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  • Road surveillance cameras technical analysis and choose Notes

        Urban road monitoring system in the prevention and control of city public security plays an important role in further optimization of the monitoring system, to expand its various functions, not only can reduce construction and maintenance costs, but also for law and order, traffic accidents and escape the detection of various types of cases provide technical support, and can greatly enhance the level of law enforcement investigators, and the detection efficiency of the public security organs.
        The purchase of road surveillance camera
        According to the actual needs of the urban road high-definition video surveillance, in the choice of surveillance cameras, refer to the following recommendations:
        A CCD sensor. At present, in the case of CMOS technology is not yet mature, CCD and CMOS two kinds of light-sensitive chip, the CCD sensor in sensitivity, resolution, noise control, high-quality image output, motion picture performance is better than the CMOS. Especially in the case of urban roads at night poor lighting conditions, the CCD camera imaging results are better than CMOS cameras, it is recommended that the photosensitive chip of the CCD as HD video cameras.
        2, need to meet around the clock security monitoring, video cameras should have low-light capabilities, in order to get a clearer video image in the environment of the lower evening and night illumination.
        3, high-definition video surveillance needs reach 720P/1080P resolution, progressive scan, the maximum frame rate should reach 25 / s to ensure that the surveillance video of fluency.
        4, high-definition image transfer interface uses a broadcasting standard HD-SDI interface, support for uncompressed high-speed transmission of video images, high-definition digital video cameras with HD encoding array between HD-SDI Optical fiber transmission non-compressed video image to guarantee high-definition images, low latency, transmission attenuation and interference, but also to avoid the impact of outdoor surveillance video images by lightning.
        5, high-definition digital video cameras should have a high signal to noise ratio, high dynamic range, and thus guarantee the quality of the image signal under different circumstances.
        6, with automatic shutter, auto gain, auto white balance, image pre-processing.
        Support the auto iris lens can be used with a variety of motorized lens zoom range to achieve the distance and range of different monitoring requirements.
        8, the support of 485 communication protocols, and remote online upgrade of the camera to meet the requirements of special application environment to change parameters.
        Road surveillance cameras Notes
        Low-light camera several key technologies to help as a reference in the selection of low-light camera views.
        CCD is like the human eye, the optical image into electronic signals, it is on top of the light-sensitive points, each point like a solar cell, light to generate electricity, in accordance with the light intensity will produce different The size of the electrical energy.
        DSP digital signal processor, the DSP inside the package a Decoder (/ DConverter, analog digital converter), the first analog to digital, then a lot of computing (color, brightness, white balance, etc.), and then The digital to analog (Encoder, is also a package inside the DSP), is the video output. Our so-called digital processing program is to use sinking DSP.
        Sensitive to light camera viewfinder capacity, usually under a specific illumination lux LUX (lighting units). Broadly speaking, the sensitivity of the CCD camera can be used as the reference standard of their work in low light conditions.
        Super noise reduction (DNR)
        · More clear and crisp images in the dim light conditions. Equipped with this technology, the camera in dim light conditions greatly random noise and fixed noise to obtain the actual see the same images.
        Complete elimination of the excellence of image noise. Camera to capture images, capture images under poor lighting conditions, the image appears on the noise is an inevitable phenomenon, which often prompted the user to image blurring. If the application of DNR technology, the image will become much more clear-cut clear, because the noise on the image point reduced to no visible, and this is the traditional noise cancellation technology - DDNR (digital noise reduction) technology can not achieve the .
        Significantly enhanced the sensitivity. Another prominent effect of DNR technology it can enhance the sensitivity of the camera in a dim light environment, the application of DNR camera, there are obvious advantages in sensitivity than the other 1/3 inch CCD camera because the camera does not light ability to recognize objects in a good environment is greatly enhanced. In other words, components of DNR in the same low-light conditions than other competing products more obvious contrast, because the DNR to produce images of objects brighter.
        · To eliminate image ghosting. In addition to image noise, ghosting in very dim light environment is also a classic image of one of the key obstacles. Ghosting refers to the original image of a shadow or a light image, left or right offset in the captured image.

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