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  • Wireless video surveillance used in forest fire

        The forest fire hazard is very large, Fight difficult, so the fire is still in the bud immediately extinguished it is particularly important.
    Forest fires in the most difficult to find in the deep forests, and therefore found that the fire of great significance for the early and extinguish the fire.
        First: the construction of watch towers
    The present the more backward technology. Observatory monitoring, through the observation deck to observe the occurrence of forest fires, determine the location of the fire, report fire, it has the advantage of the coverage, the better. Shortcomings: the observation deck of the living conditions in remote forest areas; the observed effects by the limitations of the topography, the coverage of small, dead ends and blank, is not observed, the thick smoke of a larger area of ​​the fire, I fire and ground fire can not be observed; a lightning storm can not be on the tower observation; Outlook is a rely on the experience of Outlook members to observe the low accuracy error. Another the lookout member personal safety of the threat of lightning, wildlife, tick-borne encephalitis.
        Second: the establishment of ip video surveillance systems
    Monitoring of the domestic mainstream. This is a simple extension of the traditional urban monitoring, capture video images by microwave summary concentrate on monitoring done by hand;
    Manual monitoring could easily lead to the naked eye fatigue, the video of the fire is not easy to be checked sleep, resulting in omission; video monitoring center line more manual monitoring is unable to monitor, could easily lead to underreporting. So, the biggest drawback of the traditional video surveillance is very high false negative rate. Traditional video surveillance of non-digital systems, many intelligence applications can not be achieved.
        Third: the establishment of intelligent early warning system
    This is the direction of development of forest fire, forest fire prevention intelligence and information. Seamless integration of intelligent image recognition technology, object-oriented 3D GIS technology, large-scale network monitoring technology and other high-tech, using a number of patented technologies, combined with forest management expertise and experience of forestry fire, forest fire smart monitoring and early warning and emergency command system in order to achieve the automatic monitoring of the forest region Video, fireworks, to accurately identify the precise location of the fire points, fire spread deduction, fighting command decision support, post-disaster assessment, and many other functions, the establishment of a complete business chain for forest fire prevention and targeted to solve a variety of personalized needs of users.
    Shenzhen Apexis Electronic is a professional company focused on wireless video surveillance products can be widely applied to various types of system of forest fire video surveillance, wireless video transmission.

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