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  • The difference between ordinary video camera and professional surveillance camera

        Many families are now installed monitoring equipment, some people are directly back to install surveillance camera from the market to buy, some people use the home computer video camera, matched with other tools to install. Then, many people would think, if the computer video camera market surveillance camera, it might as well buy a computer, connect the video camera. Both can play and can be monitored, killing two birds with one stone. Some people may think, If this is the surveillance cameras on the market do not need a direct production of common computer video camera to forget.Shenzhen Fu Hong Electronic monitoring camera manufacturers by Wang to explain the difference between professional surveillance camera with ordinary video camera, to help confused users.
        Professional for video surveillance Camera are CCD chip camera. Advantage is durability. Clarity not because of the aging side of the image fuzzy. You want is bad simply can not be used directly.
        Are computer CMOS chip. Before the CCD before the advent of video surveillance is the use of CMOS, but the drawback is that not meet the 24-hour surveillance needs. Imaging effect of the aging of the chip will drop a lot of basic 2-year life almost. Some can also be used for several years, but the performance has been far behind ..
        Professional infrared night vision camera can sense infrared light and infrared light, the general color machine is not deeply grateful. There are also specialized to adapt to the infrared light color camera, but the price is more expensive than the average color confidential. Black and white video security camera infrared induction ..
        Ordinary night vision is the general use of the end of illumination of the ip camera, can capture the faint light black and white machine illumination than the color of the illumination must be the end of the evening there is no additional light source, is roughly, but the general effect there are a lot of columns such as the anvil of accumulation of night vision, but no infrared light directly useful.
        Professional surveillance camera monitoring range is more comprehensive, and most of the omni-directional mobile, camera distance is relatively good.
        Ordinary video camera are more general, there is no flexibility in the use of

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