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  • Future monitoring intelligent camera "eyes" getting smarter

        The development of science and technology to bring great convenience to people´s lives. Of course, people are often not satisfied with the existing technology, and hope toward the higher direction. Similarly, the field of security technology is updated, HD surveillance camera is not yet fully spread to all markets, intelligent monitoring will come out as the new term.
        Monitoring intelligence
        In everyday video surveillance, many people will be surveillance cameras as the eyes of the monitoring system. Indeed, in the daily work of the division of surveillance cameras in the front-end indeed real acting as the role of the monitoring system Rye. In recent years, along with the intelligence needs of a promotion, but also makes the "eyes" and more "smart" surveillance cameras.
        In fact, talking about intelligence, I am afraid many people will not feel strange. However, if you want to talk about what is truly intelligent? Where is its significance? Or its prospects for development, what is it? What is his goal? I am afraid there is a lot of people scratching their heads right ...
        Of course, in the development of video analysis technology, the biggest problem is lack of intelligent analysis of the standard. At present, the absence of a unified direction. Intelligent processing, still uneven, fragmented situation. Unified technology, some manufacturers may be considered to be an intelligent features, while others look makers may find this too simple, really do not deserve the title of intelligent. Therefore, in such a chaotic situation, the coordinated development of the intelligent technology itself how to talk easily? In addition, it is recognized the same extent, may also exist with the extent of awareness of differences of rank, so this is the important reasons to hinder the development of intelligent analysis technology.
        In addition, some systems in the application, to meet the complex environment of target recognition and tracking needs. But in the changing environment, the actual effect may be in different environments has a very significant discount. In general, these are intelligent technology in development, you need to focus on the face a few problems, only crossed the threshold, the intelligent monitoring capabilities of the camera to get closer to substantial improvement.
        Future intelligent technology go from here
        For the future development trend of intelligent technology, and now there are a lot of industry insiders believe that both simulation techniques, high-definition and digital technologies, intelligent monitoring will become a key breakthrough in the direction of the field of security monitoring. Its outstanding advantages will substantially enhance the efficiency of video surveillance, so that control user access to a greater liberation.
        However, the existing intelligent devices, although the intelligence level of a lot of equipment has reached a good level. But from the application point of view, the more dispersed the distribution of its technology in the system, a lot of time and then chip performance can be good to work independently, but for each other´s compatible collaborative, still has no small lacking, so that the intangibles weakens the overall effect of the intelligent work. So that the level of intelligence greatly reduced.
        Application: traffic in the area of ​​intelligent video surveillance
        With the rapid development of public transport, rail transport has become the best choice for convenient travel. In order to strengthen the public safety of rail transportation, the relevant departments of the introduction of intelligent video surveillance. Can be achieved through the application of intelligent video analysis, the initiative of rail transportation, real-time monitoring, timely and effective manner to avoid or to deal with threats or unexpected events. Rail transport as a major transportation hub in public places, geographical large population concentration, need to monitor the scene points more, including the following aspects.
        Perimeter monitoring
        Perimeter guard rail transportation is mainly used for the track near the enclosures, to monitor whether there are objects close to or to enter, within the setting range moving objects that trigger an alarm. In addition, due to rail transportation hub sites typically are large, depending on the circumstances, the system should control the border is divided into several small regions in order to refine the management of border controls, improve the accuracy of alarm.
        Track monitoring
        The track is an important channel of the rail transportation, usually accompanied by multi-track mutual cross through.
        Therefore, the track and its on both sides set up a security buffer zone, according to the level of security zoning, grade monitoring, is strictly prohibited remnants, or other unknown objects into this real-time alerts.
        Facilities to monitor
        Rail transportation supporting facilities, including the garage locomotives, stations, gates, fences, ticket vending machines, fire apparatus, PSD, desk and so on. The safety of the facilities is to ensure the safe operation of rail transit premise, implemented the following monitoring: locomotive idle time prohibited a person or an unknown object close to prevent vandalism of the locomotive; for a variety of auxiliary equipment, to prevent theft and vandalism; workspace strayed, theft, omissions and man-made damage is also a rail traffic monitoring, an important part of.
        Passenger activity areas
        Passenger activity areas include the site, entrance channel and other flow frequent region. Important to monitor whether there are items left behind; wandering, trailing suspicious behavior in a specific area; channel entrances and exits and crowd control.
        Intelligent video surveillance is widely used in rail transportation. Moreover, the intelligent video surveillance analysis have the same processes through the monitoring of real-time analysis of video images to the target in a dynamic scene to locate, identify, and track, and analyze and judge the behavior of the target, so that it can timely response when the exception happens. Tracking technology are the intermediate links in the intelligence analysis process, play an important role in connecting. Real-time reliable tracking technology has been pursued.
        For future development, and how a more complete, more integrated intelligent surveillance cameras, will be the main direction of development of smart devices. Of course, this and related equipment standardization, the idea of ​​unity is inseparable. Only at the level of technology, industry standards, and technical concepts to achieve a relatively balanced height, intelligence will be the role of "cohesion", for our security work to save more energy.

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