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  • Customized services become a winning magic weapon under the trend of network monitoring

        At present, the rapid development of IP video monitoring technology on the market more and more manufacturers and users of the product this way. IP video monitoring technology to become the core of information systems, security systems, driven by the trend of its development has been the consensus of the information security industry, the development of video surveillance technology is maturing, growing market users, but the market for application vendors has not been easy, there are still many problems are placed in should be solved in front of the manufacturers.
        Domestic IP video monitoring market, on the one hand, the growing number of users, on the other hand the needs of users is becoming more diverse. For the vendors, to better meet the needs of practical application of video surveillance images, you can win more market share.
        Application of market demand to diversify
        Diversity of user requirements, regardless of any application on the market are very obvious existence of the field of security video surveillance is always some manufacturers often ignore the "customer demand", manufacturers transition to guide users to the customer´s . For example, manufacturers marketing a new solution or technology, the user can still be considered new things, manufacturers often prejudiced to educate the user quality of their products good idea, but ignores the actual needs of users.
        So, into the era of network monitoring, how to grasp the actual needs of users, the introduction of customized products become the required course of the monitoring companies. Although current market users of video surveillance images the diversity of needs, but can be roughly divided into the following three conditions
        First, the image needs of different application areas. For example, with the demand of different sectors of the image is not the same as in the field of security video surveillance, such as the "Green City" and "highway" different indicators of the needs of the video image associated with the Safe City video surveillance acceptance criteria Few users there is no standard as a basis for acceptance of the Safe City project, but the highway industry applications has a very clear test requirements, indicators in these industries must ask. Urban intelligent transportation and safe cities in order to monitor the demand for images is not the same as intelligent traffic capture into the era of network monitoring, how to grasp the user´s actual demand, the introduction of customized products to become the required course of the monitoring companies. License plates, real-time requirements, and safe city video surveillance delay is not very important in the same monitoring field, the different user demand for video images.
        Third, the same field, the same industry, different customers, the demand for images are not the same. Mainly divided into two cases, a user to select products according to their preferences; another product does not meet the actual needs of users. Highway, for example, Hangzhou Zhongwei a highway project in Fujian, the user is clear as long as the image as long as the CIF is sufficient, even if the product can achieve the quality of D1, the user does not need to; at the Hunan highway project D1 resolution, the user needs to CIF image is too small for them in the same industry, different users, the demand difference is different.
        The intelligent transportation industry, a video detector, for example, the state of video detector have introduced the relevant standards, although the introduction of national standards, but in many parts of the project does not install the application video detector, mainly because the product functionality does not apply to the user, at the same time some local project and the concentration of the installation a lot, it can be seen even with the national standard products or can not meet the needs of all users.
        This is why many international first-class brand, when users in the procurement does not consider. In fact, users do not need to have too many features of the product, as long as the application to meet their actual needs.
        In other words, industrial application difference is the characteristics of video surveillance, each customer group has a different video surveillance needs, which the vendor is both an opportunity and a challenge, the manufacturers in order to grasp the opportunity, it is necessary to meet the actual market users needs.
        Although the basic needs of the monitoring are the monitoring, control, investigation, tube, but each industry, and even each customer group has different monitoring requirements, the individual needs of image clarity, storage mode and long, the needs of management methods. The application requirements of the differences are bound to corresponding differentiated products and solutions to the corresponding.
        Meet user needs in a number of ways
        Diversity customized needs of market users, manufacturers, the most important thing is through different technologies and standards to meet user demand customized video image, so as to win more market share. So for the users of the security field, the vendors have a variety of different technologies and applications to meet their demand for video surveillance. Such as traditional analog and network video technology, as well as the ramifications trend in high-definition IP HD technology, HD-SDI technology and GigEVision technology.
        IP Video is currently on the market most users are concerned about the products, showing explosive growth situation, the main reason is, IP video, with some advantages, to meet a large part of the customer´s application requirements. Optical + analog matrix model greatly reduced from the intuitive, and full network management, to facilitate the realization of large-scale multi-level networking, and video communication system for transmission as compared to the complexity of the IP video to simplify the networking of the video system. And IP video using various compression mode, such as H.264 compression, mainly used in video surveillance; the MPEG-2 compression is mainly used in broadcast television, video surveillance of some special areas; JPEG images, mainly in the field of intelligent transportation applications.
        Of course, IP video is not a panacea, there are also unsatisfactory. Injury, such as IP video, video wall display image and the compressed image of the delay, this is the inherent defects of the IP video solutions, vendors and users can not be avoided and evaded. And the monitoring center needs to use the original, no damage to the image, the IP model is not available. It also caused a huge obstacle for future business expansion. For example, users may be on some of the video detection, intelligent video analysis system, if the use of compressed video signals, the performance of these systems will be a serious decline, and even does not work. The high definition IP video bandwidth, the system is unstable and above these problems have plagued manufacturers and users of IP video. But from the side, these issues exist for manufacturers, but also the kinds of opportunities in the increasingly concentrated in the current market circumstances, firms can go a more suitable way to win market share.
        The obvious trend in high definition, IP high-definition does not fully address the needs of users, some manufacturers have also introduced the now the new high-definition solutions such as professional video broadcast equipment serial digital video interface HD-SDI. The technology supports high-speed video signal rate to almost zero-latency transmission, and traditional analog users, conversion from traditional analog frame system for high-definition monitoring system, without re-wiring, and can save users the next time and labor costs, and Contractors and users, its setup and operation with CCTV is no different, extremely easy to grasp.
        Of IP and HD-SDI, have their own advantages, but the market needs of users vary, a single kind of IP or HD-SDI or unable to meet the needs of some users, contractors, users are often in the implementation of a project need to apply a variety of technologies to meet the needs of different environments. In terms of HD, HD-SDI and IP will be the direction of mixed-use development. Some vendors currently on the market have launched a GigEVision of technology to meet both wanted to adopt IP technology, the needs of users want real-time transmission of lossless image. AIA created by the International Society of Automation 1000M Ethernet GigEVision technology, used in 10 million or more cameras, more international.
        Different technologies and standards are developed to meet the needs of customer diversity, develop, market development, they will coexist for a long period and within. For manufacturers, with the appropriate technologies and standards to meet customer diversity, in order to win market, and retain customers.

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