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  • 3G security video technology and application of exploration and research

        3G for the security system to provide rapid deployment, mobile high-speed data transmission services; the wireless transmission of video surveillance is an important point of 3G and security systems. In this paper, the combination of 3G and security video technology and the future direction were discussed.
        A 3G network and its development status
        3G or third generation mobile communication network (technology), relative to the first generation analog mobile communications (analog cellular) and second-generation digital mobile communications (digital cellular), the first two generations of mobile communication network can only provide voice services 3G is not only can provide voice services, to provide high-speed data services, to be able to easily integration with the Internet business, to provide customers with removable convenient, high-bandwidth network information service. Such as China Telecom declared its upstream bandwidth can reach 3.1Mbps downstream bandwidth can reach 1.8Mbps. Therefore, its mobile and broadband data communications services is the main selling point of 3G mobile communications networks. After China Mobile and China Unicom launched mobile communications services, such as China Mobile´s GPRS and Unicom´s CDMA-1X service, but because of the communication rate is low, only as 2G to 3G transition, known as 2.5G.
        January 7, 2009, the Ministry of Information Industry to major domestic telecom operators, the issuance of 3G operating license, the operators to quickly layout, and gradually put into the business operations. So far, China Telecom´s CDMA2000, China Unicom´s WCDMA and China Mobile TD-SCDMA mobile communication network in major cities officially put into operation, indicates that occupies 1/5 the population of China officially entered the era of 3G mobile communications.
        Second, the 3G security video technology which combine
        Since the main features of 3G is able to provide a convenient, removable high-speed data communication services, 3G to provide rapidly deployable, mobile high-speed data transmission services primarily for the security system, security system, only the image information transmission requires a higher bandwidth to support, that is, the combination of 3G and security systems, surveillance video wireless transmission.
        Before the 3G network services, remote security surveillance camera system of transmission main cable transmission, including fiber optic point-to-point transmission and wired network transmission, neither ready-made network access point and can not be laying cable lines or laying lines cost too the project site, through point-to-point or point-to-multipoint microwave transmission technology, transmission distance of up to tens of kilometers, the project construction period, construction costs and post-maintenance costs are high, is a helpless choice. Receive video image information for the move, there is no real practical solutions.
        3G network and the terminal module to solve the transmission problems of security systems in two aspects: First, the image capture side of the video information to the central station transmission, the image "Upload", use the 3G network uplink data channel; The video information from a central station to the transmission of the user (client), the image under Biography, use the 3G network downlink data channel.
        Three,what are the basic application, security systems combined with the 3G network
        (A) fixed monitoring image wireless upload
        (B) mobile wireless surveillance images to upload
        (C) monitor the image to the mobile client released
        Four, 3G and security video technology combined with innovative products
       (A) embedded 3G terminal module of the digital video encoding equipment
       (B) embedded 3G module digital video display device
       (C) support for digital monitoring equipment of the 3GPP protocol
       (D) 3G mobile phone video surveillance software
        Five, 3G combined with the security system will bring new market opportunities
        (A) pipeline / transmission and distribution lines to remote monitoring system construction
        (B) police / urban management and on-site disposal, and mobile command system construction
        (C) home video surveillance operational services
        Six, 3G has injected vitality of technological innovation, "" the development of the security video technology
        The hardware level, just to 3G terminal module embedded into the original hardware, not to mention what technical innovation. The security video technology on the 3G platform technology innovation in the software level, particularly in support of the 3G mobile phone video surveillance platform software.
        Monitor images through 3G smart phone browser, there are generally two ways to achieve: First, the phone direct access to digital video coding device supports 3GPP protocol, need to install client software on the phone, but because of the different devices with different protocols, it is difficult at the same time compatible with different equipment manufacturers; another through the platform to mobile phone users to provide services, mobile phones by accessing the platform server monitoring image, which requires technical innovation in the development of network video surveillance platform, masked system devices from different manufacturers, differences in provide a unified, standard video monitoring service for mobile phone users, including a unified coding services, streaming media, forwarding services and unified control.
        Seven, the current integration of 3G security video what problems still exist
        3G and the problems of the integration of security of the 3G network coverage, network quality and network bandwidth. 3G networks in operation time is relatively short, network coverage is mainly concentrated in large and medium-sized cities, which in the eastern city, some in remote locations that need to use the 3G network is not fully covered, limits the application of these regions; system is stable is still relatively poor, frequent network outages affected the confidence of users; network bandwidth is far from the theoretical design targets, only hundreds of K of bandwidth, and can not meet the requirements of real-time transmission of high resolution images. Therefore, the combined application of 3G and security systems also need a longer period of time depends on the 3G network construction process.
        Eight under the influence of the 3G, security monitoring future trends of the market
        3G network to a good solution to the remote transmission of video images hinder the construction of security systems, security surveillance camera market will be a leapfrog development, installation greatly reduced the cost of deploying a remote monitoring point will be The installation process will become very simple, the original need to be monitored but can not be implemented because of the cost and installation difficulty monitoring project will gradually carried out, greatly stimulate the deposition of the market demand.

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