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  • The NVR alternative DVR respect the laws of the market step by step

        DVR and NVR´s market situation
        Conceptually, the digital video recorder DVR that accepts composite video signal, video digital (ADC) needs to be done to compression encoding, storage, to the media (hard disk), you can retrieve the playback, recording can be triggered by events in support of network users to access video over an IP network the data.
        While receiving the Network Video Recorder NVR IP network transmission of compressed video stream data, and do not need to complete a video digitization (ADC) and compression, the same you want to compress the data stored in the medium (hard disk), you can retrieve playback, support for network users via IP Network access to the video data.
        The core difference between the two is that the signals or data from different sources, the NVR does not require digitization and compression, the specific performance as shown below:
        DVR and NVR´s market situation, as follows:
        In the long run, the NVR will be more advantageous than the DVR, embodies the simplicity and flexibility of deployment in the ability to make full use of network resources, the system can expect superior performance, the embodiment of intelligence and other aspects. NVR´s infancy, from the product technology, and no insurmountable difficulties, but because of the high maturity of the application of the DVR NVR product standardization has not been completed because, NVR in one or two years to become the mainstream equipment there is difficulty .
        NVR is currently still in the beginning, the concept of confirmation, the trial stage of the promotion. DVR can place NVR can be used, there are some differences among them in practical applications, network facilities to improve more to the NVR, the original network rollout, inconvenient to use the NVR. DVR the vast majority of applications in analog cameras occasions, the resolution is less than or equal to D1,; NVR is mainly used in the field of network distributed storage, IP cameras and high-resolution occasions (million pixels).
        We believe that the NVR and IP cameras, surveillance products form a pair of interdependent and mutually reinforcing, and the massive development of the NVR products based on popular IP cameras. NVR and DVR will be chosen in the construction of the monitoring system, but the DVR does the face of the strong challenge of the NVR, the number of digital surveillance products manufacturer has introduced a form of mixed-signal digital video recorder, supports both analog video signal input and receiving network video flow data to support analog cameras and network cameras, we think this is an innovation worthy of recognition attempts.
        We recommend not to give Who is who Terminator, no future, depending on the product of the system construction model can become a mainstream. The monitoring system construction model of mainstream analog cameras and DVR DVR mode, also known as combined analog way, IP cameras and Network Video Recorder NVR´s model is the rapid development of some industrial applications commonly used by the IP model more university-based campus IP video monitoring systems, telecommunications, global eye safe city monitoring system, etc., we believe With the model of development of IP video surveillance, IP cameras and NVRs will gradually become a mainstream product.
        Also need a number of conditions from the DVR as a mainstream device to a NVR as a mainstream device, you need to solve some problems: First, in product development, to highlight and strengthen the advantages of IP surveillance system, to achieve reliable transmission and storage, has been the industry users accustomed to the display control to enhance system performance, simplicity, flexibility and reliability; Second, product standards, collaborative joint efforts by the business community and the security industry, regulatory authorities, as soon as possible to achieve the standardization of products IP cameras and NVRs products standardization. We believe that the standardization of IP surveillance products has become the obstacles to hinder the promotion of products, must learn from the past, some of the experiences and lessons of the product standard-setting work, as soon as possible scientific and orderly organization of the product standard-setting work, to NVR validity of the standard, universal and long-term viability; Finally, in product promotion, it is recommended in IP surveillance product or system construction enterprises to be able to the loneliness Lianhaoneigong, not anxious, quick success, to product performance, product and system reliability to put into force, made fruitful progress, to achieve a healthy and orderly development of the IP surveillance system. NVR is the DVR the same strain
        In short, the NVR will certainly become mainstream, the forecast is about two years, but the DVR will not disappear, but will appear in the form of a hybrid, more inclined to call the hybrid NVR, this product is the NVR more complex than the NVR, receiving analog video signals, and receive digital signals.
        NVR is the DVR the same strain
        At present, there are differences in the NVR´s understanding of the definition of the two views, some manufacturers of network storage, retrieval and access to digital audio and video storage unit called the NVR; the definition of some vendors will be fully integrated network video equipment NVR, all functions are integrated on one device. The difference of these two points, one is a systematic way to achieve the network back-end video surveillance storage functions, one based on the equipment to achieve the same functionality.
        We believe that from a technical program in terms of these two methods can achieve the functions of the NVR, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, has its own applicable areas of the market, the first scenario is more applicable to the formation of large-scale network video monitoring system, the second program will not only apply to large-scale monitoring system, but also applies to small-scale monitoring system.
        From a market point of view, the current mainstream surveillance systems are still mainly to small systems; from the user´s point of view, NVR should be more similar customers are already familiar with the DVR, the operator does not require too much learning and training will be able to use the NVR NVR should have the basic features of the DVR; Technically, the use of fully integrated embedded technology NVR inherits the advantages of DVR cost-effective, stable and reliable PC common viruses, operating system upgrades and other common problems. Through the system stack, in a large network video monitoring system, the use of distributed storage, the idea of ​​a centrally managed, fully integrated NVR has a strong competitive force, either under the jurisdiction of a small-scale monitoring system at the same time, but also through network interconnection, completion of a centralized monitoring function, the relative concentration of the stored program, not only significantly reduce the risks of network failure, the cost of storage has also been significantly reduced, this can be verified from the extensive use of the DVR in the city public security monitoring.
        NVR´s market share depends largely on the extent of the IP camera applications, compared to analog cameras, IP cameras have a lot of features. Installation of IP cameras, for example, is more convenient to increase the camera, move the camera, or storage expansion, IP-based networks are much easier and more convenient, higher resolution of the IP camera can 720P (1280X720) to 1920x1080 ( fullHD) resolution of a variety of electronic PTZ (ePTZ) technology, can achieve higher frame rates, wider dynamic range, intelligent analysis and VQD (VideoQualityDetection) function can be achieved to meet the diversification of the customer for security monitoring needs.
        NVR´s rise is inevitable with the rise of IP camera applications, the rise of IP camera applications, the NVR can not have wide application, analog cameras and encoders (video servers), but the network of monitoring a transitional product, the real The significance of digital processing, must be the IP camera, and only use the IP camera can break through the bottleneck of analog transmission, the transmission path from the video source, video processing, overhaul, thus promoting the overall rise of the NVR.
        From the current market conditions, a large number of analog cameras are still in continued sales and installation of DVR applications continues to occupy the position of the mainstream, new video surveillance, IP cameras and NVRs go earlier in the process of foreign and domestic only just begun. Alternating the old and new is a process, this process depends on the maturity of speed IP video surveillance solution, the rate of decline of the overall costs, as well as the entire market and customer acceptance of IP video surveillance solutions, the time may be three years. it may be five years or more.
        Date of completion of the turn of the clients decision time
        Analog cameras and IP cameras within this period of time, the coexistence of both can co-exist in the different monitoring systems, you can also coexist in a monitoring system, hybrid DVR existence of reason, it can show three forms, either pure DVR all connected analog cameras, is purely NVR, all connected IP cameras can also be connected to analog cameras and IP cameras, namely, hybrid DVR.
        Play an important role in the past and the hybrid DVR will transition from analog cameras to IP camera applications, it combines the characteristics of DVR and NVR in a play both the smooth transition of applications, but also to avoid duplication of investment of the customer, manufacturers can reduce product models, inventory, and promotional costs.
        The core technology of DVRs, hybrid DVRs and NVRs, and there is no essential difference, must complete the video, preview, playback, alarm handling, PTZ control, network transmission, has a video processing chip and a general purpose processor (GPP ), has a network interface, display interface, memory interface. DVR, NVR to decode encoding-based codecs are dedicated DSP or ASIC implementation, the DVR Hybrid DVR and NVR on the system architecture as well as manufacturing costs, there is no much difference.
        The current mainstream DVR network, NVR, DVR on the basis of further network evolution, so, here and there is no end to the question of who. NVR is the same strain of the DVR manufacturers of traditional DVR, still holds the dominant position in the NVR technology R & D, and even can be inferred that the mainstream DVR manufacturers will evolve into a mainstream NVR manufacturers. Under the huge inertia in the market, some manufacturers if a short period of time to expect to NVR fully replace the DVR, but contrary to market its own law of development.
        Of course, market and product development, with the overall rise of IP cameras is bound to the NVR as the ultimate manifestation of the back-end storage, security industry, the digital, networked, intelligent direction of development has not changed, the digital, networked, intelligent security monitoring systems, will bring greater value for customers.
        NVR when to replace the DVR, is determined by market demand and customer experience
        NVRNETVIDEORECORDER, network video recording (system), that is, through the network the video is written to the storage device, both as a concept, but also a system. Say it is a concept, because it is a way of video storage; say it is a system, because it is from the video encoding equipment, storage devices, storage, control equipment, on-demand services, on-demand client program and the transmission network parts, in order to achieve a digital video storage and playback functions. A lot of people NVR and DVR off, In fact, the broad sense, NVR is a form of the DVR, the DVR that is, DIGITALVIDEORECORDER digital video storage, NVR is actually the DVR, just write to the different route.
        Broadly speaking, NVR is actually a form of DVR. Said narrow DVR in the industry, the local storage of digital video, that is, not through the network, but digital video is written to the hard drive hard drive interface (IDE / SATA, etc.), compared with the NVR, the same video media stream (STREAM) write, the only difference is the way to write.
        In a narrow sense, DVR and NVR have advantages and disadvantages, the advantages and disadvantages of DVR and NVR to compare the following three aspects:
        First of all, from the practical application of reliability, the DVR have an advantage, the DVR does not depend in the network to write directly to the storage hard drive, therefore not affected by network performance and the impact of possible failures, while the NVR must rely on network equipment, network failure, will cause irreparable damage.
        The NVR alternative DVR process is gradual
        Storage devices, storage devices, the DVR is not a professional, is often the choice of inexpensive non-professional hard disk, resulting in a high failure rate of hard disk, relative to the disk array used by NVR and selection of industrial-grade hard drive, reliability certainly poor, NVR´s advantage. But a lot of hard drive manufacturers have launched suitable for digital video to write frequently, read professional SATA hard drives, and a growing number of DVR device supports SATA hard drive attached, the reliability of the above has also been a large degree The increase, intended to fill a certain extent, this level of disadvantage.
        Secondly, from the security and manageability, the DVR to store data directly distributed in the encoding device, the video image of each device can only be stored less than 16, more dispersed, management is not convenient, many users worry about information leakage; NVR way is often centralized repository will store information in one place or several places, the video data of each device can store hundreds of road, and the management is relatively simple, and easy to configure some security facilities to prevent information leakage, which is NVR advantage. In this regard, is a management problem, in fact, very few cases of real leak caused by the DVR hard drive to steal, a majority or by the background of the client software, duplicate, copy, and delete these video data, resulting in leakage and loss of information.
        Finally, from the cost of system construction, the DVR using professional hard drive, costs about 3500 yuan / T, while the cost of the NVR include not only the disk enclosures and storage control device also includes the cost of network resources and equipment, power consumption and other factors, about about 10,000 yuan / T. DVR cost has the absolute advantage.
        From the above advantages and disadvantages of comparison, the DVR and NVR have their respective applications and markets. Depends mainly on the importance of the video data to the user, network conditions, and system construction funds. In general, the banking system or the storage of the DVR, the city public security monitoring system is often a combination of both methods, namely, general monitoring points DVR storage, the important control points and important video information using the DVR and NVR dual-mode storage. In addition, because the costs are too high or stability factors, some suitable for use DVR is not suitable to use the NVR. Specifically, the centralized monitoring of the relatively small range of suitable DVR (such as banks), while the point spread, a wide range of monitoring is more suitable for the NVR.
        NVR is not a simple product, but a technology, a concept, a way to achieve. The future certainly more inclined to network storage, a large number of applications of the IPC can not be separated from the NVR this model, they are complementary. DVR space, increase the capacity of the entire market, but the proportion of NVR´s growth is relatively high. The same time, for NVR´s market share is very small, therefore, after its rate of growth will certainly be far higher than the DVR. NVR can be replaced when the problem of the DVR, not a technical decision, nor is it determined by the manufacturer, but the market demand and customer experience to determine the IP mature does not necessarily representative of the era of IP surveillance really has arrived.
        The NVR alternative DVR process is gradual
        NVR is a network storage server, referred to as the more common or based on a mixture of the PC operating system software platform and hardware platform of the disk array. NVR is the development of applications up with the development of a network server (video codec). As digital surveillance market transition from analog cameras to IP cameras, storage systems from the DVR system to a NVR system. At this stage, because most of the monitoring system is still analog systems, so the short term, the DVR as monitoring the status of the main storage device will not change. The core difference between the two have different positions in the system, the IP system, NVR has become the front-end control, video distribution, video storage, system linkage function, including core equipment, the main function of the DVR is only analog storage devices in the system.
        In contrast, both the market situation is not comparable, because the equipment for two different applications, so their market is dependent on the application of the system, the DVR depends on the analog control system, NVR depends on the digital surveillance systems (including codec system), the application of the analog control system in China is still far greater than the digital surveillance systems, short-term within the NVR does not replace the DVR. Adapt to the market will become the mainstream of development
        And digital surveillance systems, NVR market outlook is still huge, there is a great technology to enhance the space, because of NVR´s management control is the core software platform, different manufacturers, integrators can make the products of the different performance characteristics, with diversity, professional features.
        DVR´s core advantage is cost, at the same time the technology is relatively mature, the connection does not involve compatibility issues with the front of the camera, analog camera video standard is PAL system of unified DVR on the one hand to do the analog video compression conversion, on the one hand, to do digital video storage, a "core" with two obviously have a bottleneck on the efficiency and effectiveness. NVR network transmission of digital signals without any treatment, only for storage from the storage efficiency is relatively high, the combination of NAS, IP-SAN storage systems are easier and can be adapted to a more mass storage. NVR´s video storage related to the compatibility of the front of the camera (or codec), NVR applications must be addressed.
        Product applications, and applications. Advanced foreign countries, for example, they use a digital control system, businesses are in the application of the NVR. Domestic, digital surveillance system or a high-end products, the initial investment cost is relatively analog systems to high, so it is still used in some high-end industry, the Building, and so many airports, railway, subway and digital applications the NVR system. A system is optional DVR or NVR, the most fundamental thing is depends on whether the video is transmitted over the network.
        At this stage both more competition and coincidence point, with the digital monitor the expansion of market demand, as well as the decrease in cost, is expected both in the mid-market competition. To the competition of more than two products, but the competition of two kinds of solutions, depending on what kind of solve the program to better meet the needs of users, to bring more added value for users.
        NVR´s massive development rely on the massive development of the IP camera. Widely used front-end IP cameras, in order to bring the strong development of the kernel, system, the core technology is mature and contribute to a broader application of the front-end IP cameras, the two complement each other. Quite a long period of time, the DVR will still exist, and will occupy the main position. The hybrid DVR to say, as it is a hybrid NVR is a digital surveillance system as the core taking into account the form of analog control system. This compatible with the work done by NVR´s software management platform.
        Much NVR is the Terminator of the DVR, as digital surveillance system is the analog control system Terminator. With the IP camera technology to improve and costs decline, when the IP cameras to replace analog cameras, the DVR will definitely automatically demise, NVR must be universal coverage.
        Time-lapse VCR and DVR alternative, the NVR alternative DVR process is gradual, with the popularity of digital surveillance systems, occurrence and development of specific how long this process, which depends on the technology, the decrease in cost. user´s mature, and many other factors. The individual is expected to be 3-5 years there will be greatly improved, at least to compete with the DVR, there are some special needs of the IP industry, such as: road traffic monitoring, airports, railways, Safe City will use the NVR program. DVR will not withdraw from the market and system integration, not only management simulation system, but also digital systems.

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