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  • Through the analysis of the infrared camera lens, the choice of the application

        Well-ordered development of society as a whole can not do without the supervision of and parties to the main open and transparent. Whether it is out of the fight against the purpose of social behavior to prevent crime or supervision, security monitoring have played an irreplaceable and important role.
        The selection of infrared camera lens
        The amount of light or a relative aperture of the lens determines the ability of the light through the lens, the relative aperture F1.0 lens the amount of light is relative aperture F2.0 lens through the amount of light four times. The same camera, infrared light, these two lenses, infrared distance difference between the double. Large aperture lens four and ten times better than conventional ordinary lens through the amount of light, and normally should be the monitoring must be matched by infrared night vision products, but due to the high cost of production of technical difficulties, the vast majority of infrared products manufacturers do not have the supply capacity .
        Light is an electromagnetic wave, its wavelength from a few nanometers (1nm = 10? 9m) to about 1 millimeter (mm). Visible to human eyes is just one part of said visible light, visible light wavelength range of 380nm ~ 780nm, the wavelength of visible light from long to short for red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, violet wavelength than violet short known as ultraviolet light, wavelengths longer than red light called infrared light. Selection of infrared light in the night vision system will directly affect the best ip camera´s imaging results.
        Infrared halogen lamps are a more traditional technology, its high energy consumption, heat, and short service life, use of inefficient, so gradually less selection. LED infrared light because of its low cost, has become the most frequently used infrared light-emitting device, the drawback for the irradiation distance (single LED optical output of 5mw-15mW), small angle (7-12 degrees), the uneven distribution of light.
        The multi-chip LED (LED array), LED infrared light irradiation distance is not enough because not enough energy, the more chips together, of course, the energy irradiation farther. But may be composed of the shortcomings in the structure, multi-chip LED light focus, light-emitting unreasonable system, resulting in a run out of efficiency is relatively low. LED infrared light to heat capacity, multi-chip LED heat, so heat is a very important question, it would seriously affect the life span.
        Single-chip LED production process is simple, easy to guarantee quality, made low in calories and light-emitting optical system is reasonable, is to do the infrared lamp ideal device, in theory, the service life of up to more than 100,000 hours.
        Distance of infrared light irradiation depending on weather conditions, the reflection rate of the object and the surrounding light levels, infrared spotlights the farthest projection distance is as follows, the value of the ideal value, not absolute.
        500W = 150 to 200 meters;
        300W = 80 to 120 meters;
        50W = 15 to 30 meters;
        30W = 5 to 15 meters.
        The perspective of infrared light is not the bigger the better, so to say, it was considered that the infrared light emission angle increases, the greater the room for choice of lens, select the wide-angle lens is not a "flashlight" phenomenon. Using wide-angle infrared light with the small-angle lens, there is the waste of light. Under normal circumstances, the angle of the infrared light is consistent with the angle of the lens, the effect is best.
        The scope of application of the infrared ip camera
        The development of security technology more and more the attention of all sectors of society, gradually expand the scale of the domestic security market also in the new century, the functional requirements of the users of security products have also changed. The only visible monitoring can no longer meet people´s monitoring requirements, night matt monitoring is an indispensable part in the monitoring system. Video monitoring system in the past, rarely applied to infrared light.
        TV monitoring system requirements now more and more standardized, more and more important place, it naturally required to do 24 hours of continuous monitoring, a more prominent role played by the infrared night surveillance.
        Not only in the treasury. Oil depot, armory, Book Library, the cultural relics department, prisons and other departments. And also the general monitoring system has also been used.
    Even neighborhoods television monitoring project, the application of infrared. Infrared technology in order to adapt the application at night or in dark light, dark, and other special places, IR emerged. It is widely recognized in the entire field of video surveillance. Infrared camera, infrared technology integrated, the configuration of components, lenses, infrared light.
    These three in the entire infrared shoulder different responsibilities. Infrared sales catch up with the sales of traditional bolt. Become the main export of many private security companies, we can even see the simple innovation such as the installation of LED infrared light module.



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