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  • Perfect design for wireless network video surveillance

         Wireless video surveillance can be divided into a wireless video surveillance solution based on analog communication and digital communication-based wireless video surveillance solution.
    The design of the main two main lines to implement the "high quality" and "low cost" design. Content of the system design is a systematic, complete, comprehensive; design is scientific, reasonable, operability, and considering the construction, maintenance and operational factors, and will leave for future development, expansion, renovation expansion be made. Design principles:
        Standardization and standardization: in the system design and construction process, we refer to all aspects of standards and norms, strict compliance with the technical requirements to make the standardization of design and construction of the system, select the video communications media in line with industry standard equipment and related equipment . This system is a rigorous and comprehensive system.
        Advanced and mature: we choose the rational layout of the structure, the project´s monitoring equipment, tools and other equipment uniform security monitoring products for the world´s leading scientific and technological level. The basic idea of ​​the system design to meet the basic trend of technological development, consistent with the trend of technological development, its advanced nature, stability, authority generally get the majority of users and industry recognition. The system throughout its life cycle to maintain a certain nature.
        Safety and reliability: Considering the importance of security, we consider the safety and reliability of the system in the overall design of the system as a whole. Must take into account all the various factors that affect system security, reliability in the system design stage. In order to ensure that the entire system of safe, reliable operation. Implementation of the project is completed in strict accordance with the relevant national standards for testing.
        Practicality: the system design is scientifically according to the relevant national standards, reasonable and realistic design, a high degree of practicality.
        Maintainability, and low maintenance costs: The system has self-diagnostics and fault finding procedures, pointing out that the characteristics of the specific fault position, replace the faulty parts after return to normal at the scene. Easy maintenance, low maintenance costs.
        Optimize cost performance: meet the system performance, capabilities, and taking into account the investment required in the foreseeable period is still missing the advanced nature of the premise, as far as possible to make the whole system reasonable.
    The system must not only advanced, practical, mature, reliable, and also do system openness, scalability, taking into account the reasonable investment-effective best results. Therefore, closed-circuit wireless monitoring centralized monitoring, control and management of field devices, these devices to ensure the safe, reliable and efficient operation, to maximize the role of intelligent management, to create a safe, healthy, comfortable and pleasant and can improve work efficiency good environment, energy conservation, and reduce the maintenance personnel.

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