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  • Solutions for infrared network cameras snow at night

        Infrared network camera because of its the particularity of, the the in the in the the installation and the matching the process of yes fairly strict. If improper operation, infrared network cameras, in addition to the often washed out, dazzling, and there are many snow point in the evening, such as the world snow in general; the beginning, we think that´s incredible, and made a special trip to the franchise and infrared electronic security market took several brands a try, or fruit during the day and the effect of hash and, one night, snow; So we do all sorts of experiments, tried to changed the infrared light and the circuit board, but also tried to change to the CCD, but also to the different experiments, and later, to summarize the situation snowflakes point more than produce the following reasons:
        First, the lack of infrared network cameras current causes the produce snowflakes point.
        Some outdoor short distance with a centralized power supply 12V is very convenient, but if it is a long distance should not be used to switching the original centralized 12V power supply; First, long-distance infrared light is heat capacity, 12V power supply instability may lead to power enough ; and all built-in cooling device in the case of the current instability prone to burn out; fast current decay may lead to infrared light did not work properly, the CCD illumination and less infrared light auxiliary light Thus, the snow;
        Second, the poor quality of the infrared light of infrared network cameras, the angle of the infrared light and infrared distance with the lens does not match resulting in snow drift
        In order to facilitate the its own procurement and installation,, the a lot of companies together use to use the different of the lamp mixed of the a variety of angles, the the the benefits of to use so yes to them the same kind of lamp can barely to use a different mm the size of the lens, the downside is always make people feel that lamp of the angle and the distance the lens is inappropriate, when the angle may be inappropriate, prone to flashlight phenomenon or narrow electrical phenomenon; when the distance does not match, such as when you use the 12MM lens, but with 10 to 20 meters of lights, then you phenomenon will appear gray; distant touch a paste, near the snow; and Also, poor quality of the infrared light, in addition to decoration, lights more and more problems, more concentrated light, excessive heat, the more likely burn out;
        Third, crafts
        The hand of a lot of people, the infrared light does not focus, astigmatism; lead to scattered light around bright, but a gray hazy phenomenon; cotton profile of the infrared light the front of the light is not tight, concentrated red-infrared scattered light is therefore a vast phenomenon;
        Fourth, the built-in poor infrared network cameras, high illumination
        Many factories in order to get a brighter image in the same infrared light auxiliary light under the premise, to artificially increase the sensitivity of the CCD; because many manufacturers in order to price competition, the use of a very poor camera built inside, this camera is in the infrared light to fill under low light situation, as a reference to a brighter, so artificially increase the gain sensitivity of the CCD, with us to increase the brightness on the DVR, is prone to snow phenomenon;
        Fifth, the circuit design is unreasonable
        We produce infrared network cameras, not just the infrared light mounted directly to the surveillance cameras inside and on the line, but before loading onto its camera circuit redesign and aging treatment. Market, many small processing plants is to use low-cost electronic components buy cheap infrared light, the direct electric iron welding up to redesign the circuit is not there is no aging treatment; others to do the low-end products of the factory, in order to save money, control panel remove the control circuit board or integrated with the light board, it is very easy guide to infrared light by the current instability and fever, so that the already poor quality of the infrared light is not working properly;
        Sixth, the outdoor dust
        Especially in the field, there may be surveillance cameras, infrared light meat seeing less than the small particles shot down, the infrared light does not open during the day within the eye and the camera feel is not obvious; this environment, natural;
        In summary, more born to snow point more, but more solutions than problems, as long as the real reason, to solve much easier, as long as you are willing to spend the cost to spend time:
        1, using the high stability of the transformer to solve the current problem of inadequate; multimeter to test voltage and current size, to ensure the normal work of the infrared light;
        2, the use of high-quality infrared light; it is equally important, infrared light is not good, no matter how good the current to no avail;
        3, replacing the inside the inferior camera. May, the the the illuminance of its camera extremely high that the, while the in the the the is not high the situation of the brightness of the outdoor light, is extreme. Your countryside is extremely vulnerable to appear the snowflake; with a black-and-white camera or to use the color to turn the black-and-white Color Camera;
        4, using the dual filter of the work piece or two-glass structure, increase the intake of the night infrared light and effectively into the mist affect the lens;
        The infrared network cameras to address the following points difficulty:
        One fitted with infrared light to reset the circuit and aging; great importance to the manual problems, pay attention to the angle of the infrared light condenser; This requires the installation personnel have considerable responsibility and patience;
        2 built-in camera minimum for 0.1 illumination, or prone to snow; requiring manufacturers to purchase the necessary inputs and seriously deal with the determination;
        Three long-range infrared network cameras infrared light general power is relatively large, generally using the camera built-in 220V power supply of high-quality transformer and fan;
        To use high-quality infrared light, and put an end to the power of infrared light is too dazzling or whitening phenomenon; the picture is not clear or dark gray sense; attention to the infrared light angle and distance at the same time, attention to their life;
        5 To prevent astigmatism and excessive light gathering, astigmatism is prone to a vast expanse, and the set light flashlight phenomenon.

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