stored in the monomer NVR failure, spare NVR take over the video business.
        The future of HD storage
        In accelerating the pace of the monitoring system into the HD era, is stored as an important part of the system application is bound to have more development and change. Monitoring storage in the future, with common data storage towards a common observation in response to energy-saving, low power consumption trends, in addition to energy-saving design of the device itself, there are more stored procedures, system configuration, optimization can be to do so. MAID applications such as increased storage, to make reading and writing disk in a non-working state, lower power consumption; write the way by optimizing the video in the system to reduce to reduce the hardware configuration in order to save power consumption.
        In addition, the future of video storage will no longer only the video data and associated storage of video index information, as well as additional information related to intelligent monitoring storage, because high-definition monitor, in addition to bring greater clarity, there will be more intelligent surveillance applications in which the expression. Video data and information data associated with the stored procedure in order to achieve intelligent application, and to improve the efficiency of their application, have a very real sense.

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