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  • Highlights the absolute advantage in IP surveillance applications, the hybrid network DVR

        Throughout the development of Video Surveillance Camera technology, have gone through an analog to digital, digital-to-network process. In-depth development stage of the network is currently in this stage of the product form is the DVR, DVS, the embedded structure of the network DVR occupied the absolute mainstream status. At this stage, more emphasis on the role of network monitoring camera applications, stressed by the more popular network-based transmission, sharing and management, especially with the integration of the user´s original business.
        However, with the new ideas are constantly being introduced, the market has continued to have emerged as the representative on the IP front-end (IP camera), the IP back-end (NVR), intelligent monitoring network monitoring products and technologies. These new products and technologies different from the traditional network video surveillance products, they pay more attention to the open system architecture, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and high definition, smart features monitor function. If they represent a new trend, IP intelligent monitoring to trend, who would not oppose. According to the conclusions reached by the authoritative security media based on past data to predict the next five years or so, and IP camera shipments worldwide will likely full over analog cameras.
        Based on this background, it is natural to think about as a representative of the traditional digital monitor - DVR NVR are fully replace? Even set a timetable for this process. However, the more difficult to answer this question is not as simple as it looks. From the current market situation, the network DVR is still the most popular form of a product because it addresses the access and conversion from the the CVBS system to the IP system, while addressing the local storage and retrieval of data playback, but also for provide users with an intuitive control interface. These three functions, the NVR can easily solve both for the former - CVBS access NVR is powerless. Say this is because we found that, at this stage most of the applications, the analog camera is still the mainstream image acquisition device, even with the application of best IP camera, only in the local area used to solve some transmission problems or used to meet the higher demand for clarity.
        Therefore, the shape of the growth of the NVR of this product can not be completely replaced by the DVR, the two will coexist for a long time. This situation is somewhat similar to the DVR market. In the early days of digital monitoring, the PC type DVR was absolutely mainstream in the market. However, with the embedded DVR performance and prices move closer to market demand, by virtue of superior stability and enhanced functionality gradually to occupy a mainstream position. It has been predicted that the PC type DVR will eventually be embedded completely replaced. But the development of the market proved that this assertion of error, the PC type DVR until today remains stubbornly occupy its rightful place. The reason is simple - because any of the natural existence of such a market demand.
        DVR and NVR two completely different form of products, monitoring and management platform compatibility requirements undoubtedly put forward higher requirements. Not only that, in the same system using these two products also causing all sorts of inconvenience because of the use of habit. Then whether there is a combined product of the two advantages of form to solve this problem? Hikvision introduces the DS-9000 series of next-generation hybrid DVR (H-DVRs), this problem is given a very good comment.
        H-DVR (HybridDigitalVideoRecorder), a complex network DVR or hybrid network DVR. It combines the functions of the DVR and NVR can not only access to analog video and audio signals, and can also access digital video and audio signals (network stream), to achieve the seamless management of the two. It appeared to fill the blank stage of the digital video surveillance technology from analog to digital hybrid monitoring the transition to all-IP. However, as the new generation of DVR products, the DS-9000 series only solve the analog cameras and wireless IP camera at the same time access is not enough. DS-9000 series also supports both HD access, high-definition storage and high-definition display, support for video-based intelligent analysis techniques to enhance the overall performance of the hardware and network performance. The new features of this series has laid a solid foundation for a new generation of product technology

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