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  • IR integrated surveillance cameras technical progress

        With the advent of infrared surveillance cameras, infrared integrated camera in the security market has been "red" up, so we do not have to worry about the dark night there is no sense of security, infrared integrated camera will give you the night life a safe bright.
        Compared with traditional surveillance cameras, surveillance cameras volume of infrared one small, beautiful, have an advantage in the installation more convenient, its power, video, control signals have a direct socket, not like traditional camera trouble connection. Infrared integrated camera imaging system (lens), CCD, DSP technology patents are internationally renowned manufacturers hands, compared to the traditional camera, infrared integrated camera quality can be better controlled. At the same time, the IR integrated camera monitoring a wide range of cost-effective. Traditional camera positioning system is not flexible enough, and more need to manually focus, and integration of surveillance cameras of the biggest advantages is the auto-focus function.
        Security with IR camera technology from your home video camera technology, get rid of the home video cameras, portable device, display interface and the storage devices and other additional features, leaving only for CCTV surveillance camera features. Ordinary civil one machine motor life is short, the camera takes too long to stop on their own, while the security with one machine generally requires 24 hours non-stop shooting, motors, camera time than the higher, single view from a camera part, of course, its price is higher than the ordinary civil one confidential, if you focus only on cost will affect the effective monitoring of security systems, such as Wuhan mall a few years ago because of cost issues and the choice of a civilian one to install a security system, the results of issues are emerging.
        The key technology of the infrared one camera lens, CCD and DSP processing module. The lens is mastered by the Japanese manufacturer such as Canon, Camputar, Avenir, provide OEM in the field of one machine up to the Canon lens. From the CCD (camera pros and cons of the key elements), suppliers to Sony, Sony produced CCD again the civil the mainstream SonyCCD, is divided into SuperHAD Exview two types, which Exview is the latest technology, commonly used 1/4 inch size, noise ratio higher than SuperHAD; Panasonic and Samsung respective CCD CCD production machine; Kodak, Fuji main development professional. DSP processing chip, different manufacturers have their own characteristics, such as Sony´s DSP chips in the color reproduction is relatively excellent from Canon, Nikon DSP mode and focus of the light-harvesting.
        Infrared one is currently in domestic surveillance cameras are used import movement, images and picture quality with foreign products basically no difference, and thus considering the durability of the technical points of the domestic product is concentrated in the products, because of domestic products in the machine the motor and transmission device research and development, the heat resistance of the motor and gear directly affect the stability and durability of the machine. For infrared integrated camera motor synchronous motor and a DC motor, synchronous motor rises more quickly, the service life is relatively short, but the high cost of DC motor, and thus the market is still the main synchronous motor.

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