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  • How can we better let the network camera to "HD"

        Megapixel network camera on the application of the "convenience" is facing several problems, such as network intermittent performance problems easily lead to instability in the network video surveillance performance, diagnose the problem more difficult; functionality of video surveillance equipment too much and focus related configuration is more complex; "CMS" design is too complex, not from the point of view of ordinary users. For these problems, manufacturers should be developed to facilitate easy operation of the CMS "software as well as powerful and easy-to-use video surveillance system diagnostic tools, equipment configuration templates can adapt to different applications for different scenarios development.
        Market demand for HD is not the same, if the user wishes to a wide range of monitoring, but the definition is not very demanding, requiring high-resolution, but the low frame rate; some users want to monitor the video smoothing and no skip frames and so on. In order to make engineering applications to achieve high-definition, manufacturers will be required according to the characteristics of different industries, the development of customized product form and function. According to the Shenzhen Apexis Electronic Co.,Ltd ., China, solutions manager Zouyu Fan: "megapixel network cameras in response to the trend of the high definition, should be combined with practical application to develop an open platform, the network there are many different applications and integrated and a set of HD system is difficult to meet the needs of users in different sectors, such as airports, tobacco factories and chain shops demands of the industry, open application platform to provide users with background software suited to their actual needs, and closer to the user actual needs and applications. "
        Specific scenario definition network cameras, many manufacturers have proposed a new method of application. Control environment for the practical application of narrow corridors, roads, control room, etc., the camera display mode settings through the "9:16", images from 16:9 display mode transformation for the 9:16 show mode ( rotated 90 degrees), the monitoring region becomes more extensive. "9:16" display mode the application of video surveillance images in a particular scene has been greatly improved, but also makes the design of the distribution, with more flexibility. In addition to these technologies, many manufacturers have also developed to improve the technology of high-definition network camera convenience, such as Tyco electric motor autofocus lens, suitable for different needs of the focal length of day and night, light handling wide dynamic and backlight compensation function; Crystal Core Wisdom-stream technology, the user can select the target area as the inspection focused on the screen pixel by a certain extent, the expense of other locations to improve the local definition in order to ensure the readability of key information.
        The rapid development of ip video surveillance industry, the increasingly rich, contractors not only concerned about the stability of the product, convenience, compatibility, including product quality, price, features and other aspects. Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. Product Center Product Manager Jiang said, "The video surveillance industry is highly competitive, network camera manufacturers as a starting point to the actual needs of users, and improve technology, more cost-effective products to push to the market. "
        We were happy to discover through the survey, the overall ip camera market this year upward trend, especially megapixel network camera showing a rosy all the way excellent situation, accounted for 55% of the overall market share of network cameras. Have enough confidence in the interview that manufacturers and engineering companies have market performance megapixel network camera. I believe that in 2012, megapixel network cameras will bring us more surprises.

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