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  • Security monitoring equipment should pay attention to the care and maintenance of the camera

        The ip camera is a precision home appliance, whether it is the circuit or mechanical precision than other home appliances, use should also pay more attention to prevent the incidence of failure and prolong life. Generally in use should pay special attention to the points. The third generation of infrared array camera
        Pay attention to moisture: moisture is the enemy of the monitoring camera, a high degree of moisture will cause rust the metal parts of the camera internal partial short circuit, the lens part of the lens mildew, in extreme cases the formation of water droplets in the surface of the drum, then if into the tape, then tape affixed to the drum and the tape with the high-speed rotation of the drum machine at the same time damage. Therefore, the camera should pay attention to moisture, store Megapixel IP camera bag is best to put a little moisture agent. Winter bring your camcorder from a cold environment into a warm environment is the best machine for 30 minutes, re-use. Should avoid the use of the beach by the river and rain machine splashing.
        2, note that the anti-vibration: vibration would be the camera´s mechanical parts of the adverse effects. Very precise mechanical parts of the digital IP camera, and some mechanical components thickness of less than 0.5 mm, and its guide pin positioning accuracy based on micron-calculated, and therefore more intense the vibration is sometimes caused by mechanical dislocation, even the circuit board loose. Therefore should be used to avoid strong vibration, particularly to prevent the machine fell to the ground.
        Attention to dust: the drum of the camera are relatively small, but high speed, in particular digital camera, the drum speed up to 9,000 rpm per minute, this high speed, if the head is encountered inside the dust, and sometimes will be damage; dust the machine will cause the instantaneous blockage of the head affect the recorded image quality. Outdoor IP Camera to use when dust, avoid use in weather such a high dust environment, such as sand.
        4, note that the protection against electric shock: loud noise sounds a bit inconceivable that, the camera can be an electric shock? Indeed. The camera is different from other home appliances, often with surveillance equipment such as televisions, recording devices such as VCR connection, digital cameras often, as the computer to connect. During the connection process, the connected equipment leakage, then easily connected camera burned, in severe cases may even cause the camera to scrap! To connect these devices is best to Unplug in order to avoid unnecessary losses.
        5, the digital camera is not a long time continuous use: the use of digital cameras may have this feeling, machine use for a long time after the machine is often very hot in some places is simply hot, which is due to the digital camera has a large number of digital circuits, these circuits at work will produce a lot of heat, and the digital machine structure is compact, the heat generated is not easily lost. The accumulation of too much heat would be part of the circuit of the welding part of the adverse impact. Digital Video Surveillance Camera used for a period of time should turn off the power and let the machine cool off and re-use. In addition, the home video cameras do not apply for other purposes such as monitoring.
        Do not use too old tape: old tape of the frequency of use, serious dropouts, when used off the magnetic powder is likely to cause head clogging, should be avoided.
        7, no matter under what circumstances, do not use outside specified by the manufacturer of external power supply and battery-powered device


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