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  • Infrared camera and white camera which is better 

        first: Authenticity: 24 hours a day color image, restore the night the real images of objects, compared with an infrared camera can identify objects.
        second: Lighting: white camera dimming technology, the bottom of the fuselage attached to the photoresistor is collected light, the strength of the light is determined by the perimeter of the environment. The darker the environment, the stronger the light. Perspective of fill light, video angles, and solve the problem of the night lighting is too strong spot.
        third: Color: white camera fixed focus series unified with the SONY 1/3 CCD 480 lines of pure color low noise degree daytime color reproduction is more real. Especially to collect the green image, the cast infrared opportunity. White machine and vice versa. Night in the 0.LUX the environment can capture clear color images, mosaic rarely truly 24 hours dispatched to monitor. Nighttime color legend!
        Fourth: energy efficiency: Thai-hui An Baiguang camera imported from Taiwan LED headlights, and every single power is only 0.5W, to save users a great deal of power, economic resources. Whether it is installed indoors or outdoors, outside a sudden power outage they can act as emergency lighting, especially in the indoor channel, basement and other areas, the effect is more significant.
        Fifth: the nature of life: the life of the white lights are three important conditions. Are: current, voltage, temperature, as long as these three conditions, the white light of the life of at least more than three years and even longer. We have a current, voltage, control circuit from the current, voltage angle, strictly according to the current minimum standards for design and implementation, does not exceed the rated current. Voltage fluctuation range of plus or minus no more than 0.3V, the internal voltage regulator block. The temperature is the most difficult to control because of the current, the voltage is internal control. Temperature from the temperature point of view, the impact of white lights life of a key in this regard, we have adopted a high-power superconducting hot surface mount, white lamp wick, fully bonded with the metal halide lamp board, high thermal conductivity of aluminum plate completely connected with the shell, the high efficiency of the heat of the light board absorbed by the shell, fully meet the airframe inside and outside temperature, chassis cooling, so that the wick light-emitting decay, aging to a minimum to extend the life of the white machine.
    Sixth: Market Analysis: generally sold on the market are IR camera, we can say flooded with the products continue to mature, the price transparency, open markets, the infrared camera prices have entered the melee war age, causing serious impact to the entire security industry. This deterioration of the wolf little more meat, will certainly result in a crowded situation. As one of the many camera manufacturers, the first to think that only they have better, newer, higher technology content of new products in order to capture the lead in the security monitoring industry.
        Seventh: The space of interest: the visible light camera, "a new product developed by our company. To make up the vacancies currently on the market. As a new product, the white light, fill light cameras are rare in the market, to see the white cameras, most of the traditional practices continue to use the infrared camera, to F5, F8 small wick-based The fill light camera, the camera of this type of fill light, whether it is the stability of the light board, or the light projection distance to reach the ideal state, so the recognition of the white cameras on the market is not high. But these difficulties and can not prevent the development of a new generation of white light camera, and the market´s growing demand for white camera, along with our strong R & D team gradually the white light technology to master these challenges by our R & D team one by one to overcome, we produced by the fourth generation of white light ip camera products, into a number of unique patented technology, whether it is daytime color reproduction, or at night picture clarity is far better than infrared models, the aging of the fill light attenuation into degree is less than the infrared range. It is because of the rare white cameras on the market, so for everyone´s profit margins will be relatively large

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