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  • Also created a very important prerequisite for the promotion of the wireless network monitoring

        The main application areas of China´s wireless monitoring, is in a period of transition from the high to the side. For the real popularity of the civil I am afraid that counting on the Department of The further development of system technology.
        Wireless monitoring is reflected in different areas of the advantages of
        Urban management system applications
        Urban management systems mentioned here, including the peace of the city often mentioned, large-scale traffic management system applications. For security monitoring systems,
    The wiring is often the system to build the most complicated one. Wireless transmission technology, a wide range of convenient and efficient set up monitoring networks, especially
    For such a large system of safe city, traffic management, wiring and maintenance of the completed system is undoubtedly a very vastness of the project, especially in equipment
    Maintenance. The introduction of the wireless monitoring system, no doubt can save more resources.
        Wireless monitoring the application of large-scale space
        For large venues, due to the extensive application of this type of environment, open space, large numbers of people. Therefore, to build a comprehensive safety monitoring system is also very important. However, based on a large area of ​​open land in the objective environment, layout wired network is undoubtedly more difficult. The wireless network has become the best choice. Wireless digital monitoring technology, from all angles, to grasp the dynamics within the region, but also to activities at different times, flexible master different monitoring areas, and create greater efficiency.
        Wireless monitoring of the application of the financial sector
        Now, with the financial institution outlets surge. Financial institutions monitoring the pressure increases. Particularly in the face of the construction of the many ATMs. Is to make monitoring Outlets divided into more fragmented. The introduction of wireless networks can be scattered at the outlets, as well as stand-alone ATM machines and monitoring center to link up effectively avoid the complicated layout of many lines, reduce the costs of monitoring and management.
        Wireless monitoring of the application of forest fire
        Speaking of forest area fire, the difficulty of monitoring can say is the biggest. Imaging from the surrounding environment, or from the system to build their own point of view. Complex
    The geographical environment is destined to be the erection of the line constitutes a huge obstacle. Wireless monitoring and control applications is undoubtedly able to cross the inconvenience caused by the geographical environment, to achieve beyond the space
    Fire monitoring.
        Smart home applications
        The flexible characteristics of the wireless monitoring and control, assign the application terminal. It also laid a very solid foundation for the wireless monitoring and control in more areas. People can keep track of mobile phones, laptops and other monitoring destination, especially for cell phone monitoring, smart home is to provide the technical support is undoubtedly crucial.
        Shenzhen apexis Electronic conform to the needs of the times, and timely into the market, the company´s wireless monitoring devices covering industrial analog video transmission equipment used in the field of security, digital microwave, wireless industrial control systems, wireless video transmitter, wireless surveillance, COFDM mobile video transmission equipment.

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