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  • Enjoy intelligent forward and saving network video surveillance

        Security monitoring developments in the field of high-definition, intelligent and network security monitoring, the main development direction, in my opinion. These three points represent the effects of video surveillance work, the ability to work, and a reflection of the transmission line. Therefore, the efficient level of intelligence is an important guarantee for monitoring quality.
    However, with security monitoring coverage continues to expand in recent years, the back-end storage requirements and improve the intangibles to monitor the camera system itself has brought greater pressure. Thus, in the face of the contradictions of the ability to work and the capacity of the system, the topic of network camera smart front, more people picked up.
        The concept of intelligent front
    For friends to join soon, I am afraid the smart front is not a very familiar concept. For most network surveillance camera, it´s intelligent video capabilities to achieve through the back-end servers, video management software, intelligent analysis of the income on the front of the camera video monitoring system, the center of analysis, thus completion of the work of intelligence analysis. In fact, from a holistic perspective, which is a with the system to complete the analysis work.
    With the continuous development of the front-end network monitoring, in the emerging digital trends. The network camera has also been given more functionality. In effect, a single shot of surveillance ip camera has been gradually user abandoned. Front, the so-called intelligent video processing and analysis, video management is implanted by the back-end to the front of surveillance cameras to complete. From the perspective of the overall work process, this is a smart analysis from the front of the back-end system moved to the evolutionary pattern of surveillance cameras.
    Benefits of intelligent front
    Analysis function of the entire system in advance, the main advantage can be reflected in the following aspects, namely, transmission line and input cost savings, scalability enhanced and differentiated applications.
        Transmission line and input cost savings
    Surveillance camera system in the traditional network monitoring work by the incoming video content monitoring camera backstage by system analysis tools for processing and refining, along with influential part. Although this model on the integrity of the video has a very distinct advantage, but its back-end storage line pressure is also obvious to all. Moreover, in the case of utilization is not very high, this complete how much seem to some waste or excess.
    From the characteristics of the front-end intelligence analysis, the system in the front-end will be video data analysis and screening of early, found that the situation, and then some unusual video data is sent to the background. So that you can in the environment of transmission, reducing the two-thirds of the more inefficient video, thereby enhancing the overall work of the video system
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