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  • Comprehensive Analysis of the daily use of the infrared camera in the process of problem

        With the infrared camera gradually wide application in the security field, more and more buyers choose the type of infrared camera and models available in the market. Faced with so many choices, many buyers can not help but have a lot of questions, the end what kind of infrared cameras go, there is no red storm of the like? Is not the chip, the better? In this paper, these FAQs do a Detailed for buyers Reference.
        ● point of view issues
        Infrared light is not the perspective of the bigger the better? Whether manufacturers or engineering companies acknowledge this and take it for granted, they believe that the infrared light emission greater the angle, the greater the room for the selection of the lens also, select the wide-angle lens is not a "flashlight" phenomenon . This seems very reasonable to say is actually very scientific.
    First, the use of infrared light of the large field of view with the overlooked angle of the lens, there is the waste of light. For example, an infrared light emitting angle of 80 degrees (equivalent to f3.5mm angle of the lens), with the f35mm lens, then there will be a considerable part of the just outside the lens field of view, that is part of the infrared light wasted. Under normal circumstances, the infrared light of the perspective with the perspective of the lens is consistent, the effect is the best. For instance, some infrared light, the light emission point of view is expressed in the lens focal length. Sk-4.2w-16 infrared light, the meaning is like this: "4.2w" said the lamp rated power is 4.2 watts; "-16", said the launch angle of the light with f16mm camera angles, the two supporting its infrared lamp according to the angle classification, "-4", "-8", "16" "-35" four series, and on the market commonly used lens supporting.
    Secondly, it is not the infrared light emission angle larger the screen the better. Some occasions infrared light angle is too large, will also affect the imaging. Such as corridors, because of its "narrow" feature, if the infrared light emission angle is too large, near the edge of the image will be too bright, the formation of "light screen" phenomenon, the distant center but can not see, only a white phenomenon. Therefore, the infrared light of the corridor should be half or one third of the ip camera angles.
    Again, you can "take light" technology, with two narrow-angle infrared light and adjust the location, you can achieve the effect of the wide-angle light on the market "Nighthawk" series of infrared night vision systems is the use of the access lamp of this technology, so that both long-term perspective but also wide-angle in the same power conditions, the access lamp technology can exponentially increase the role of distance.
        ● red storm
        What is the red storm? Red storm by the visible components contained in the infrared emission. Some manufacturers can create a storm red storm infrared light as a technical issue to promote, as if there are red violence is low-skilled, no red is high-tech. In fact, with or without red storm is just a choice, not a technical problem, for wavelengths exceeding 700 nm light is called infrared, infrared 900nm more than the basic red storm, the shorter the wavelength, red storm, the stronger the higher the infrared sensitivity. On the market today, there are two mainstream infrared light, a slight red bursts, wavelength around 850nm, a red storm, the wavelength at about 940nm. With a Video Surveillance Camera, in the 850nm wavelength sensitivity than the sensitivity in the 940nm wavelength to 10 times, so 850nm slight red bursts of infrared light has a higher efficiency, it should be used as infrared night vision surveillance Preferences .
        ● focus offset problem
        visible light and infrared light of different wavelengths of the imaging focus is not a plane, resulting in the daytime visible under the conditions of the pictures are clear night under the conditions of infrared light blurred, the image is clear under the conditions of the infrared light at night, daytime visible under the conditions of image blur. Can be used three ways to solve. First, the use of auto-focus integrated Security Surveillance Camera; Second, the special focus offset lens; Third, the use of professional adjustment tool, can also be achieved under the conditions of the existing lens is not offset.
        ● color problem
        All black and white cameras sense infrared light. Infrared light in the visible light conditions for color cameras to a stray light, and will reduce the clarity and color reproduction of the color security monitoring camera, color camera filters to prevent infrared involved in imaging. To color camera sensor infrared two approaches, switch filters, blocking the infrared rays into visible light conditions; remove the filter in the absence of visible light, so that the infrared to enter this program have been The image quality is good, but the high cost and the switching mechanism will lead to certain failure rate. Open filter on a specific infrared channel, allowing the infrared light and infrared light wavelengths come in, this approach does not increase the cost, but the color reproduction is slightly worse.
        ● the amount of light through
    The relative aperture determines the ability of light through the lens relative aperture is f1.0 lens the amount of light is four times the amount of light relative aperture f2.0 lens. The same camera, infrared light, respectively, with these two lenses, infrared distance difference between the double.
    The large aperture lens in infrared surveillance, better than the conventional normal lens 4-10 times, and normally should be the infrared night vision surveillance must be matched products. However, due to the high cost and technical difficulties, the vast majority of infrared products manufacturers do not have the supply capacity. Recommended that the user wants to professional large-scale manufacturers to buy the lens.
        ● life issues
    Life of up to 10 years of surveillance camera, infrared lamp life can also reach this level? Correct answer to this question, we must first understand the manufacturing principles of infrared light. Infrared light, there are three main manufacturing model: halogen, led multi-chip and single-chip LED.
    Halogen is a more traditional technology, high energy consumption, heat, short life, because of its inefficient use, it is estimated will gradually fade out.
    Multi-chip led because of the inherent shortcomings of the structure does not light focus, LED optical system is unreasonable, have run out of efficiency is relatively low (of course, than the halogen strong several times), its advantages do not play. Relative to the terms of the single-chip led, multi-chip led life is far from enough.
    Single-chip led the production process is simple, easy to guarantee quality, made low in calories and light-emitting optical system is reasonable, is to do the infrared lamp ideal device, in theory, the service life of up to more than 100,000 hours. Well, not all single-chip LED lamp life is very good?
        In fact, far from being the case. There is reason, for example, some led chip level is very low, excessive impurities; some production technology, however, leakage phenomena; super power, rated 20ma but 50ma above; some protection circuitry, or The circuit design is unreasonable, this will lead to the single-chip LED infrared lights quickly broken.
    To ensure that the infrared lamp life, we must first choice of high-grade LED chip. High-grade chip power, consistency, high luminous efficiency, heat is very small, a high-level led to 10 times better than the quality of ordinary led, of course, the price is also very expensive. Secondly, the optical system design must be reasonable, the luminescence should be uniform, higher utilization, heat faster. Third, we should strictly control the operating voltage. led on the voltage is very sensitive to voltage slightly higher led the die will be burned: the voltage is slightly lower than the light-emitting amount will greatly reduce. Best match the high-quality switching power supplies, AC input voltage is preferably from 170 volts to 270 volts can do better regulation, to suit the poor supply conditions. Fourth, the input power cord is the best selection of resistance to high / low temperature, ultra-soft resistance to bending. A manufacturers of infrared light, the input power cord at a low temperature of minus 60 degrees, 250 degrees normal use of the high-temperature zero minus 50 degree cable is still generally soft as silk, this product reliable.

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