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  • IP Network Camera Buying Guide and Evaluation Criteria   

        Lens Range: in Vining opinion, most of the monitoring requirements of 240 degree range of the lens, and zoom capability requirements of 500 feet. Broader requirements for the range of those lenses, PTZ (pan / tilt / zoom) cameras, which can provide a 360 degree panorama. The cost of the PTZ camera is more expensive than fixed cameras more than twice the the Becoming say, because the camera moving parts need more maintenance and repair work.
        Bandwidth: This is a huge problem, especially with the constant increase in image resolution. You through the intelligent analysis technology embedded in the camera to reduce bandwidth consumption, said Simon Harris, senior analyst at IMS Research´s analogy, only some of the images transmitted over the network to the management center. However, this means that you will not be recorded under the non-specific events may need to provide the environment. "You need to be used selectively," he said.
        IP video surveillance system integrators AMS.Net manager Anthony Bastian, said the bandwidth consumed by the cameras of different manufacturers is not the same. For example, he said, half the size of the Verint ´camera sent packet is almost exclusively manufactured by Sony, the ip camera, even though they use the MPEG4 compression algorithm.
        The DVTel use multicast to reduce bandwidth, the McInturf say. In other words, when more than one person is watching the video, not each video camera to send a single video stream, but the signal came through the server without having to copy the video stream.
        Power: most advanced network camera is a Power over Ethernet (POE), which means that each camera via the network cable supply, according to Axis, which will each camera save not less than $ 300. The PoE nothing is not lost to the electricity consumed by the PTZ camera, it also has a failure, Bastian, said. Axis also said that to ensure that the PoE function to meet the provisions of the IEEE 802.3af standard, it is compatible with the leading vendors of network switches.
        Solution: Many users are in line to the one million HD ip camera, it provides five times the VGA standard image. You not only get a clearer image, due to the higher resolution, you can also reduce the number of cameras you need. Campus Safety Officer, Robert Hellmuth, said Montgomery County Public Schools has purchased from the IQ of Invision megapixel camera, images are much clearer than the previous analog system. "Before, we went to play back an event, only to see two figures, but can not be determined," he said.
        Automatic filtering: the clarity of the image in the light of a variety of circumstances, it is important is the need to have a camera can automatically adjust to control the amount of light the receiver has. This is particularly important, Vining, said that when a camera facing east or west, the light of its clarity and does not constitute However, he said, some organizations are trying to improve the camera bracket, in order down to watch.
        Open platform: Gartner recommends looking for a supplier type, and their products 100% industry-standard, such as video compression. In addition, look for the open application programming interface and a variety of supported software applications.
        Scalability: the user will want to install the monitoring equipment, may be able to carry out the expansion of the monitoring points, upgrades, and convenient for remote management via IP address.

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