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  • Advantages and applications of HD-SDI high-speed ball

        From the 2011 Security Exhibition, Shenzhen Security Exhibition, give the impression that the deep impression the product was undoubtedly none other than the HD-SDI. Join Security HD-SDI, HD application will be the impact on the network beginning to "run"? Is to promote each other? Or to gradually replace? Or as HDcctv Union said that in 2015, HD-SDI comprehensive than IP? For the above envisaged in this paper, the HD-SDI products, network monitoring product features a simple analysis for you reference.
        HD-SDI fastball and the advantages of comparison of the IP speed dome
        Quality advantage
        HD-SDI fastball can be transmitted over coaxial cable uncompressed digital video signal, such as high-definition HD-SDI ball machine can provide 25 high-definition picture quality output 1080P (200 million pixels), and high definition digital signal without compression Therefore, this high-fidelity signal processing and transmission, making the image integrity of the protection of the image contrast is more realistic, richer amount of information. 1080P HD-SDI cameras and megapixel network camera quality comparison, the HD-SDI products, either from the color reproduction, image sharpness, noise processing, even better, customers can provide more detail, more realistic high-definition image effects (Figure 1).
        Real-time manipulation of advantage
        Real-time manipulation, I think the biggest advantage of the HD-SDI fastball comparison IP fastball. IP video delay is mainly produced in the process of video compression and decompression, and network transmission, megapixel network delay 500ms above; fast ball for a PTZ real-time operating application products, this delay is bound to miss many opportunities for timely processing of the scene, and also make the actual operation of the user to have a greater unhappy. Most of the IP fastball is encoded in H.264 or MPEG-4 compression format, such a compressed format in the sports scene mode, the stream than the general scene to a large and fast ball PTZ operation, mainly in the scene changing the application of pressure, so the device processing and network bandwidth applications. If you encounter a complex network environment, multiple IP speed dome PTZ application arising from the larger stream, it may be difficult to ensure that all packets can reach the receiving end, likely to cause loss of image frames, reflected in the back-end is dropped frames, mosaics, such as failure phenomenon, so that also the stability of the image of the IP fast-ball and real-time handling cause greater impact.
        In summary, the IP HD fast ball, fast ball in the HD-SDI products have a relatively obvious advantage fastball, HD-SDI uncompressed, low latency and full HD features, giving customers a full HD 1080p resolution images at the same time, to give customers real-time simulation system fluid handling applications. Requirements of real-time without delay a PTZ application requirements place the image, the HD-SDI fastball contrast IP speed dome product has a more intuitive competitive advantage.
        System reliability, stability, compatibility advantage
        IP surveillance system openness as "double-edged sword", and convenience for the user to monitor system to bring the network security risks. HD-SDI monitoring application similar to the analog control system, uncompressed digital signal for transmission on the coaxial cable does not exist IP surveillance systems, security risks, reliability and stability are high.
        An obvious advantage, of compatibility, HD-SDI fastball applications and analog control system similar to the front of the camera equipment, intermediate transmission equipment or back-end storage, control, display devices, as long as compliance with the HD-SDI standard, it there will be no compatibility issues. The other hand, the IP surveillance system, the codec algorithm, Transmission Control Protocol, will be a big difference because different vendors´ design, different industry standards, different protocols understanding, for example, IP speed dome has its own special there is an agreement and the ONVIF agreement, domestic platform vendors, NVR manufacturers in the docking process, it will often appear compatible situation, and sometimes very difficult to unify. A preset point of call control functions based on the the ONVIF agreement the IP fastball, platform providers and manufacturers understand, often caused by spending a few weeks time, consumption of large human and material resources.
        The old system upgrades and simple application advantages
        HD-SDI system followed in the application of the analog control system architecture, from equipment selection and system architecture can still be used to the idea of ​​simulation system design. And simulation system, the biggest difference is that the "HD", and the wiring of the analog system can be extended applied to HD-SDI monitoring system, system components and equipment management mode are essentially unchanged, contractors, users can be very simple analog system "HD" upgrade; simply replace the corresponding front-end equipment, without the need for professional skills training, you can quickly achieve a smooth upgrade of "SD" to "HD" quality dramatically, and no change in the user habits, cost-saving and easy high-definition.
        However, the IP surveillance system involving more IT expertise for the most came from the era of analog systems, contractors, integrators and technical personnel will be some difficulties, and for staff who use IP surveillance system will also higher capacity requirements, these will be the design, construction, commissioning and application of IP surveillance systems bring no small trouble.
        HD-SDI upgrade and application advantages of following a conversation with a good interpretation. Q: are very satisfied users of its existing analog CCTV system operational, real-time, but want to get some of the key focus areas of high-definition images, such as entrances and exits, how to do it would be more reasonable? A: The user can simply HD-SDI cameras integrated into the existing standard definition CCTV system can be standard definition CCTV with monitoring grades and regional demand, high-definition used in high-risk areas of critical demand for high-definition image capture. "
        The above is just a simple analysis of the advantages of HD-SDI, HD high-speed ball, the advantage may also include more areas such as intelligence analysis (HD-SDI uncompressed HD images are the best sources of high-definition images of the IVS required), cost competitiveness .
        In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, but also should see the HD-SDI systems comparison network monitoring system, there are some problems. Applications as a fast ball, for example, the long-distance transmission costs (the cost of the HD-SDI optical transport products than the cost of the network optical transmission higher occasions the fastball application more often to the center of the transmission distance of 300 meters , large campus monitoring, safe city surveillance, monitoring of Square venues will be extensive use of Optical), matrix matching problem (large HD-SDI matrix product is not abundant, the price is relatively expensive, the transmission on the copper applications of audio, video, control signals to be), HD-SDI DVR storage cost problems (DVR products in the HD-SDI multi-1080P application of the 4-way 8-way more than one product is very small, so small-scale storage applications is clearly to give the device management and system cost to bring some pressure.), HS-SDI display problems (the current HD-SDI display devices is still very small, very expensive, manufacturers are using the HD-SDI transfer HDMI way to disguise to solve such problems, but often there will be a signal format compatibility issues.)
        The existence of these problems, recognize the HD-SDI front-end or the entire system should be good to form a system of large-scale application will take some time and should have a choice, and not everywhere applicable. Can not be quick to replace the HD IP camera applications, the two will be a long-term coexistence, mutual promotion of the situation in the next few years. HD-SDI monitoring system is security a useful complement to high-definition applications, end-user how a choice. All manufacturers of HD-SDI fastball has introduced the HD-SDI front-end product is more abundant and diverse, will promote the HD-SDI to universal application.

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