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  • Security monitoring technology according to its own characteristics and orientation as the basis

        The security ip camera technology is an application of technology, it is to other disciplines of the technology used to achieve the purpose of its own security. In this sense, the scope of the security technology is widely involved in many areas, as long as they can be used to implement security technology that may be considered a security technology. Early security systems is parked to bring a variety of techniques and equipment to constitute a security system. As we all know; a complete security system should have the following three basic elements:
    A probe, in a timely manner to prevent the region within a variety of anomalies. Security system to detect the object is a person, or people´s behavior. Illegal behavior, we call that the intrusion detection security systems, also known as intrusion detection. Achieve detection equipment for alarm (detection), infrared detection and microwave detection is the most common detection technology. Early detector design is very simple, such as passive infrared detectors, infrared sensors and gated and water conservation with no difference, therefore, a high false alarm rate. The same is true of other alarms, the false alarm rate has become a major problem plagued the early security monitoring camera systems.
        Environmental monitoring, security systems can detect the results to evaluate (judge its authenticity), to be able to control the process of events, the results of the event handling, you must have a means of monitoring. To be monitored in the early security system using voice more, the cost is relatively low. With the maturity and popularity of television technology, video surveillance has become the main means. Account for a large proportion of image information, real-time, and active probing of capacity, and gradually became the core technology of the security system, security system. Now, the security must have video surveillance has become an established formula.
        Perimeter and access ip control, security systems have a clear preventive areas, namely weeks (side) boundary. , And combined with the perimeter entrances, people, objects, access management and control by means of various physical, technical (electronic) form a closed perimeter. The security system should ensure the patency of legitimate access to prevent the region´s people and things, to effectively detect and prevent illegal access. Clearly, access control is commonly used for access control equipment. The high strength of the door with high security (security) locks is the oldest of access control equipment, electronic control, feature recognition technology system is the typical way of modern access control. However, the two constituent elements are the same.
        Safety performance is a clear social needs ism, reference and should be related to technology, to achieve the basic elements of security, to meet the security needs of the community is a natural, inevitable process. However, this approach will continue to find some serious problems and deficiencies. As mentioned above, the high rate of false alarms. A result, people began to transform the technology brought the formation of security technology research, and began a unique security technology and products. This is the security technology development trajectory. Here we make and summarized:
        A technology (product) to be used for security purposes, the resulting characteristics of the function, structure and system operation and management of these features is the special nature of the security objectives, security systems, detection of the particularity the decision, which includes special functional and performance requirements, the specific architecture (application mode) and, in particular the evaluation criteria and methods. To adapt to these characteristics the study conducted by security technology research in one direction, a direction of a security system, resulting in a security ip camera system-specific technologies, products.

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