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  • Integrated infrared cameras selection and performance analysis

        Security television monitoring system, with the people of security awareness, an important place for 24 hours continuous monitoring of the needs of the television monitor and infrared imaging technology mature, the IR ip camera usage is getting higher and higher, is becoming a trend, not only in important sectors of banking, treasury, museums, archives, books, AAA, prison, and also a residential area and the general television monitoring project.
        Infrared and infrared light of the principle characteristics
        Light is an electromagnetic wave, with the nature of radio waves. The wavelength range from a few nanometers (1nm = 10-9m) to 1 millimeter (mm) or so. Visible to human eyes is just one part we call visible light, visible light wavelength range of 380nm ~ 780nm, the wavelength of visible light from long to short is divided into red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, violet wavelength than violet known as ultraviolet light, short wavelength infrared light called infrared light. Infrared light wavelengths between 780nm ~ 1000μm, located between radio waves and visible light.
        Infrared lamp according to the mechanism of infrared radiation into the semiconductor light-emitting solid (infrared emitting diode IRLED)
    Infrared light and thermal radiation of the two kinds of infrared light. CCTV infrared camera former use more.
        The infrared light of the principle of infrared emitting diodes (IRLED): luminous body by the infrared light-emitting diode matrix. Infrared emitting diodes by the high efficiency of the infrared radiation materials (commonly used gallium arsenide GaAs) made of a PN junction, plus the forward bias voltage to the PN junction, the injection current to stimulate the infrared light. The spectral power distribution center wavelength of 830 ~ 950nm, half-peak bandwidth of about 40nm, which is narrow-band distribution, can feel the scope of ordinary black and white CCD camera.
        The emission of infrared light-emitting diodes power irradiance μW/m2 and said. The maximum radiation intensity of the infrared diode is usually in the front of the optical axis, and with the increase of radiation with the optical axis angle decreases. Radiation intensity called for the maximum 50% of the angle of the radiation angle of half intensity, the half-power angle. Different packaging process models of the infrared light-emitting diode radiation point of view is different.
        Second, the infrared one camera imaging principle
    Night viedo surveillance camera system, the conventional approach is the use of visible light illumination, but this way there can not be hidden, is likely to expose the control objectives and shortcomings, and therefore use less; hidden science of night vision surveillance infrared camera technology. The infrared camera technology is divided into passive and active. Passive infrared camera technology is the use of any substance has infrared radiation above absolute zero (-273 ° C), the higher the temperature of an object radiates more infrared.
        The most typical is the infrared camera of the dome ip camera made use of this principle, but this special infrared camera cost is expensive, so only used in military or special occasions. Active infrared camera technology is the use of infrared light radiation lighting (infrared light), the application of the ordinary low-light black and white camera, color to black and white camera or color camera with infrared illumination, feeling the reflected infrared light of the surrounding landscape and environment to achieve night vision surveillance. Active infrared camera      technology is mature, stable and become the mainstream of night vision surveillance.
        The IR camera is a camera, shields, infrared lamps, power supply and cooling unit to become one of the camera equipment. It implements the basic principles of night vision is to use ordinary black and white CCD camera can feel the infrared spectral features (ie, you can experience the visible light, but also can feel the infrared) night vision imaging with infrared light as the lighting source. The power and angle of the infrared lights, camera configuration, a certain sense of infrared focal length lens, and whether there is good supply heat treatment is an important parameter to judge the performance of IR camera.
        Many products currently on the market is a separate camera with infrared projector, which requires that users have sufficient understanding of the performance of infrared lights and cameras, according to the angle of the infrared light, the camera lens parameters with a reasonable
        Three, the performance of the IR camera
        IR camera in the surveillance camera with night vision distance, concealment, performance, stability and outstanding advantages, which account for most of the CCTV night vision surveillance market. How to identify the pros and cons of the IR camera market confused? Excellent performance of the IR camera must be able to have the following properties:
        An infrared lamp working conditions
        In general, the infrared light radiated power is proportional to the operating current, but close to the maximum rating of forward current, the temperature of the device due to the heat consumption of the current rise, the light emission power down. Infrared diode current is too small, will affect the radiation power play, but the operating current is too general impact of its life, and even infrared diode burned.
        Current begins to flow when the voltage across the positive threshold voltage (about 0.8V), and a very steep curve, indicating that the current requirements are very sensitive. Therefore, the requirements of current and accurate, stable, and otherwise affect the radiation power of the play and its reliability. Radiated power with increasing ambient temperature (including its own heat generated by the environmental temperature) so that the radiated power decline. Infrared light is particularly long-range infrared light, heat consumption is the design and selection of problems needing attention.
        Therefore, the use of infrared light must have a good constant current power supply, good thermal design. Road communications company, zoom MCD, MDD, MED, MBB Series cameras are equipped with high-power infrared light (up to 24), and the use of high-power constant-current power supply, thermal design of the inner loop, and thus can reach remote Night vision (up to 220 m) and infrared lamp life long effect


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